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All of us swarmed the 表 laden with armor
after dinner. Chiron instructed us of the rules, like always.
I was on the blue team with the
Poseidon, Athena, Dionysus, Hephaestus, and
some of the minor god's children's cabins. The red team consisted of the Ares, Hermes, Apollo, Aphrodite, and the rest of the minor god's children's cabins. In other words, we were toast.
I adjusted my heavy leather armor and strapped on my helmet. Last of all, I sheathed my own Celestial sword, perfect size, weight, and grip. I also slipped my shield onto my arm. I grunted and hoped no one heard. I was still...
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I woke up in a soft 床, 床上 with feather pillows. My shoulder wore a bandage in pristine condition, and there was a very pretty brunette girls sitting close to me, stitching up the tear in my dress's sleeve with golden thread. I watched her mesmerized at the thread. As soon as she finished, it disappeared, leaving no mark, as if saying there was never a rip at all. She looks up and her doelike blue eyes, heavy with mascara and eyeliner, widen. "Just stay here for a moment," she tells me, as she struts out of the room as if it's a catwalk. Within a few 分钟 the girl, who must be a model 或者 something,...
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Here's part five for all 你 guys!

I took Percy and finished 展示 him around. I showed him the Climbing wall, which his eyes bulged at, probably wondering why lava was trying to scorch kids, and it shook violently at times. The whole time we we’re walking I thought about how I thought of this kid. He seemed pretty cool, still trying to figure out who he was of course, but there was something about him…
Ok, Annabeth, I thought to myself, this isn’t the time to get interested in some guy. I wasn’t an Aphrodite girl, I was Annabeth Chase. I didn't 吻乐队(Kiss) guys, I kicked their butts in the...
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Lauren lead me away from Chiron, and through the gates.

"What's going on? Where are your crutches!" I asked Lauren as soon as we were out of ear shot of Chiron.

"I'll let your guide tell 你 that. I'm not at liberty to say," Lauren muttered. I had never heard her use a phrase like "at liberty to say". I mean where did that come form?

"Wait. Guide?" I was even 更多 confused than before.

Lauren didn't reply for a while. She was leading me down a hill, covered in perfectly maintained grass. Right in front of me, there was a giant house. It was two stories, with probably an attic. There was a porch...
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Percy slowly pulled the 船, 小船 into Circe's resort's dock, but there was a strange force pulling it back out again. He furrowed his brow in confusion. "It's not my father controlling the boat...I could be able to sense it. But it's not Circe 或者 some other sinister force."
"Maybe it's another god trying to help us," I suggested.
"That usually doesn't happen," 说 Annabeth. "Only when they want something do they ever intervene- which they're not supposed to do anyway."
Percy agreed. "Apollo helped us on a quest about his sister Artemis, Hermes helped us on a quest where we would face his son, Luke....
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We rushed back to our shared dorm and Arylynn explained what Whitney said.By the end of the disscution,I learned two things.One,we were going to some kind of camp.Two,I was sick of packing like a army trooper.Just as we were walking out,Whitney was coming in."You know 你 will have to make the escape at night?"Whitney explained."Alrigth!"Arylynn 说 super reluctantly."Don't worry,Arylynn,the 日 will fly by,I promise!"I told her.How could I be so sure?
Since a cannibal giant attacked me,anything was possible."Ok,Cece,I believe you!"Arylynn said.It felt good to hear that because right then...
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hello my fellow readers
i know its short but im 写作 this in between homework so ill have a few short chapters up tonight, then hopefully one long one :)

Disclaimer: I do not own the Percy Jackson series. So far Percy and Grover are on my side. We're going to start a riot. After that, i will own it. I will... :)

“Hey…” Grover 说 with uncertainty in his voice. This place with kind of creepy. There were statues outside of runts with beards waving, I figured they were supposed to look welcoming, but it just made it look like 你 were about to walk into a haunted house.
“The lights are...
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heeey :)
super short, i know! but of course ill have my longer one for the week up tomorrow, this is just an extra for this week. okay guy, enjoy!! 下一个 one will be up tomorrow!

Disclaimer: Don't own it. But i will. Just 你 wait.

“You know…” I 说 hesitantly. “Maybe I should tell you, something funny… back on the bus…”
That’s when my ear drums nearly burst and a sound like a dying animal came from Grover’s reed pipes.
“Hey my reed pipes still work!” Grover 说 waving his pipes at us. “If I could just remember a ‘find a path’ song, we could get out of these woods!”...
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