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神奇宝贝 Have 你 Ever Caught a Roaming Legendary Pokemon? (Like Suicune in 金牌 或者 The Ledendary Birds in X/Y)

9 fans picked:
Yes I have
No I Haven't
Unsure/I Don't Remember
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I Don't Pay Attention Roaming Pokemon
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 MCHopnPop posted 一年多以前
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MCHopnPop picked Yes I have:
Only once in Gold years ago..I caught Entei I'm not entirely sure how but the way I played then was a lot different then the way I play now. Now I really don't put much effort into even tracking them down-I tried Moltres in Y but what I didn't know was you had to encounter it (I think) 10 times before you even can catch it..and it was too drawn out for me and actually Mesprit in Platinum too I really didn't bother with trying to chase it either..and honestly I didn't know about the other games even having roaming legendaries..So I guess I didn't pay much attention to them anyway..
posted 一年多以前.
last edited 一年多以前
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shadowlover3000 picked No I Haven't:
Nope- evasive bastards...
posted 一年多以前.