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I reciently got my Industrial/Bar/Scaffold Pierced. I wanted to give a review and answer any 问题 anyine might have. I went to Body Revolutions in Cleveland and I only have good things to say about them. They were very clean, nicely located, and their professional body piercers were very kind and helpful. My piercer went into the back room and set up and in a few 分钟 he called me back to begin. Before he began he cleaned and marked my ear.
Then he lined up the needle and bam, the first hole was pierced. The first hole was the lower one, it wasnt bad pain wise. Then he lined up the...
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posted by bloody_puppet
i 爱情 piercings
my mom says that i shouldnt get a lot of piercings cz then all my beuty will be jewlry bit i absolutelt 爱情 peorcings.
exspecially on scene guys (im scene)
i 爱情 when they have snake bites
i dont know a lot of terms so like yea
but on monday 1-26-09 (day before my b-day)
my friend haley is going to get me snake bites
and do it for me to
and i also want to get my nose pircing back in (school long story)
belly button peirced
above my lip
and thats about it
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