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 The Last Olympian 壁纸
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Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Last Olympian 壁纸
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FINALLY!!!! I finished!!!!!! Sorry it took so long guys. Hope 你 enjoy it! :)
He Makes The Decision

I couldn’t believe it. I had just been offered a quest! My dream had finally come true. I was going to leave Camp Half-Blood to save the world. I was so happy! But at the same time worried. What Chiron had told me was terrible. Although, I still accepted the quest.

I strolled down to my cabin, reviewing the instructions Chiron had 给 me to do the 下一个 morning. I had so much planning to do.

Once I reached my cabin, I sat at my 台, 办公桌 which was crowded with papers. I stared at my drawing...
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