Picks What is 你 最喜爱的 nursery rhyme?

Pick one:
Baa Baa Black 羊 (pink 羊 what ever 你 want to sing)
Twinle Twinkle Little 星, 星级
The Wheels On the Bus
Wind the Bobbin Up
Daddy's Taking Us to the Zoo Tomorrow
Miss Polly Had a Dolly
Humpty Dumpty
Row Row Row Your Boat.
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Mary Mary quite Contrary
Added by lutrina
嘿 Diddle Diddle
Added by chel1395
99 green bottle
99 green bottle
Added by amazondebs
one, two buckle my shoe
Added by ineedcoffee
Hot Crossed Buns
Added by tvman
None of them.
None of them.
Added by officemonkey
Pop! Goes the 黄鼠狼, 狡猾的人
Itsy Bitsy 蜘蛛
Itsy Bitsy 蜘蛛
Added by nostalgiagirl
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 em_em posted 一年多以前
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