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atenaneta 说 …
RIP Pantelis. Such a great musician... he will be missed. 发布 一年多以前
bright_angel 说 …
I woke up early, 你 were sleeping 下一个 to me.I didn't 吻乐队(Kiss) you, I didn't cover 你 up,I ran like a thief to leave I quietly closed the door, I started the car and I told my 心 to beat silently. I slammed on the gas petal, a cigarette a flame but I didn't get a chance to light it, my little girl
Forget everything I 说 last night, I'm erasing everything 你 说 about me too
I will come drunk out of my mind in the darkness,I'm drinking for you, from up there.
发布 一年多以前