Made it myself! Hope 你 like it~!

Same old question. What's your 最喜爱的 color?
A. Tan
B. Black
C. Bright red
D. No preference

What's your 最喜爱的 food?
A. Potato chips
B. Apples
C. Strawberries
D. Anything so sugary it gives 你 a cavity just looking at it

Which one most resembles your 查看 on killing and murder?
A. It's fine, as long as the victims are criminals that deserve to die
B. Couldn't care less, leave that up to the killers
C. If it brings bad guys pain, keep on killing!
D. Killing is just wrong, no matter who the victim is, and killers must be brought to justice

Which one is closest to your fear?
A. Getting caught while doing something bad(e.g. stealing, sneaking 食物 at night, etc.)
B. Being bored
C. Losing your true love, stalkers and perverts
D. Losing a friend, not getting enough sweets

What's your ambition?
A. To be renowned as the God of a new world
B. To manipulate lives and have fun doing it
C. To become a famous model
D. To catch a criminal and bring him/her to justice

Which sounds 更多 appealing?
A. Power
B. Fun
C. Fame
D. Justice

What superpower would 你 want?
A. The ability to kill anyone, anywhere, at any time 或者 from any distance
B. To travel between two worlds
C. To be able to see people's names and destined death dates just 由 seeing their face
D. Amazing intelligence and investigation skills

Which job appeals to 你 most?
A. Police officer
B. Death god
C. Model
D. Detective

Which one is closest to your biggest flaw?
A. A strong desire for power
B. Sadism
C. Stupidity
D. Insomnia

If 你 chose mostly A's, 你 are Light Yagami!
你 are a strong willed person with incredible potential. 你 have a strong sense of justice, no matter how inaccurate your idea of justice may be. 你 believe that criminals deserve to die, and wish they would. 你 hate feeling guilty. When confronted with an obstacle, your first thought is to eliminate it 由 any means necessary.

If 你 chose mostly B's, 你 are Ryuk!
你 are a slightly sadistic person. 你 enjoy pulling the strings from behind, kicking around a hornet's nest. 你 just adore starting arguments, then stepping back and watching everything explode. 你 try to stay neutral in most things, but 你 enjoy manipulating one side.

If 你 chose mostly C's, 你 are Misa Amane!
You're a sweet, slightly ditzy person. 你 are extremely loyal and 爱情 having fun. You're well known, at least among friends, for your looks. You're energetic, kind hearted, and are a wonderful person. 你 stay true to your love, no matter how wrong the object of your affection is. 你 would sacrifice your life for your crush, and are often so loyal in that way that 你 are either oblivious to being used, 或者 are aware of being used, but your 爱情 is so strong you're okay with it.

If 你 chose mostly D's, 你 are L!
你 are a determined person shrouded in mystery. Not many people know much about you, but, when they get to know you, they often find that you're not the person they thought 你 were. 你 are very unique and are seen as the oddball in the group. 你 have some odd habits, but 你 have reasons for all of them. 你 are extremely calm and intelligent, with combat skills to boot. 你 are extremely strong, but 你 only fight in retaliation. 你 are very sarcastic at most times, but 你 don't intend to be. Once 你 set your mind on something, you'll drive yourself to exhaustion trying to get it done.