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“What Comes After the Blues” - Season Finale
Written and Directed 由 Mark Schwahn

General Plot

EVERYONE FACES THEIR FEARS IN THE SEASON FINALE — Brooke (Sophia Bush) deals with giving up her baby, while Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) deals with the residue of his actions following his game night scuffle. Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) has a musical breakthrough and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) gets news about a ghost from her past. Nathan (James Lafferty) and Jamie (guest 星, 星级 Jackson Brundage) face their fears together. Lee Norris and Antwon Tanner also star. Mark Schwahn wrote and directed the episode.Source: CW

Episode 5.18 (Season finale) [Airing May 19]: Brooke and Angie are at the airport. Later, Lucas thanks Brooke for saving lives and she thanks him for being there for her all these years. At the TV station, Milllicent and Mouth meet a new sports guy. Dan tries to be number one on the donor recipient 列表 由 telling the number one, a Reverend, that he had a good life while he (Dan) needs time to make amends. Peyton, Nathan, Haley, and Jamie also appear. Source: SpoilerFix.com

SEASON FINALE ─ Everyone in the town of 树 爬坡道, 小山 faces their personal fears.

General Spoilers

I just talked to a friend of mine who extra’ed during all the water balloon stuff, and it turns out its Peyton throwing all the water balloons at everyone. Apparently, she starts having a mental breakdown of sorts. Credit: sunchick116 @ FF

How did your friend come to that conclusion? Credit: ErinLovesOTH @ FF

because that’s what they told her was happening in the scene! sunchick116 @ FF

After the game Lucas does go to Tric, and he drinks a lot..as in shots. Skills is there and Peyton shows up, when Skills goes to leave he asks Peyton to make sure Lucas gets 首页 okay. Hence she takes him 首页 and the “IHY” happens. (5.17)

Also there is a scene where Haley talks to Lucas about the “IHY” and he blames it on the fact that he was indeed drunk and he barely remembers saying it. (5.18)

credit to Taylor@FF

Credit: OTHGIRL77 @ othforums.com
I was there the night they did the scene with Lucas and Haley on the Rivercourt. The 秒 scene all the lights are out and Chad walks over and flips the lights to the court on. He stands there for a 秒 and then walks.

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this anywhere yet but we went to the Studio and saw the Coment and it looked like crap. When we were at the court another one drove up and it looked super nice so we talked to the guy driving it and he told us they wrcked the other one into a telephone pole. So what I am guessing is Luke tells Peyton he hates her..she does the thing on the court for him then gets into a car accident and hes seeing the court for the first time and feels really bad about what he 说 to her. I’m not sure if that is accurate 或者 not but i DO know FOR SURE that Peyton’s car is crashed into a telephone pole.

Yeah he didn’t specify if she was in the car but that’s just my guess.

Peyton also could of drawn the thing on the court after the accident because the set designer told me Hilarie wasn’t doing the scene where she is “painting” the court at the court because it was VERY spoilerish. He 说 they’d be doing it in the studio so that made me think that maybe she’d already been in the accident and has like cuts and stuff while she is doing it. Because everyone already knows whats on the court so how could her just pretending to paint it be spoilerish. IDK it could be either way. The accident could happen before 或者 after she paints it I’m not sure about it.

Credit: othlovexo @ othforums.com
I was there for the whole thing and i believe the 2nd 或者 3rd scene was just lucas standing there on a cell phone. I couldn’t tell if he was saying anything though.

Also yesterday they filmed lucas and haley driving 由 clothes over bros. Then they had a guy from the crew throwing a water balloon on to lucas’ car and then haley gets out of the car and looks up to the 最佳, 返回页首 of the building.

A friend of mine who was watching 说 that some paramedics came up & covered him with a sheet. Which of course implies that he is dead. Although considering it’s Dan, I wouldn’t put it past them to have his suddenly rise from the dead 或者 something. 哈哈 credit to WIlmyK8S @ othforums

Credit tutorgirl323@FF:

I was there for the filming of the L/H scene and the Dan being run over scene today. The Dan being run over one consisted of him helping an old couple and then he backs away saying “you two be careful out here, 你 could get yourselves killed” then he steps back into the 街, 街道 and is hit 由 a car and rolls over the 最佳, 返回页首 of it.

The L/H scene was just them driving around the block, then as they get in front of C/B the car is hit 由 a waterballoon, Haley gets out of the car and walks into C/B.
The car accident victim IS Dan.

I watched them film it and Dan does get hit 由 a car. However from the looks of how he was hit, I don’t think he dies. But ya never know with this 显示 haha

The scene goes like this… Dan is outside of the hospital and he’s talking to some people (I’m guessing just people outside the hospital 或者 on the street) and he’s walking backwards into the street. He says something like “Hey 你 folks be careful, 你 never know when 你 can get killed.” 或者 something to that effect. And as he’s saying this, he’s slowly walking backwards into the street. Then he turns slightly around and is hit 由 the car.

It was actually pretty boring to watch because they did it in pieces. But I’m sure it will look awesome when it’s all done and edited. Oh yeah, no one else filmed with him. At least from what I watched.
Credit: nbetterbid@othforums

TWoP via somewhereelse@FF:
From StuckeyGilmore on TWoP (the poster who accurately described scenes from the Lucas/Lindsey party I think):

First, the person getting run over is Dan. I don’t know the aftermath of it, but I watched the scene being filmed. It’s out front of the hospital, Dan is leaving, then stops to help an elderly man up onto the curb. Then he walks out into the 街, 街道 and gets hit 由 a car. It doesn’t seem that the person driving the car is another character 或者 anything, so no need to speculate on that, the car wasn’t one I recognized as a character’s car 或者 anything.

S/he also overheard Schwahn talking:

Yes, the hook-up is Skillz/Deb. I wish I was making it up. Mark was talking about a scene where Naley(南森和海莉) and Jamie come 首页 and they’re in the backyard, then go inside, and Skillz and Deb come up from being underwater in the pool, glad that nobody caught them. There’s also a scene later where they do get caught, and Jamie exclaims “Grandpa Skillz!”

Girls.. I just got a call.

Lucas’s car is parked in front of COB and they’re filming.

Just thought you’d wanna know.
credit to brucasplusnaley @ FF.

EDIT: Credit: Manu9 @ FF
I believe it’s a LH scene. I talked with a friend that is on set right now and she 说 Chad and Joy are filming outside

Credit: tutorgirl323 @FF
Tonight they were filming 3 scenes at the rivercourt. I only stayed for one, and we couldn’t really hear what they were saying. The scene was Lucas sitting on the court where Peyton had done her art and then Haley walks over and says “Wow…” and we couldn’t hear anything else, then she sits down 下一个 to him. While she was talking to him it looked like she was comforting him, patting his knee and putting her arm around his shoulder. The other 2 scenes were still Lucas, but no one else was there that I know of and the PAs were saying they were really short scenes, the L/H one was really long though. The scene ended with L/H still sitting on the court, her head on his shoulder.

ETA: I couldn’t really get any of Chad, he wasn’t in a spot where I could really see him, but I got a few of Joy.

According to Taylor, Chad and Joy are filming at the rivercourt. Credit: ErinLovesOTH@FF

Credit: OTH_CA_Girl @ OTHForums

Yeah.. & Luke holds her as they walk out of the airport 2. It’s REALLY cute, but we weren’t supposed 2 take picture’s during the filming.. but a lot of people did so whatever.

I took pictures in between takes like u were supposed 2 though, & I’ll post em’ but because I can’t get em’ tagged right now.. please, please, PLEASE don’t steal.. like I honestly don’t care if u re-post them 或者 anything.. just credit please!Credit: BrucasplusNaley
Micheala filmed on the balcony. In a different part of the airport than Chad and Soph did. She was on the cell phone during the whole shot.

Chad also filmed a scene alone after Soph left. In a different part of the airport. The ticket part and he was sitting in the chairs on a cell phone.

I don’t know if they are talking to each other 或者 not. But I think they may be. but they didn’t film together.

It was definitely Micheala’s last episode and her last scene. They all stood and gave her a standing ovation when she was finished and she was crying

I’ve been told that this weekend a crew member 说 someone does die in the car accident - and it’s not Dan. They could have been deliberately misleading the fans, so it’s far from confirmed, but that’s apparently what was said.
Credit: FF

It’s not Brooke who dies so 你 don’t have to worry about that. One crew member 说 it was Dan another 说 it wasn’t. One 说 it was one of the core characters and one 说 that is wasn’t but it was a 最喜爱的 character.
Credit: BrucasplusNaley @ FF:

We went on a studio tour today and in Brooke’s house there was a picture in her bedroom 下一个 to the changing 表 of Lucas, Brooke and Angie and then in the 厨房 on a bullentin board there was a picture of Brooke and Angie and right 下一个 to it a picture of Lucas and Angie.

Also there were NO other pictures of anyone holding Angie but Brooke and Lucas.

Brooke also has a pic of Lilly 下一个 to the pic of Brooke, Haley and Peyton. Also there were pics of Jamie and everyone else (these were all 下一个 to the pics of BA and LA).

Lucas’s bedroom door was closed on the tour so there was something spolierish in this bedroom.
Credit: Corey and Britt @ FF:

Okay, I talked to some of my 老友记 that went to the game and saw filming yesterday at the airport and as far as season 6 with LL we have nothing to worry about. Apparently Micheala and Chad filmed yesterday and when they wrapped Micheala was saying bye to the crew and crying. She was at the game but she told 粉丝 her stint on “OTH” is over. Also I had 老友记 run 问题 由 Mark and he reiterated that “5.18 is in fact Lindsey’s last episode.” Credit Taylor@FF

I don’t know much 更多 other than the rumors that have been flying around. Apparently 下一个 Wednesday they are filming the car wreck scene downtown from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. and since I am moving on Monday I am going to try and catch filming at least for a little insight.

Credit: AmeliaBeck on 粉丝 Forum

I don’t know if this was the same scene 或者 not that was 发布 at the 最佳, 返回页首 of the page, but Chad filmed a scene at the airport late last night with Michaela. My friend who was there never mentioned seeing Sophia, but she definetly saw Chad and Micheala.

The bl scene was LOVE..and I dont think that the side is at the airport.

They started with Brooke handing off the baby and she has a 《勇敢传说》 face on. Then Lucas comes into the airport and she walks over and hugs him they say hi. Then she hugs him again and she starts crying on his shoulder until its full on sobbing and she falls to the floor. He picks her up and is rocking her in his arms and whispering to her. And then they walk out together.

I think the side happens afterwards.. at Brooke’s house. Credit: Brucasplusnaley @FF

What Lindsey tells Lucas on the phone, causing his anger, is revealed towards the end of 5×18.


Scene 40: Airport. Brooke walks into the airport carrying Angie. She pauses in the middle of the “bustle of lives” and tries to be brave.

Scene 41: 电视 Station - Corridor. Mouth and Millicent are returning from lunch when Steve eyes Millicent, and introduces himself as the “new Sports Guy.” Millicent says hello, before introducing Mouth as the “better Sports Guy.” Millicent and Mouth then walk away, smiling.

Scene 42: Hospital. Dan looks across at Reverend Carter, and begins to tell him that he’s scared. The countdown is on for Dan, and he just has to wait for the beeper to go off so that he can get his new heart. Carter already lived a good life, but Dan needs time to make amends. Dan asks Carter to “take one for the team” so that Dan can use the rest of his life to redeem himself. Carter remains unresponsive, but alive.

Scene 43: River Court. Peyton is spray painting something on the court, with a serene, peaceful look of concentration on her face.

Scene 44: Nathan and Haley’s House - Pool. Nathan is working out as Haley walks up to him, and asks how Jamie is doing.

Scene 62: Lucas suppresses a grin. He tells Brooke that he’s been thinking about what she’s done for Angie, Rachel, and so many other people. She saves people, and he’s grateful that he’s been able to share that. Brooke appreciates his words. Lucas then rises to leave, and asks Brooke to let him know when Angie is safely home. As Lucas begins to walk away, Brooke stops him, and tells him that she wouldn’t have been able to get through this without him. Brooke then steps forward, and hands Angie’s monkey to Lucas, before telling him that she loves him. Lucas responds that he loves her, too, and they hug.

Scene 63: 电视 Station. The studio is buzzing as the news is about to start. The anchorman, Rick, is in his suit 涂层, 外套 and boxers because he had an accident with his coffee. Bill says they’ll be starting with the story about a UCLA signing, and asks where the script is. Jerry runs to the new Sports Guy, Steve, with the script, but Steve tells him he doesn’t need it because he has the prompter. Steve arrogantly tells everyone to “watch and be amazed,” before throwing the pages away.

Scene 64: 电视 Station - Broadcast Booth. As personnel work the controls, the director barks orders and cues the anchor. The anchor, Rick Hunter, introduces the news, and notes that it is National Letter of Intent 日 for college 篮球 programs. He then passes over to Steve, who has news that a local player, Aidan Lee, will be signing with UCLA. Bill walks into the booth and notices Mouth watching Steve. He tells Mouth that it could have been him out there. As Mouth sags into his seat, we see Steve continuing to read his lines from the teleprompter. Part way through the story, the prompter goes black. Steve immediately stops talking. The director asks what happened, and when he’s told about the prompter, he suggests going back to the anchor. Jerry responds that it wouldn’t be a good idea to do that, as Rick is currently trying to put his coffee-stained pants back on. Steve is then told to fill the air time. Without a teleprompter, and with his script pages strewn around the studio, Steve struggles. As the director and Jerry begin to panic, Mouth steps up and begins to talk into Steve’s ear piece. Telling Steve to repeat everything he says, Mouth begins a perfect run down of the story. Bill and the director look at each other, while Jerry grins at Mouth saving the day. Having finished talking about the legacy of UCLA, Mouth notes that the last local player to be signed 由 a big college was Nathan Scott, who played at 树 爬坡道, 小山 High and Gilmore College, before becoming a first team All American at the 大学 of Maryland. Wrapping up the story, Mouth tells Steve to say his name… but rather than doing so, Steve once again repeats Mouth word for word, closing his story with the words “I’m say your name.”
It was sad ;( Poor Brooke.
The scene from the season 2 slumber party where the girls 婊子, 子 each other out and spill their secrets. Extremely hilarious... I can watch it over and over!
season 2
slumber party
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