Hello, Lovelies! This is the very first imagine I've 发布 on this spot. I've decided to write a sad one, so here it is. I hope it's good enough. Please tell me what 你 think. Enjoy! :) Xx

Y/n = Your name

Your P.O.V -

你 and Louis had been dating for almost 2 years now. On Louis' 21st birthday, 你 and the lads decided to got to the club on the other side of town and celebrate. The dress 你 wore was a little black number the fit snug around your waist and fit 你 perfectly. After swiping on mascara and slicking on some lip gloss, 你 walked downstairs. Louis wrapped his arm around your waist, and 你 walked out the door. "Hey, y/n," the lads 说 to 你 after 你 entered the club. 音乐 was blasting and people were grinding on each other, "I think I'll go and get a few drinks," 你 said, and walked up to the bar. After drinking a few martinis 你 felt a bit tipsy. Suddenly 你 feel a pair of arms around your waist. At first 你 thought it was Louis. "Hey babe. Wanna dance?" a deep raspy voice whispered into your ear. Almost immediately 你 knew who it was. Harry. His arms tightened around 你 and dragged 你 to the dance floor before 你 could reply. The room was was spinning. 你 started to grind on Harry. 音乐 blared and there was a vile taste in your mouth, but 你 didn't care. As 你 danced closer to Harry, he let go and let 你 into a bathroom. Suddenly, 你 feel warm, soft lips on yours. 你 looked up to Harry , and saw that his once green orbs were a dark green, and filled with lust. 你 didn't know what 你 were doing so 你 kissed him back. Even though 你 knew what 你 were doing was wrong, it felt right. There was no denying it. 你 wanted Harry too. Little did 你 know the 吻乐队(Kiss) would lead to something more...

~ 2 months later ~

你 woke up one morning, and felt your stomach growl. Frying up some eggs and bacon, 你 devoured all the contents on your plate, scorching your tongue in the process. 你 fried 更多 eggs and chewed carefully. Once. Twice. Somehow the eggs tasted a little off. 你 checked to make sure. They were perfect. 你 kept chewing. Ugh. Definitely bad. Before 你 could throw them away, 你 found yourself running towards the bathroom and discarding all the contents in your stomach into the toilet. A sheen of sweat appeared on your forehead when 你 were finished. 你 decided to just lay on the sofa and drink some water. Maybe it was 食物 poisoning 或者 morning sickness. Though both of those were possible, 你 didn't think they were the reasons 你 vomited. Picking up your car keys, 你 stepped outside of your flat, heading straight to the drugstore.

"Shit," 你 mumbled under your breath. A little 粉, 粉色 plus sign was clearly visible on the newly-bought pregnancy test. 你 couldn't do this. 你 threw away the test, and ran onto the sofa watching the tears flow. Slowly, your eyes began drooping and 你 fell asleep. "Y/n, are 你 awake?"Louis asked your chin in his hands. He quickly brushed away a strand of your hair as his eyes were full of concern. There was no other way to say it. 你 had to tell him. "Louis, I'm pregnant," 你 told him, before 你 could back down. "What?"he asked. "Y/n, this great! I'm going to be a dad! We're going to have a little Tommo! He kissed your stomach. "I 爱情 you, Y/n. This is a miracle." For the 下一个 few days, 你 and your unborn child were the only thing Louis would talk about. There was no way you'd be able to tell him he wasn't the father. 你 couldn't break his 心 now.

~ A few months later ~

"I'm sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson. It seems that you've 迷失 the child." The doctor's face held a sad expression. Louis had tears in his eyes. He'd been looking 前锋, 期待 to being a father.
That only made 你 cry harder. Even though it wasn't his child, 你 felt horrible for Louis. But deep inside of you, 你 were somewhat relieved the child hadn't been born. Arriving at your shared flat, 你 felt like 你 had to tell Louis. It was now 或者 never.

"Louis, I have something I needed to tell you. Since the baby died, I feel like 你 should know. 你 weren't the father. Harry was."
His expression shifted from confusion, to disbelief and anger.
" And you've waited how long to tell me? Why? How could you, Y/n? Did 你 honestly think it was okay to cheat on me? And with my best mate? I should've known better than to trust you."
Now the tears were falling. "Louis,I -I'm sorry! I thought it was you. I--we were both drunk and before 你 knew it we-"

"Save it, Y/n. I don't ever want to hear from 你 again. We're through." And with that, Louis walked out of your shared flat and out of your life forever.

~ 2 years later ~

Louis' P.O.V -

I couldn't get Y/n out of my head. I knew she made a mistake, but I couldn't believe it. I'd 给 her my trust and she'd broken it. But regardless of what she did, I still loved her. I don't know whether 或者 not she'd want to start all over again. I still had to try.

Walking into our shared flat, I noticed all of her stuff was gone. All the pictures of us on the 墙 had been taken down. Something on the small coffee 表 caught my eye. A note. I carefully unfolded it, not prepared for the words I was about to read.

If you're 阅读 this, 由 now, 你 must be wondering where I am. The 日 你 left me, I knew 你 weren't coming back. After a 年 had passed, I had 迷失 all traces of hope that were left in me. 你 deserve someone better in your life. Somebody who won't break your trust. Someone who will 爱情 你 until the end of time. When 你 left, all of this guilt had built up inside of me. I just couldn't live with myself. I want 你 to know that 你 made me happy. Go out there and find yourself a lucky girl who'll make 你 as happy as 你 made me. Don't worry about me. I'm in a better place now. I'm now an 天使 guarding 你 from heaven. Promise you'll never forget me.

I 爱情 you.
Y/n ❤ xX

She was gone. I couldn't get her back now. I didn't even bother wiping away the tears that fell, but I knew they wouldn't bring her back. I looked sadly around our flat and cried harder. Y/n was gone.