Chapter #1-My Life Goes "BANG"!!!

That was the last time i was going to hear the school bell,well, at least for a few months.
I walked out my last class, hoping i would never walk in there again!!ive had some bad experiences in there,really!!being dyslexic and having ADHD isn’t a walk in the park!!
i forgot to introduce my haylie worth and im 15.ive got brown hair and light blue eonly thing im good at is art.i 爱情 drawing an di never leave anywhere without my sketchbook!!

Anyway....The 下一个 Morning..
my dad opened the door.
"wake up!you do remember that 你 are staying with 你 uncle for the summer?!"
"urgh...yea i remember...!ill come down soon!"
"make it,quick've got half an hour!!"

i never really liked my father much,mostly because he wont tell me anything about my mother.he says that he doesn't know anything but i suspect he knows a lot 更多 than what hes telling me!!
i quickly freshened up,got dressed and went down for breakfast.
"tell me again why Judith has to come??"i asked my dad while eating toast
"because she is your uncles daughter!!also known as 你 cousin..!!"
"yeah whatever..."
Judith was my freaky and extremely stylish cousin
.i couldn't believe i have to ruin a whole summer 由 staying with her!

i heard a honk from outside and ran to the window.
"that must be your uncle!"
"then i gotta go!"i 说 grabbing my bag.i didn't even bother to look back.

i got a shock of perfume as soon as i entered the car.
"WHAT THE.....???Why did 你 do that??"i yelled
"oh sorry i didnt see 你 there!i thought 你 were just an ugly bird!!"she replied sweetly with a smirk.
snob....i though....what a bid 显示 off!!
"settle down back there",my uncle 说 from the drivers seat.
"whatever happens it her fault daddy..."
"yes sweetykins i believe you....!!"
she giggled like a little girl
stupid judith...stupid..ignorant judith...i thought

after a while i feel asleep.
then the dream came...
i was standing in a room with humongous chairs and a ginormous lit up hearth in the center.there were three other people besides me.two boys and one girl.all of them looked about the age of 16 或者 17.the girl had blonde hair and intelligent grey guy had amazing green eyes and black messy hair.the other had sandy-blonde hair and looked really really tired.they were all wearing Armour.i figured that they were fighting each other.the blonde and the green eyed guy were on one side against the other one.

then the image faded and disappeared.

i woke up with a gasp
"what?a fly stuck in your throat??"said judith
my anger rose.i couldn't tolerate any 更多 of Judith's nonsense!!!i felt like smacking her and i would of done so but all of a sudden the car jerked to a stop.we were stranded in the middle of nowhere.just trees,trees and 更多 trees!
"what happened?"i asked my uncle
"i think i heard something-"
before he could say another word an 《绿箭侠》 came straight through the window and hit him.he immediately fainted.i thought he was dead!i heard a scream,it came from judith ,next to me.
"why'd 你 scream??your not the one hit 由 an arrow!!!!"
"yea but hes my dad!!!"
and she screamed again.more high pitched this time.
"STOP PANICKING"i yelled at her
"STOP YELLING AT ME !!"she 说 and then she fainted.i guess all this was too much for her 豌豆 sized brain to handle.
so im trapped in a car,i dont know how to drive,my uncles dead and my cousins unconscious.yup...i thought...nothing could get worse than this..!!!
i looked around for a solution but a girl,about 17,took me 由 surprise.she pushed my uncle to the passengers seat,got into the car and started driving ,all in less than a minute.
"hey!what do 你 think your doing??"i yelled
"saving your life!"she turned around to look to me and i gasped.she was the same girl from my dream only older.