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Liam's P.O.V.
After the campfire we all headed off to our cabins to get some much needed sleep.
"I am so tired" I 说 as I rolled onto my bed.
"Same here bro" Zayn 说 walking into the bathroom.
"Goodnight Louis 说 as he walked in, he jumped into his 床, 床上 straight away.
"Hey Guys, Night guys" Harry 说 as he came through the door.
"I am so bored, and hungry" Niall 说 as he walked through the door.
"W"hatever I'm going to bed. Night Guys" I 说 before going to sleep.
---------THE NEXTED MORNING---------
We all woke up to laughing and screaming.
"What is all that laughter?" I 说 opening my eyes.
"I have no idea, Louis your the closest to the window, look for what it is" Niall 说 burrying his face into his pillow.
"It is a girl, a boy, Shannon, Shae and the rest of the people that came with Shannon" Louis sais as he looked out the window.
"What?" Harry and Niall 说 getting up and walking over to the window.
"Who are they and why are they with Shae and her friends?" Niall said.

Shae's P.O.V.
I couldn't believe it, well none of us could, Madison came to the holiday park and so did my Shannon's ex-Boyfriend.
"So Micheal, why are 你 here?" Shannon asked walking up to Micheal.
"Oh 你 know" Micheal 说 looking at her.
"No I don't actually and I would like to know why 你 came""Shannon 说 giving him the death eye.
"What a guy can't come see his ex-Girlfriend at a holiday park" Micheal said.
"Actually 你 shouldn't even be here" Shannon said.
"Whatever, I'm here to see my bestfriend" Micheal 说 walking over to Coan.
We all just stopped for a 分钟 then we bursted out laughing.
"Are 你 serious" I 说 looking at them.
"Come on Madison we'll 显示 ypou where 你 are staying" I 说 taking her to my cabin.
We couldn't stop laughing.

Coan's P.O.V.
Yes Micheal came just in time, now I could break Shannon, there's no way she can resist him.
"Come on Micheal I'll 显示 你 where your staying.
I toke him to my 舱, 小木屋 and showed him a 床, 床上 he could sleep on.
"So 你 share a 舱, 小木屋 with Shannon, that's cool" He 说 walking out of the cabin.
"Well breakfast will be ready soon, so I'll take 你 to the hall and 显示 你 around before breakfast" I 说 shutting the door.
"Whatever, but your sure Shannon won't be able to resist me?" Micheal said.
"I have no idea" I 说 taking him to hall.

Shannon's P.O.V.
I went with Madison and Shae to see One Direction because Madison was a huge 粉丝 of them, so I wanted to see her reaction.
"Ok, Mdaison the people in here are very 流行的 and 你 might freak out when 你 meet them, so I am warning you" I 说 walking up to the door of One Direction's cabin.
"Shannon I'll be fine, it's not like I'm meeting One Direction" Madison joked.
"Yeah" Shae and I 说 before knocking on the door.
"Who is it?" Louis 说 in a girly voice.
"It's us, please open" I said.
"Just come in" Liam screamed from behind the door.
"That sounded like Liam from One Direction" Madison 说 with a confused look.
"Ok, thanks guys" Shae 说 before I opened the door.
The boys had no 衬衫 on which was really cute but Zayn was in the shower.
"OMG" Madison 说 as she saw 1D in front of her.
"Shannon" Harry 说 coming up to me and hugging me.
"Shae" Niall 说 picking Shae up and hugging her.
We were worried because Madison loved Niall from 1D and Shae was dating him, so we were worried what she would think.
"NIALL HORAN IS IN THE SAME ROOM AS ME" Madison screamed as she starred at Niall. and Shae.
"Who's this?" Louis 说 getting off his bed.
"This is our friend Madison" Shae said.
"Niall I am your biggest fan, will 你 marry me?" Madison said.
"You haven't told her, have you?" Niall asked putting Shae down.
"No we haven't" Shae 说 backing away.
"Well I don't know 你 so I'm gonna say no" Niall 说 walking back to his bed.
"Ok, I know everything about you" Madison 说 looking to the ground.
"Ok, well breakfast will be ready soon" Shae 说 as we walked out.
"Shannon stay for a while" Harry 说 before I walked out.
"Gotta get ready for breakfast" I 说 while leaving.
"So why were 你 guys hugging Niall and Harry?" Madison asked.
"Why wouldn't we?" Shae 说 as she winked at me.
"Ok well 由 the end of the day, Niall will 爱情 me, I know it" Madison 说 with pride.
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Niall's POV:

It was about 6:00 when I woke up from my nap. I rubbed my eyes and focused on the window in my room. "It's snowing!" I exclaimed, flying out of 床, 床上 and pressing my hands against the glass. "Niall?"
I turn around. Liam, Louis, and Zayn walk into my darkened room. "Am I in trouble?" I ask half-jokingly. Louis flips on a light. "Skylar is missing." I freeze. "What?"

"Long story short, Harry never liked Sky and he was using her so you'd make a move... but then 你 didn't..." Zayn explained. "How long has she been gone?" I demanded, looking around my room frantically. "About an hour...
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Authors note: please don’t cry I cried 写作 this please don’tL

Harry’s P.O.V

I took Ruby to the hospital I kept checking her 心 beat it was slowly fading. She had no bump 或者 nothing on her head. But she hit her head pretty hard. I reached the hospital and the doctors rushed her in. I was waiting out-side the rest of the lads and Madison came to. We were in the hospital for a long time. The doctor came out shaking her head. We all got up quickly and nervously tears coming out. “umm I’m sorry but Ruby has a brain hemarage we found out when we did a cat scan she didn’t know either...
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Lilah POV:

It was raining here in London, again. I was sitting 下一个 to the big window in the living room drinking hot 浓情巧克力 and watching the rain fall. I heard someone walk in but I didn't look to see who.
"Me..." I turned around and it was Zayn, "Me and my dad, we use to run around in the rain..." He sat 由 me and looked out the window.
"Where's your dad now?" I asked.
"Um.. he passed away when I was little."
"Me and... my dad, we would always but on a 火, 消防 and drinking hot chocolate." I smiled. Thinking of my dad always made me feel, dizzy.
"Where is he now?" Zayn looked at me.
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Hey guys. I decided to scratch the idea, with the underneath 文章 thing.  And I'm going to give 你 a spoiler.... In the 下一个 couple if ones, it's is going to be. Unexpected. 

Louis's P.O.V

Ruby and I were talking a lot, in the libary. She was a bit funny as well. I had a feeling I know who would like her. Harry. I know he likes Lil but he likes her personality. 
"so are 你 new to the school?" i asked Ruby. 
"yes I moved here 2 days ago." she replied. 
" you're new right?" she asked. 
"yeah. 4 other boys and me moved here 2 weeks ago." 
"do 你 want me to introduce 你 to them?" I said
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I hope 你 like it!(:

Ruby POV:

I was sitting in the living room, alone, when my phone started going off.

??- Ruby, listen...

Oh my god, it was Joe.

Joe- I am so sorry for what happened! I was drunk and I didn't know what I was doing. It was a accident and....
Me-I forgive you...
Joe- and..what?
Me-Joe, I think.....I 爱情 你 and I just... I'm not ready to let 你 go....
Joe- (Smiling)I 爱情 你 too Ruby! Wanna come over in like an hour?
Me-YES! Bye..

I hung up and started screaming. Nobody was home, because they where at a signing and that should last for like only thirty...
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Chapter 3-Niall's P.O.V.
Niall was staring off into 太空 as he was staring into Raven's 紫色, 紫罗兰色 eyes. Niall was too dazed out 由 her eyes that he couldn't here what she was saying. It looked like she was moving her lips, but Niall just kept staring into Raven's deep 紫色, 紫罗兰色 eyes. He loooked down at her pale 粉, 粉色 lips and he just wanted to 吻乐队(Kiss) them.
I can't pull a 移动 like that, Niall thought, 秒 guessing himself.
A strand of 紫色, 紫罗兰色 and black hair fell in front of her face. Niall, without thinking, pushed it back. Raven stopped talking and was trying to hide her blush, but was failing,...
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Joe POV:

I walked out of my room. It was 5:30. I walked down stairs and plopped down on the 长椅, 沙发 下一个 to Nick.
"Why are 你 so dressed up?"
I had on a white button up T-shirt, a dark blue blazer, and some dark blue jeans.
"I have someone coming over!" He laughed. "What?"
"You 说 coming..." I laughed too.
"You pervert!" I hit him on the arm still laughing.
"Who is this 'person'?" I turned around and saw Aria coming...walking down the stairs. "Is this mystery person a girl?" I smiled.
"Joe who is it?" She asked sitting down on the chair across from me.
"Okay it's this girl I meet at the...
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Ally's P.O.V

their was something fishy going on he sounded just like him. but i shook it off i got up and went inside. i checked my Twitter and saw somebody followed me i check and see @Harry_Styles I smile and follow back. when somebody knocks on the door i check and see Harry "hey whats up" i say smiling. "nothing i just wondered if 你 wanted to take a walk?" i nod and head out. "so tell me about youreself" says Harry looking at me with those beaming green eyes. i told him every-thing he looked straight at my eyes when i was talking. i liked that cause i knew he was listening.

Harry's P.O.V

"so tell me about youreself" she says with that smile that i adored. i told her everything execpt that i was in One Direction. i sang her a few songs. so did she she had the most beutiful voice. i was already 9:30 at night we both head 首页 tonight was the best night.

authors note: sorry if it was boring