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The Tale of Hillkit

Bloodsoul: Guys, come look at Moonsong's kits!

Before anybody could get close to the nursery, a loud wail was heard from it. Bloodsoul yelled a wait and dashed inside. Even though Warriors did not normally go in there when there was trouble, Bloodsoul was a very good friend of Moonsong. She just had to go in.

Bloodsoul: What is it Moonsong?

Moonsong wailed a little 更多 and then spoke.

Moonsong: Look at my kits! Two of them are dead!

Bloodsoul peered down at the three kits. Sure enough two were dead. They were two grey tabbys, eyes pure blue. But one still remained. A smaller...
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I, Leopardstar, leader of IvyClan, call upon the warriors of SpiritClan too look down upon my Clan, for we have run headfirst into the terror of what is known as ColdClan. As warriors, we have faced together many dangers and many hardships. Now, we honor those hardships 由 giving apprentices their warrior names.

Duskpaw, Sootpaw, do 你 promise to uphold the warriors' code at all times, and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life.

*Duskpaw* I do.

*Sootpaw* I do!

Then, 由 the power of SpiritClan, I give 你 your warrior names.

Duskpaw, from this moment forward, 你 shall be...
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Rainstar looked down on her clan and now it was time to make a very important meeting.
She jumped up on the Center rock,took a deep breath and called the tradisanale words, Let all of those old enough to catch there on prey gather here under the Center rock.

Rainstar watched as Moonfrost and Bloodsoul sit under the Center rock, soon 加入 由 Ferndapple and Snowbird from the med. den. Moonsong,Mistyflower,and Splashpelt emerge from the warriors den. Shadowpaw sat very close the the rock. Greenpaw, Kindeyes, Quickfeather,and Splashpelt come in the camp with moss.

It is time i made a warrior. Moonfrost,...
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