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posted by 67Dodge
The 下一个 morning Skipper had gotten up and headed to the lobby, he was carrying a basket with various breads and pastries. 'Mr. Bates? Are 你 there? I've got something for you!!' asked Skipper. He then saw Private shuffling downstairs, red in the eyes, possibly from crying so much. 'Ello Skippah, what's the basket for?' asked Private. 'For you, I heard 你 and your mother arguing last night and I decided to make it up to you, it's breads and pastries,' 说 Skipper. 'Ohhhh!!!! Thank 你 soooo much!! Mum loves Garlic 面包 and tarts!! She loves them very much!! Mum? Skippah gave 你 breads!!' yelled Private ecstatically. But there was no answer from the upstairs room. 'She even up there?' asked Skipper. 'She lives in our house overlooking the motel, I live in here because mum doesn't want me to stay with her in her house,' 说 Private. 'You need to send her to a mental hospital Mr. Bates, she really is crazy,' replied Skipper. Private frowned, slammed down the basket on his 台, 办公桌 and fiddled with his flippers. 'I wish I could, but I don't wanna leave her, 你 know what I'm saying right skippah?' asked Private.
Skipper paused for a moment, he looked at Private for a few seconds. 由 the look of his face, he could tell that Private was a shy, sad, lonely penguin, deprived of love. 'Yes, I understand, your mom doesn't want 你 to talk to Marlene, doesn't she?' asked Skipper. 'No!! She hates females!! She doesn't want me to talk to girls 或者 flirt!! I'm sick of it!! But she loves me, which is why I listen to her,' 说 Private. 'Look, listen to my advice, 你 need to stand up and support your rights!! You're not a hatchling anymore, only a fully grown man any parent would be proud of!!' yelled Skipper. 'You know, you're right, I'll talk to mum!! She needs to learn that!! Thank 你 so much,' 说 Private. 'You're welcome, 你 know, if you're feeling lonely, we'll just stay one 更多 night okay?' asked Skipper. 'Really?! Hooray!!! I'll ask Marlene out and see if she likes me, 你 don't mind do you?' asked Private. 'Of course not!! She's available right here, right now,' replied Skipper. Marlene overheard the conversation in her room, she was glad that Private liked her, she then decided to get in formal dress to talk to Private at dinner.
Private saw Marlene through a peephole he just found in the motel, she was counting the money on the check that was laying on the bed, then she walked to the door and Private pulled away from the peephole and looked at the bare 墙 formally. 'Hey Private, I heard, 你 liked me? Like a lover?' asked Marlene. 'Of course I do, I 爱情 you, and, well.... Uh, do 你 wanna go out, for dinner?' asked Private. 'Sure!! Thanks!! I 爱情 你 too!! Where are we eating?' asked Marlene. 'At my mum's house, she's constantly vigilant on me, besides, she cooks real good food,' 说 Private, stroking the back of his neck. 'Oh, as long as the food's good I'll go with you, and we can discuss stuff about your mom,' answered Marlene. 'Okey dokey, but don't make fun of her, she's pretty touchy in conversations,' replied Private, wiping sweat off his forehead. Marlene then winked at him, and brushed her tail against his hip, making him blush. 'I'll be seeing ya tonight, at the 晚餐 表 in your house, is it the big two-story house behind the motel?' asked Marlene. 'Yeah, it's that house exactly,' replied Private, sighing in relief as she walked off to her bedroom.
This is basically the background of how the animal’s secret government is set up. The actual story doesn’t start until the 下一个 chapter. Brief summary of each OC is included. (Skilene and Private/OC pairings)

There are Five Boroughs, as everyone is well aware, that coexist in New York. The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. In each Borough, there exists a single zoo. Five boroughs, five zoos. The head of the boroughs, 或者 “General” lives in the Staten Island borough. There is a higher authority than him, however. The court Mariners of Philadelphia decide what is fair...
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The last chapter, guys! Hope 你 like it! I know the last chapter ending sounded almost creepy, but I promise it’s not! Happy endings for all! Enjoy!

The little chick stepped into the light. It was a girl. There was nothing too terribly monstrous about her. In fact, she almost looked just like a normal penguin. The only thing different was that her cranium was a little swelled, and she had a scar running along her cheek. Other than that, she was normal.

“Oh, you’re no monster! Come here!” Kam declared. The chick hesitated, nervous. Then, in a flurry of bashful, ran up to Kam and hugged...
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posted by beastialmoon
Rico was enthralled at the idea of having an egg. It shown in his actions and in his eyes as well. He picked up the egg at Kam's feet while Private and Skipper watched. He stuck it in between his feet to keep it warm. This was the happiest 日 of his life. Nothing could change it.

Kam, meanwhile, lay in her bunk, unmoving. She wasn't sleeping, and she wasn't dead. She was merely contemplating. She obviously needed Rico to help her take care of the eggs. Now, they couldn't live without each other – literally. She thought about her past choices, male to female, and how it got her to where she...
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posted by beastialmoon
Friday came.

It was time for their date. Kam was getting ready in Marlene's habitat, 或者 at least that's what she kept reminding herself. Being constantly pricked and poked seemed like a lot to go through just to get ready. Then she got out the big guns.


"No! There is no way 你 are putting that on me!" Kam jumped up

"Come on, Kam!"

"No! I let 你 poke me, shine my feathers, silk my beak, and who knows what else! This draws the line!"

Suddenly a knock came at Marlene's habitat entrance. Kam let out a tiny yelp of fear. Marlene laughed.

"I'm scared." Kam whispered.

"It's perfectly normal....
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posted by Tripenguinman
So you, run down to the Harbor
Need to tell her that 你 爱情 her
As the 船, 小船 disappears, you've never felt so alone

-Things You've Never Done 由 Passenger

It's frightening how fast things pass, isn't it? Take for example, my youth. Well I'll stay out of that mind-field, and it's classified. But I'm only talking to myself again. Being the Skipper of the team gives 你 the advantage of knowing all, as far as your crew's loyality goes strong. And they always have. They are my brother's in arms, and my amigos. But they did skimp out on something I'd like to know.

The days are short in the winter, as...
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posted by theWOLFPACK15
 run as fast as 你 can and don't stop for any reason.
run as fast as you can and don't stop for any reason.
Dark clouds romed the winter night sky of New York. a cold rainy night was coming. Down below in Central Park a mother 狐狸 was watching her pup playing up ahead as she walked behind.

"Ok little one, i think its time to head back to the den." The mother 说 in amuzment as she got close to her kit.

" Aww, but mama its not that late" The kit protested.

"No, but it will rain soon and i don't want to get wet when its this cold out." She pointed out. "now come on." she turned and started to walk the way where their 巢穴, den, 书房 was.

" Okay!" the kit 说 as she pranced her way beside her mom.

There was silence...
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posted by Penguin11
My hands clung to the blood like Velcro. Had this really happened? I asked myself repeatedly. I would always get the same answer.

Now I walk down the street, with fear on my face that another innocent soul has been murdered. I walk, and I walk. I watch all of the suspicious characters. I pull my 兜帽, 罩, 发动机罩 closer, hoping to seek comfort in the world I now know. I know it is cruel. I keep on walking.

Now I am almost to my apartment. I pray to god to keep me safe. He replies. I walk 首页 unscathed, even though knowing I must walk into the cruel world again. I sit on the couch, to eat a snack, and thank...
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