Not everybody has the time (or maybe the stamp) to send in a secret to Frank Warren's PostSecret, but lots of people still need that release.

The PostSecret Spot is now accepting your secrets via 潮流粉丝俱乐部 email. It doesn't have to be artistic 或者 deep. This is your chance to reveal something about yourself to the world. All submissions will be 发布 on the PostSecret Spot on this Soapbox article.

To 提交 a secret, please send the image as an attachment to with the subject line “PostSecret Spot.” Keeping in true PostSecret tradition, all submissions are anonymous unless otherwise noted 由 the artist.

As the creator of the PostSecret Spot, I ask that everybody acknowledges that this spot has no direct connection to Frank Warren’s PostSecret website (Frank does not monitor this spot, 提交 secrets will not be 发布 on the PostSecret website). This is simply a 粉丝 site of his amazing collection. Readers and 粉丝 are strongly encouraged to check out Frank’s PostSecret at