Isabella woke up in the morning and put on her white t-shirt and then put her 粉, 粉色 no sleeve dress over it. " Good Morning Pinky. How did 你 sleep?" Pinky barks. " I guess 你 slept good." Isabella ran downstairs and said, " Morning Mom! I am ready for breakfast." She ate her cereal and ran across the 街, 街道 to see her best friend and crush Phineas Flynn.She walked in and 说 her usual catch phrase, " Whatcha Doin?" Isabella goes into Phineasland:
"I do not know what I am doing. I can not do anything without you." Phineas turns into a centaur and says, " Let's run away together."
End of Phineasland

"Isabella?Isabella? Did 你 hear me?" "Huh? What?"She answers. Phineas says," I 说 we were building another rocket so we could take all of our 老友记 to see our star."Isabella said," Sounds fun. That is really nice. Need any help?"Phneas says, " Sure! We need some 更多 paint for our rocket. Maybe some blue and 橙子, 橙色 would be nice.Think 你 can handle that?" Isabella says," Sure.... I will go get some."Isabella runs out of the yard to get some paint. Phineas says, " Hey. Where's Perry?" Isabella is in her 车库 and is looking for paint. " Darn it. Where does Mom keep the paint?"
Isabella's mom hears the racket and comes in. "Isabella? What are 你 doing?" Isabella turns around and says," Looking for the paint. where is it?" " It behind the bikes. I will get though because it is dangerous. What 颜色 do 你 need?" "I need blue and orange." Isabella's mom hands her the paint. "Thanks mom. Hey... Where's Pinky?"She ran back across the 街, 街道 and says, "Phineas. I got the paint." "Thanks Isabella." Isabella thinks'He appreciates me.'She stares at him and he says," Isabella want to help paint? Isabella?Isabella?" "Oh!Um...What?" "I 说 do 你 want to help paint?" "Sure! Can I stand 下一个 to you?" "Um.... I do not think there is any room." "I am sure we can squeeze." "Um...sure....I Guess." "YAY!" "What?" "oh nothing." She stands beside Phineas and starts painting with the blue paint. When they were done, Phineas said," Ferb will 你 call on the troops? We can go to the 星, 星级 as soon as it finishes drying." Ferb nods. Isabella stands staring at Phineas with hearts in her eyes. "Isabella? Are 你 ok? Isabella?" " husband?" "What was that?" "Ugh! Do 你 not get anything Phineas?" "What are 你 talking about Isabella?" "Never mind. I am just gonna make some Lemonade." She goes into Phineas' house. Phineas follows her and says, "It has got to be something. 你 seemed really mad." She walks to the door and says," I 爱情 你 PHINEAS FLYNN!", and then she ran home. His eyes were wide as plates and he said," What?" Ferb comes downstairs and looks at Phineas. " Ferb? How long has Isabella liked me?" Ferb starts counting his fingers and gets to 7 and then Phineas says, "Woah woah woah that long?" Ferb nods. "Woah. I gotta talk to her." Phineas rruns out and Ferb says," Young love."

Isabella's House

Phineas knocks on the door. Isabella's mom answers." My Phineas look how 你 have grown since I first saw you... 你 look like a ship shape young man...What a lucky Isabella I have.."Phineas then interrupts her." Mrs.Garcia-Shapiro? Is Isabella home?" " Why yes. She is in her room. Do 你 know why she came 首页 so early?"
"Oh..well. not really." He scratches his ear."Can I come in?" "Sure" He came in and walked up to Isabella's room. He knocked on the door and says, "Isabella?" She gets off her 床, 床上 and thinks,'Oh no! Phineas! What am I going to do?' She sighs and walks up to the door.'Should I open it?' She take a few breathes and opens the door. Phineas says," Isabella?" She walks over to her 床, 床上 and sits down refusing to say a word. He comes over and sits 下一个 to her. She scoots away from him a little. He says," Isabella? Is what 你 说 true?" She looks at him and nods still afraid to speak. He said, " Really? Well..." Isabella all of a sudden puts her heads in her hands and starts to cry. " Woah Woah Woah. It's ok. What's wrong?" He puts her arm around her and she stands up and walks to her closet and sits in the floor at the door. Phineas stands up and says," Please let me hear your voice. I can not live without it." She takes her head out of her hands and says," Really?" He sits beside her and says," Yes. Please don't cry." She says," Do 你 feel the same as I do?" " No. It is foolish to 爱情 yourself. I do not 爱情 myself." Isabella laughs and says," But do 你 爱情 me?" He sits there andd thinks for a while and says," Of course I do.Who wouldn't 爱情 the cutest girl on Earth? Remember the Cute Tracker I built to find Meap? I blew up because of you!" She turns to him and hugs him and he hugs her back. They stay like that for what seems like century. Isabella is thinking,' I have got to be dreaming' Phineas is thinking,' This is nice. I should do it 更多 often. hahaha' They broke apart and looked in each other's eyes ans smiles. Isabella says," This is the best 日 ever." Phineas says," 你 got that right." Pinky then walks ina dn Isbaella says," Oh.. there 你 are Pinky." Then Perry comes in behind. Phineas says," Oh... there 你 are Perry. Hey! What are 你 doing here?" Isabella says," Maybe this is where he usually comes. I mean I am never here to notice it." Phineas and Isabella then laugh and hug again.