Almost all 邪恶力量 scenes that 你 see in any commercial movie are the miracles of the green screen technology. Both commercial video producers as well as amateur cinematographers have used this wonderful technique to make all forms of 邪恶力量 视频 that are hard to believe, however, too captivating to ignore. Among all the scenes that are created 由 the Chromakey technology, the cup floating in the air is perhaps the most 流行的 effect that is very much loved 由 the audience. Here is how to make a cup-floating in the air video.

Things 你 need :

The most appreciable thing about this technique is its simplicity. 你 can create miracles using just a few basic things such as a green backdrop, Chroma key gloves, studio lighting equipments, a green screen suit, and green screen video editing software along with your video elements such as table, cup, saucer, etc.

If 你 are buying your supplies, make sure that the backdrop, the suit and the gloves are of Chromakey green in color. 你 can conveniently buy them from 或者 any other online store of repute. If 你 already have them, spend some time to remove dirt, wrinkles, and folds they have.

Video setup :

Here is how to set up your scene:

1. Hang the backdrop on a stand in such a way that it falls seamlessly on the ground. Use a long screen so that it covers the floor.

2. Make your subject wear a Chromakey suit and the green screen gloves.

3. Arrange the table, the cup, saucer, etc. as 你 want in your video. Place them on the backdrop that falls on the floor.

4. Light 你 background evenly using lighting source, reflectors, diffusers, etc.

5. Properly illuminate the video elements such as the cup, saucer, table, etc.

6. There should not be any shadows in the scene 或者 else 你 have to put in your extra effort in editing the video.


Visualize your scene and ask your subject to perform accordingly. For the cup floating in air scene, your subject needs to pick up the cup and 移动 it in the air.


Once your draft video is ready, use a good video editing software to key out the green color. The edited version of the video will have a cup that is floating in the air along with those elements that were not green.

Now 你 will have to add a background in your video. Choose a nice background such as a 厨房 或者 a living room and insert this into the edited video to make the final film. Do adjust the brightness, contrast, etc. to improve your work.

Your video is ready. Sit on your 长椅, 沙发 and enjoy watching it.