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posted by 67Dodge
The 下一个 morning Skipper had gotten up and headed to the lobby, he was carrying a basket with various breads and pastries. 'Mr. Bates? Are 你 there? I've got something for you!!' asked Skipper. He then saw Private shuffling downstairs, red in the eyes, possibly from crying so much. 'Ello Skippah, what's the basket for?' asked Private. 'For you, I heard 你 and your mother arguing last night and I decided to make it up to you, it's breads and pastries,' 说 Skipper. 'Ohhhh!!!! Thank 你 soooo much!! Mum loves Garlic 面包 and tarts!! She loves them very much!! Mum? Skippah gave 你 breads!!' yelled Private ecstatically. But there was no answer from the upstairs room. 'She even up there?' asked Skipper. 'She lives in our house overlooking the motel, I live in here because mum doesn't want me to stay with her in her house,' 说 Private. 'You need to send her to a mental hospital Mr. Bates, she really is crazy,' replied Skipper. Private frowned, slammed down the basket on his 台, 办公桌 and fiddled with his flippers. 'I wish I could, but I don't wanna leave her, 你 know what I'm saying right skippah?' asked Private.
Skipper paused for a moment, he looked at Private for a few seconds. 由 the look of his face, he could tell that Private was a shy, sad, lonely penguin, deprived of love. 'Yes, I understand, your mom doesn't want 你 to talk to Marlene, doesn't she?' asked Skipper. 'No!! She hates females!! She doesn't want me to talk to girls 或者 flirt!! I'm sick of it!! But she loves me, which is why I listen to her,' 说 Private. 'Look, listen to my advice, 你 need to stand up and support your rights!! You're not a hatchling anymore, only a fully grown man any parent would be proud of!!' yelled Skipper. 'You know, you're right, I'll talk to mum!! She needs to learn that!! Thank 你 so much,' 说 Private. 'You're welcome, 你 know, if you're feeling lonely, we'll just stay one 更多 night okay?' asked Skipper. 'Really?! Hooray!!! I'll ask Marlene out and see if she likes me, 你 don't mind do you?' asked Private. 'Of course not!! She's available right here, right now,' replied Skipper. Marlene overheard the conversation in her room, she was glad that Private liked her, she then decided to get in formal dress to talk to Private at dinner.
Private saw Marlene through a peephole he just found in the motel, she was counting the money on the check that was laying on the bed, then she walked to the door and Private pulled away from the peephole and looked at the bare 墙 formally. 'Hey Private, I heard, 你 liked me? Like a lover?' asked Marlene. 'Of course I do, I 爱情 you, and, well.... Uh, do 你 wanna go out, for dinner?' asked Private. 'Sure!! Thanks!! I 爱情 你 too!! Where are we eating?' asked Marlene. 'At my mum's house, she's constantly vigilant on me, besides, she cooks real good food,' 说 Private, stroking the back of his neck. 'Oh, as long as the food's good I'll go with you, and we can discuss stuff about your mom,' answered Marlene. 'Okey dokey, but don't make fun of her, she's pretty touchy in conversations,' replied Private, wiping sweat off his forehead. Marlene then winked at him, and brushed her tail against his hip, making him blush. 'I'll be seeing ya tonight, at the 晚餐 表 in your house, is it the big two-story house behind the motel?' asked Marlene. 'Yeah, it's that house exactly,' replied Private, sighing in relief as she walked off to her bedroom.
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posted by evviefoxx
******A/N: What's up!! So I've been messing around with the idea of Skilene in my head for a while now. Oh yeah, I admit it. I came up with a little two-shot and thought I'd post it here first since I know a lot of Skilene 爱人 hang around here. Enjoy! Oh and, reviews make me type faster. Thanks!! ******

Marlene was bored. It was a bright, sunny 日 with very little to do to pass the time and the zoo was unbearably slow. She had spent most of the 日 having a go with various hobbies with less enthusiasm than usual so she gave it up as a bad job and decided to go visit the guys and see what...
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posted by Just61331
I can still remember the first time I saw her. The penguins had introduced us and I knew that when I layed my eyes on her that I loved her. We had been good 老友记 for awhile, and she had even let me stay with her in her habitat so I wouldn't get caught 由 Officer X. I loved her, and I decided to let her know it. Every weekend, us 动物 had fireworks to let go because the humans werent coming in. I had borrowed some 'special' ones from Rico and him and the other penguins were going to let it go last. "Hey Max! I 爱情 Sundays, don't you?" Marlene asked me. "Yea, I 爱情 all of the sparks."...
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posted by KowalskiTheLich
“Whoa, Skipper” 说 Kowalski, stumbling backwards. “What are 你 doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” 说 Skipper. “I’m going to finish this before 你 seriously hurt someone.” Skipper kicked out at Kowalski and Kowalski did a backflip to avoid it.

“Are 你 two okay?” Skipper 说 hurriedly to Private and Rico. Much to Skipper’s surprise, the two penguins ran over to Kowalski and stood in front of him, shielding Kowalski from Skipper.

“Skippa, stop!” 说 Private. “Kowalski didn’t do anything! And if 你 want to hurt him, you’ll have to go through us...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Blowhole looks evily at the four tied up female penguins. " 你 thought 你 had me fooled, but 你 are NO MATCH for my evil genious!" Blowhole laughed, then resumed talking. " Now that I have the plans for the Electolizer, I will be invincable! And the first thing im going to do is destroy your little boyfriend, Skipper!" Lilly blushed as her team looked teasingly at her . " He is NOT my boyfriend!" Lilly testified, her face glowing red. " Don't worry girls, he won't be doing anything evil as long as were here." She assured to her team. " But Lilly,were completely powerless...
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posted by JediPenguin16
I saw the screen shot...and couldn't resist.
I was bored.
Original song

"He's a brick----house
Mighty mighty, just lettin' them bricks hang out
He's a brick----house
The man is stacked and that's a fact,
ain't holding nothing back
He's a brick----house
He's the one, the only one 你 see,
who's built just like Hercules
Well put together everybody knows,
and here's how the story goes.

1. He knows he got everything
A man needs to get a girl, yeah.
How can he show, those bricks so grand
36 sqare blocks, what a winning hand!

(Chorus)"He's a brick----house
Mighty mighty, just lettin' them bricks...
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posted by ThatDamnLlama
The moonlight casted shawdows throughout the zoo. Puddles lay still on the concrete, almost wanting to be stepped in. The cool air swept over the exhibits.

The faint sound of footsteps grew louder and louder, and then he was revealed in the light.

Skipper waddled past Marlene's exhibit and towards the gift shop. The door automatically opened for him, and he wondered inside, as if he knew he had to come here.

The door slammed shut behind Skipper, trapping him in the darkness.

He spoke loudly and clearly towards the opposite side of the room.

"Show yourself."


Skipper spoke again with equal...
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posted by Camillebas
Victoria sat in a chair at the corner of the room. It had been a 日 since she had landed here after a fight with a 鹘, 猎鹰 almost killed her. Four penguins surrounded her, the one named Kowalski had a clipboard, anothe one a bit shorter than Kowalski with a mowhawk held a light over her, One that had a flat head stood in front of her, and the shortest o the four stood inoccently 由 Kowalski. "So," the flat-headed one said,"who are you?" Victoria looked at him
"Victoria" she saidafter a few moments of hesitation, "Who are you? May I ask?". The 企鹅 glared into her eyes "That information is...
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