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posted by Just61331
I can still remember the first time I saw her. The penguins had introduced us and I knew that when I layed my eyes on her that I loved her. We had been good 老友记 for awhile, and she had even let me stay with her in her habitat so I wouldn't get caught 由 Officer X. I loved her, and I decided to let her know it. Every weekend, us 动物 had fireworks to let go because the humans werent coming in. I had borrowed some 'special' ones from Rico and him and the other penguins were going to let it go last. "Hey Max! I 爱情 Sundays, don't you?" Marlene asked me. "Yea, I 爱情 all of the sparks."...
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posted by midnightangel88
private: uh (wakes up) where are we skippah
pinkie: (pops out of nowhere) hi there my names pinkie
private: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
pinkie: oh i'm sorry
private: skippah skippah where are 你 (wimpers)
pinkie: 嘿 whats wrong
private: (crys) skippah
pinkie: (picks him up and brings him to twilights)
private: where am i (wimpers) skippah please come
twilight: who's skipper
private: skippah's m-my brother so are kowalski and rico (wimpers) i don't know where i am i'm scared
fluttershy: aww what a poor thing
meanwhile at the hq
skipper: 嘿 where's private (hears something)
tv: skippah's my brother so are kowalski and rico (wimpers) i don't know where i am i'm scared
they travel there
skipper: were here
private: (wimpers and gets taken to canterlot)
to be continued
 “Don’t give him a name and keep he’s un-named until the storm over, if he’s survived, we can call him Skipper Joseph Fidelis”
“Don’t give him a name and keep he’s un-named until the storm over, if he’s survived, we can call him Skipper Joseph Fidelis”
>> The Childhood of Skipper now already written here. Click 粉丝 if 你 in better condition (If there's any like button, i would like to change 粉丝 with like just like in FB) ... This is my own story, i don't cheat anyone...

Many times had passed (Actually just half year) and many moments had done, but Flipper Joseph Fidelis can’t set his feet afar from the border (of the sea and the land) every morning, He waiting his Wife, Aurora … Skipper’s mother. And the worst, she hadn’t seen his son ‘til now. Until someday he surrenders, he must accept his wife’s death. He heard from...
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Request 由 link. Hope 你 enjoy. ;D


Doris's New Beau: Take 1

[KOWALSKI and PARKER are shown walking down a dock]

Kowalski: "She...needs me?"

Parker: "Her very words. 说 you're the smartest guy she's ever met."

Kowalski: *smiles huge* "Ah, always knew Doris would come to her senses someday. It's the casual-" *steps on end of board and the other end smacks him in the face* "Daie!" *falls over*

Director: *sighs* "Can someone please fix that?"

GuyOffSet: "On it!"

Director: "Kowalski, are 你 alright?"

Kowalski: *gets to feet and rubs head*...
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posted by 10amberpet
Skipper, the fearsome leader of the penguins had decided to take a short walk before sunrise. It was super dark outside, usually the time the Leonard was awake. But sometimes he ran into the beautiful 獭, 水獭 Marlene, who offered to take a walk with him. As always, he though about it, coming to the conclusion of "yes." But something strange had happened one 日 when they were walking.

"Hello Penguin!" King Julien 说 swinging down from the 树 and placing himself between the two. "Hello beautiful lady."

"Oh hi Julien!" The always smiling Marlene greeted. "Me and Skipper were just taking a walk."...
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posted by annieptc
A normal 日 at the CPZ, the penguins are going through their normal morning routine when the Alice alarm goes off suddenly. They all run up topside to see her carrying a large crate.

To the man on the walkie-talkie she says, “Yeah we’re hoping that this female will mate with one of the males.” Alice put the 箱, 板条箱 down and walked away.

From inside the crate, they all heard a mumble, “Mate my ass. What am I, a prostitute?” It was a pretty female voice.

Skipper examined the 箱, 板条箱 and said, “Kowalski, options.” Kowalski flipped through his notebook and looked over his options he planned...
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The Big Move: After an eerily quiet night without the lemurs, the Penguins discover that they've snuck out to the park at night, only to return in the morning. Seeing the benefits, Skipper shows King Julien a secret tunnel leading directly to the park, on the conditions that he and his subjects keep it a secret and that they return in the morning. Being a loose-lipped King, Julien tells all of the zoo 动物 about the tunnel, and they all sneak out at night. Upon trying to return to the zoo, Burt accidentally blocks the tunnel, preventing the other 动物 from exiting it. Can the Penguins...
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posted by KowalSkip9
I Wanna Control 你 - Neil Patrick Harris, A.K.A Dr Blowhole

Only I, Dr. Blowhole know
How to tame this beast, and so
Won't 你 listen to my power ballad solo, my SOLO

In a world with mediocre minds
Where geniuses dissed 由 ignoramus mankind
Prepare to be pleasantly astounded, ASTOUNDED

Oh, I wanna control you
(Wanna control you)
I wanna make 你 mine

I wanna control you
(Wanna control you)
An offer that I hope 你 shan't decline
I've got a motion of devotion that you're the one for me

A mutant disaster
But I'll be your master
And together we'll be
In a full wicked harmony

Like a beautiful evil destiny
Livin' large, in absolute charge
A metropolitan NYC

I've got a motion of devotion that you're the one for me
You're the one for me


If anyone spots any wrong lyrics, PLEASE let me know. I guessed some of the words, so I'd be glad if 你 spot anything 你 know is a mistake.
 he appears here!
he appears here!
prepare for the 文章 I passed WEEKS writing, requirings: 1:have seen: dr blowhole´s revenge, huffin and puffin, the big squeeze. 2:have read my 文章 the bets birthday ever, mr wonderfull, Its she 或者 me!. 3:know about mandy, arlene, and the rats. As the 标题 says this has skilene content, and people that dont like this couple please dont read this aerticle, its very, very, verry large, so enjoy and RIP: read in peace!

Skipper sat as his table, seeing his coffe and how his...
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posted by Bluepenguin
- Knock Knock Jokes -

Private is laying in his bunk like a sack of potatoes, bored and lazily watching the clock.
Private: 1:00 P.M.... still two 更多 hours until they 显示 the Lunacorns...
Skipper: Private! For one 日 can 你 please not watch those ridiculous moonhorns with their hippie caring powers?!
Private: Aww! But why, Skippa?
Skipper angrily gazes at Private.
Skipper: Private...
Private: Ok, ok! (Sigh)....... ooh! I have an idea! Knock, knock!
Skipper: Who's there?
Private: Vampire!
Skipper: Vampire who?
Private: (Giggle) Vampire State Building! Ahahahaha!
Skipper looks at Private with an "I'm...
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posted by fox_tamer_113
Okay! This is the 2nd chapter of my 1st serious story! :)

And I want to thank hanz1192 for reviewing last chapter! :D

Anyways, lets continue on the story!


Dimension 1 (???)
Penguins HQ

In the middle of the room a portal opened and four chained penguins are thrown out of it and landed with a great thud.

"Ugh, where are we? Kowalski! Analyze our situation!" Skipper ordered, as he observed his surroundings.

"Skipper, it appears to be our HQ" Kowalski answered, as he looked around the empty HQ.

The HQ, where the penguins met, befriended, work and have fun in, never looked as empty, dirty and desolated...
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    The realization of reality was like a 冲床 to the face…For the 秒 time today.

    Had I been injected with the same thing he'd injected into the other 动物 或者 was it strictly to knock me out? What was being injecting into the other animals? What the hell was going on here?!


    I snapped back into attention and realized that I'd been staring at the needle with my beak hanging open.

    "Skipper, 你 really need to stop doing tha—!"

    "I was injected...
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“Jealous Much?”
March 04, 2014

    “Hey, guys,” Marlene started as she entered the 企鹅 HQ, looking around. “Where’s Kowalski?”

    “In his lab,” Skipper answered. “What brings 你 here?”

    Marlene held up an abacus. “I believe I found Kowalski’s abacus. I thought he’d want it back,” she said.

    “Oh, finally! He’s been going crazy looking for that thing!” Skipper said. “Like I said, he’s in his lab.”

    “He won’t mind me walking in on him?” Marlene...
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I sighed and did a facepalm. My least 最喜爱的 subject!
"Oh! Oh! I'll go first!" Becky exclaimed, waving her hand in the air. "I like the beavers! They're so hot!"
"Yeah! So hot!" Stacey exclaimed.
"I thought 你 were just friends?" Michelle said.
"Well, yeah! We're friends!" Becky exclaimed.
"Boyfriends and girlfriends!" Stacey cried.
"Do they even know that?" Marlene asked. 
"Um, uh. Who wants to go next?" Stacey said.
No one raised a hand, paw, 或者 flipper.
"How about, Shelly!" Becky said.
"Eh, okay. As 你 all know, I have my-" Shelly started.
"It's Rico, I knew it!" Darla cried. 
Michelle blushed....
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     Fallout Chapter 2: Following in his Footsteps

Private stepped outside and was greeted 由 the bright sun. He’s never seen a light so bright before due to the fact he’s lived inside an underground 拱顶, 保险库, 跳马 all his life. His eyes were able to adjust to the bright sunlight, and as soon as he did he saw the outside world. Wasteland, everything around him was destroyed. Roads, nearby houses, the landscape, everything. Private followed the road, thinking it would lead him to where his father is. As he’s waddling, he can’t help but to look at all the destruction around...
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posted by Skiparah
He was just a 企鹅 with a growing depression. Not a word in the world could take the weight of the infliction off his shoulders. He was a 企鹅 who just needed to run away and have a good cry. But he wouldn't let that happen. He knew he couldn't. I'm a man.I'm a man. He told himself that so many times. Now he walked, head hanging, shoulders drooped. Here could be found no glory, no spirit of freedom, no lack of affliction. Only the mark of an outcast, the weight of regection and hate were seen. Rain clouds were drawn to him overhead. Slowly raindrops began to fall. Not after long rain...
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Skipper, the 《勇敢传说》 fierce leader, 说 he would never cry. Obviously, he hadn't had this happen yet. On the ground infront of him was the craziest 企鹅 of them all Rico. His fallen comrad was to injured to be fixed.

"Rico!" Skipper 说 shaking the wounded penguin. "Don't 你 dare die on me! Be strong!"

Rico's eyes looked like they were glued shut. They wouldn't open no matter what. Blood from where the lazer had hit him. "Rico please!"

"Well Peng-you-in." The phychotic Dr.Blowhole smirked, moving 下一个 to the very depressed penguin. "Looks like your team is one short. Once again I have become...
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posted by BrightLight92
"You shouldn't have come Ringtail!" Skipper held the quivering figure of the 狐猴 in a hug. The two were beaten, bloody, battered. They grasped onto each other like their life depended on it. "I should have forced 你 to go back to the zoo... It's my fault," The penguin's voice cracked. His face was riddled with pain.

"No... It is being my fault, Skipper. I am always trying to be tagged along with 你 on missions," He leaned his head farther into the crook of Skipper's neck. The commander was going to ask him what he was doing but then he realized that the king was sobbing. Skipper placed a...
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posted by peacebaby7
You may now 吻乐队(Kiss) the bride...*Skipper & Marlene kiss*

*Skipper & Marlene run out of the Zoovenir 商店 holding hands & laughing*

Zoo Animals: "KISS! KISS! KISS!"

*Skipper & Marlene 吻乐队(Kiss) once again"

Zoo Animals: "Awwwww!"

(????): "Skipper? Wake up!"

Skipper: "What?" *wakes up slowly*

Private/Kowalski/Rico: *standing around him*

Kowalski: "You really like Marlene don't you?"

Skipper: "Why do 你 ask?"

Kowalski: "Well...you were...sort of...kissing your pillow."

Skipper: D: "Um...Can we just pretend 你 didn't see that?"

Kowalski: "If it will make 你 更多 comfortable."

Private: "Aye, Skipper."...
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Damion's eyes were as wide as his jaw that had dropped in terror. His tight gripp loosened until Private fell to the icy ground.
D: "Dad! Dad!"
Damion fled like a coward, but Private couldn't blame him. Jeff raced up and they both ran for their lives.
A: "Private, are 你 okay?!"
She pushed through the paniced crowd to Private, but she still couldn't reach him. All she could do was watch in terror as he laid on the ground getting trampled 由 the absentminded, frightened crowd.
S: "Private?! Private?!"
Private got on his flippers, but struggled to get to his feet. Then he heard her angelic voice,...
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