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blackpanther666 posted on Jan 27, 2013 at 09:46PM
Just for fun. I think this would be interesting, as there are about 83 Meitous of different ranking. This is how they are ranked:

12 Saijo O Wazamono (Yoru, Mihawk's blade is one of these)

21 O Wazamono (Wadou Ichimonji and Shuusui belong to this ranking)

50 Ryo Wazamono (Yubashiri, originally belonging to Ippan-Matsu, gave this to Zoro. It is also said that the second generation Kitetsu belongs with this ranking)

There are also Wazamono grade swords, along with several others that are unknown or unranked, including Sandai Kitetsu.

Format For Creation:


Special attributes: (if any)

Blade Length:

Blade Width:

Blade Thickness:

Colour Of Handle:

Appearance Of Guard:
 Just for fun. I think this would be interesting, as there are about 83 Meitous of different ranking.
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一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
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Just to be clear, I wish to create a Saijo Wazamono grade blade... One that will rival the great Yoru. If anybody seizes my glory, I shall cut you with my fictional blade. Lol.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
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Name: Makaze

Special Attributes: Being one of the Five Elemental Saijous, Makaze is a powerful blade, that cuts with the speed and ferocity of the wind. Just like Yoru releases a green flash of energy when swung, Makaze causes/releases/advocates highly-compressed blasts of air when swung. Because of the length and lightness, this blade is easily maneouvrable and can be used to fight at intensely high speeds. Makaze is a nodachi, Japanese longsword, which is why it is light and fast.

Blade Length: 1.7 Meters. The blade is coloured a shiny, chrome silver and has patterns set in the entirety of the whole blade's length.

Blade Width: The blade measures 12.5 centimeters, from the bottom (sharpened) edge, to the top (blunt) edge.

Blade Thickness: The blade is a lot thicker than usual katanas, and even many of the other Meitous. It measures 4.7 centimeters through.

Colour Of Handle: The handle is white, with bright-blue patterns amongst it.

Appearance of Guard: See below picture.

Others: The end of the handle has a small set of chimes hanging from the end.
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 Name: Makaze Special Attributes: Being one of the Five Elemental Saijous, Makaze is a powerful bla
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
Name: Akuma Kitetsu

Special Attributes: Being the 1st generation Kitetsu, this blade is cursed, like Sandai Kitetsu, but this curse is more potent and powerful - it is said that no man can hold this blade, unless he has skills, and luck, unlike that of any other swordsman. Bearing this in mind, this blade will bless this powerful wielder, while causing accidents to those unfortunate and without the strength to handle the curse. The wielder will find that their luck is unparallelled and that strength and speed will seem to become almost superhuman, while even going to the extent of blessing their instincts and reflexes to almost god-like levels. This blade is certainly dangerous.

Special Attack: Flash-step of the Demon Tornado. This attack is the most powerful one that the wielder can use. Combining the swordsman's strength, speed and willpower into a massive tornado - one that would dwarf Zoro's Tatsumaki attack. This is incredibly powerful and will destroy almost any being that comes in contact with the full forces of this terrible power.

Blade Length: 1.3 meters.

Blade Width: Average. About 11-12 centimeters.

Blade Thickness: Average. About 1.8 - 2 centimeters.

Colour of Handle: Red/black

Appearance of Guard: Same as Sandai Kitetsu, but more elaborate designs on the metal.

Others: Short hanging from end of the handle.
一年多以前 whiteflame55 said…
Heh, time to post my five blades from the RP. From weakest to strongest:

Name: Kamakiri (Mantis)

Grade: Ryo Wazamono

Special attributes: Meant as a defensive blade, the guard is almost as strong as the blade itself, a deep green with a thicker core than usually necessary, making the blade seem wider than it actually is.

Blade Length: 13 inches long from the base of the guard to the rounded tip (including an 8 inch blade).

Blade Width: 2 inches wide, continuous in width from the base to a rounded tip, sharpened on all edges.

Blade thickness: Half an inch, incredibly thick for a blade and therefore not meant for slicing in the usual sense.

Color of handle: A mix of brown and green hues.

Appearance of guard: Serrated, requiring careful wielding, but rounded in the same fashion as the blade. A relatively basic hilt design with a guard almost as heavy as the handle, it’s meant to hold up to forces even better than the blade itself.
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一年多以前 whiteflame55 said…
Name: Kowareta Tsubasa (Broken Wing)

Grade: Ryo Wazamono

Special attributes: Perhaps the oldest blade still in existence, this blade has a long and storied history. However, much of that history is fraught with frustration. The blade is incredibly brittle, and has only gotten more so with time, despite repeated attempts to reforge it. The blade has been stained a permanent reddish brown by rust. However, it is also known as one of the sharpest blades of its grade, never dulling in its long years, and little effort is required to reforge it since it does so seamlessly.

Blade Length: 6 inches of blade, with 3 and a half of hilt..

Blade Width: The blade is only a quarter inch across, diminishing only shortly before the point.

Blade thickness: Only one millimeter thick, breakable practically with one’s own hands.

Color of handle: The handle has to change regularly as it becomes worn, but many tatters of the early handles that occupied it still exist. The majority of it, however, is just plain linen cloth of a cream color, rough on the hands.

Appearance of guard: No guard exists beyond the handle itself.
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一年多以前 whiteflame55 said…
Name: Kage Hokou (Walking Shadow)

Grade: O Wazamono

Special attributes: There’s some confusion about whether this blade can actually be considered a sword. Its length is incredibly small, even for a shortsword, and the hilt is unconventional. The blade itself is silvery, but reflects light oddly, often appearing to vanish in environments with reduced light or visibility.

Blade Length: Just 4 inches long with a 4 inch hilt.

Blade Width: An inch and a quarter across, diminishing towards the point.

Blade thickness: A centimeter thick.

Color of handle: The hilt is a series of black leather straps with finger holds along the sides. The sheath is charcoal grey leather with slits along the side that show the silvery blade underneath.

Appearance of guard: There is no guard.
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一年多以前 whiteflame55 said…
Name: Nido To Shinai (Nevermore)

Grade: O Wazamono

Special attributes: A notched nodachi with one grey edge and one silver. Its sheath is the same color as the hilt – a dark blue – and it seems to whisper unintelligible words when unsheathed. This is because the blade interacts with the air around it in an odd fashion, creating small pockets with no air behind its slashes. This creates short-lived vacuums at the sites of injury, causing more blood to be drawn from wounds.

Blade Length: A foot long, plus a 4 inch hilt.

Blade Width: Two inches, diminishing towards the point.

Blade thickness: Mostly one centimeter, though many points on the blade are slightly pitted.

Color of handle: The hilt is dark blue and takes on an icy appearance. Rather than being wrapped, it seems to be one solid piece of stone fashioned into this shape.

Appearance of guard: An intricate, circular thing with two rings radiating outward. Between the rings are a number of crystal-like engravings.
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一年多以前 whiteflame55 said…
Name: Yoruchi (Nightblood)

Grade: Saijo O Wazamono

Special attributes: When it is removed from its sheath to any extent, the blade leaks an inky black smoke that seems to pour out of it. This blade is sentient, and talks to whoever is currently touching it. As such, it can act on its own as long as any of the blade is showing. This often causes a difference of opinion between the wielder and the blade. While the blade is difficult for the wielder to use, it’s nearly impossible for anyone else. If the blade deems someone nearby as evil, that person will feel drawn to possess it, though the blade will take control of their movements the moment they do. This can be resisted by a strong enough will. Someone it deems as “good” feels sick as long as the blade is showing.

Blade Length: Four feet, plus a 6 inch hilt. Both hilt and blade are pure black. The blade is accompanied by a silver sheath.

Blade Width: Three inches wide at the base, narrowing to two and a half at the the middle, and expanding out again to four inches just before coming to a point at the tip.

Blade thickness: Two centimeters.

Color of handle: The handle is pure black, capped by a black diamond. Its length is composed of two metal bars twisted about each other.

Appearance of guard: A simple black “u” upturned around the blade itself.
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
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Heh, nice ones, Whiteflame. Just the calibre I would expect from you! XD
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
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Name: Meian Doutaini ('Light and Darkness As One')

Grade: Saijo O Wazamono

Special attributes: The blade can become intangible, when the holder wishes it with his will. Whether it becomes light, or darkness, this also depends on the will of the user. Essentially, the blade becomes pure, chaotic light, which can obliterate anything it touches, unless it is someone with a stronger will than the wielder of the sword. When turned to darkness, the blade cannot physically cut through anything, instead, the blade passes through whatever it touches and, if it is a living, breathing being, that person/organism is poisoned with darkness. The darkness infects whichever part of the body that it touched. Once infected, the darkness will not infect any other part of that body. When the opponent's body is fully overrun by darkness, they will fall unconscious and into a deep sleep, or coma, and will not wake up, unless they are treated by an expert doctor.

Blade Length: About 5 foot long, when it is in normal physical form.

Blade Width: When in physical form, it measures about 15 centimeters across.

Blade Thickness: In physical form, this blade is quite thick, at around 3-4 centimeters.

Colour of handle: The handle is black and white, intertwining.

Appearance of guard: This has a crossguard style, rather than a typical Japanese katana guard. The blade is more like a broardsword.
一年多以前 Cedrus said…
Name: Higeki (Tragedy)

Special attributes: A duel blade sword that have been trown to the earth by the devil to entertain him. The sword have been found first by a traveler. On his jorney the traveler came across a group of bandits and was pushed to use his new sword. The bandits was defeated easely thanks to the great sword but durning the fight the unexperienced traveler have stabed himself. The traveler tried anything but no matter what the bleeding did not stop. He walked as much as he could but evetually he died at the enterance to a village. Next a teenage girl found it with the corpse of the travler. Excited of her founding the girl to her village to tell the person close to her the most but when she got into the house the sword slipped out of her hands and fell into her lover's chest. Mad out of sorrow she threw her pain on the village and killed every person but durning the fight the sword turned against her and slaughtered her. Hundred of years later the ruined village was found by an archiologist. The archologist have found the sword and on the sword she found profecey writen in poneglyph. It said "Under this blade this blade the world shall fall to darkness. Because out of the darkness shall the world find light and only out of 'tragedy' shall the world find peace."

Blade length: 1.25 meters. Got no sheath

Blade width: 10 centimeters

Blade thickness: one centimeter

Handle: Blody red and black with the words 悲劇 (Tragedy) on it 25 centimeters long.

Blade: Dark blade with poneglyph characters on it.

Special abilities (Just to make it clear): Infinite bleeding, self control, cause madness and many other hidden things...
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一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
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^ This is interesting. I like it! It's nice to see that someone appreciates my forum and actually takes the time to create a decent blade and post it. Thanks. XDDD
一年多以前 Cedrus said…
Name: Tsukiakari (Moonlight)

Special attributes: A katana style with a white blade. An exstremly sharp sword that was made by a young blacksmith who fell in love with the moon. For fifty years he worked on the blade and every night he climed on a mountain to show his work to the moon. When finally he completed the sword hecame to the mountain ti show his work to the moon. The impressed moon was very proud of the blacksmith's work and granted him his favour so that every the sword have been exposed to the moon it will stat to and get an enormous powers. Soon the rumors about the sword called "Moonlight" have started to sprade. Many peopal have came to the blacksmith's shop to steal the sword but all of them was killed by the old blacksmith. But one day a great king came to take the sword and with him came 150000 soldiers. Willing to fight to protect what precious to him, the blacksmith came out to fight althought it was daytime and after killing fifty-hundred of the sodiers he died. The king and his man decided to have feast in the battle field drinking, eating and toruring the blacksmith's dead body. When the moon finally came and realize what happen he was raging. He killed All of the king's soldiers and sealed all of them in the sword so that anyone who wield the sword will be able to summon and control the 150000 souls. And then the moon took his beloved blacksmith's soul and transformed it into a sheath so it can protect its creation forever.

Blade length: 1.15 meters

Blade width: 5 centimeters

Blade thickness: one centimeters

Handle: Black and white with a silver moon on it

Sheath: Black with 4 white stripes and a silver moon on it
一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
@Cedrus. Just wondering, but what grade are these two blades? I'm intrigued now. I really like the design of both of them. I do believe I will add another some time soon. XD
一年多以前 Cedrus said…
Technecally they got no grade because they have been made as one of a kind but i might ad a general class like a collection or something
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一年多以前 blackpanther666 said…
^ Oh, I see. Well, in which case, I guess it wouldn't matter so much for them. I was merely curious - You don't need to add a grade, if they don't require one. Great work, though! XD