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~ Last 日 of school ~
Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    I just couldn’t wait for school to end . I could be with Niall all summer long . Just him and I . After this 钟, 贝尔 rings I will be free . The only sad thing about this was that 紫色, 紫罗兰色 will be leaving on August 31 . She will be back on 圣诞节 for about 2 weeks though . She is like my sister , that I 爱情 very much . Hopefully we can Skype , text , 或者 call each other once in a while . I hope that September , October , and November go 由 fast so I would get to see her .
    Finally the school 钟, 贝尔 rang . I ran out the front door and got into 紫色, 紫罗兰色 ‘ s car and we drove to One Direction ‘ s house . Niall 说 that me and 紫色, 紫罗兰色 could come over after school . About 25 分钟 later we arrived at their house . We rang the doorbell and knocked on the door . Louis opened the door gave us both hugs and let us in .
    As soon as Niall saw me he ran up to me and gave me a big hug , and gave 紫色, 紫罗兰色 a small one . Then Harry came and gave 紫色, 紫罗兰色 and 吻乐队(Kiss) on the cheek and gave me a hug . Then the rest of us 说 hi and gave hugs . I notice that Zayn was just looking at 紫色, 紫罗兰色 most of the time . He kept smiling at her , and she smiled back .
“ Come with me , I wanna 显示 你 something . “ Harry 说 to Violet
“ Okay . “ she 说 while he was pulling her arm
    I saw that Zayn sighed , it was a quiet one though . Maybe he liked 紫色, 紫罗兰色 或者 he was jealous of Harry having a girl .

Zayn ‘ s P . O . V
        Every 日 it would bother me 更多 . Seeing her and Harry just makes me upset . So I just went in my room to take a nap . As I was going to my room I past 由 Harry ‘ s room and saw them together . I saw that Harry had something behind his back . It was a silver 项链 . It was very lovely . He was going to give her the 项链 as a present . I just ignored it and went to my room .

~ Hopefully 你 enjoy it ... Part sixteen coming in two days ... Sorry for any mistakes ... ~
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I sat outside on a lawn chair. How could this be possible? How could this happen? How... that's what I want to know.

"You okay?" I heard someone say. I turned around and saw Tiffany. She sat 由 me in a dark brown wooden rocking chair. I swallowed hard, "Yeah..." I mumbled. 你 see I was pregnant but, come to find out, the baby died. I don't understand how she 或者 he could have died in such a young stage. I looked at the pinkish 橙子, 橙色 sky. It was almost dark out.
"Tell me if 你 need anything..." Tiffany sat on the chair for a few 更多 秒 then left.

Amie POV:

"Li, my friend is going to come...
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Saphire's P.O.V

I went in the 淋浴 and washed the whip-cream and chocalote off. when i was washing i heard the door open i checked nobody i continued.when the curtain's slowly open "HARRY GET OUT" I yell covering up with the curtain he just stands their laughing. "get out harry please" i say he nods and gets out i blush and continue. when i get done i see my clothes gone. "harry" i think in my head i 包, 换行 myself with the towel and run downstairs beet red. "HARRY GIVE THEM BACK" I yell at him i see him in the room laughing i snatch them and smile and change in my pj's.
~ First 吻乐队(Kiss) ~
Violet ‘ s P . O . V
    I was very excited that Harry was staying with me . I cant stand being alone , in a big house with nothing to do . I knew he cared about me a lot .He even told about how he cared about me . Then we were watching some tv . Then he told me something .
Convo ;
“ 紫色, 紫罗兰色 . ? “ he said
“ Yes Harry . “ I replied
“ I 爱情 你 . “
“ I 爱情 你 too . “
“ Promise me one thing . “
“ Anything . “
“ Promise me that 你 will never leave me , ever . No matter what . “
    It took me a while to answer because...
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Niall Horan just revealed that One Direction's 秒 album could be finished 由 August! Even though One Direction has been totally busy with their tour, the boys have been in the recording studio all summer! Niall Horan dished that they're going to spend July and August in the studio "getting the album done." He even gave deets on when their first single from the album would be coming out! Niall spilled, "Obviously we've got to make a decision for a single soon, 'cause we have to get a single out towards September, I suppose." OMG! I can't wait! Be sure to check back for deets on One Direction's upcoming album!
Chapter 2 part 1 Planning Ahead

OM1D! I've gotta get everything ready for the wedding! Its only like, five years away! Right now I'm write the thing 你 give to the people 你 want to go to the wedding, forgot what they're called, but anyways here's what they look like

Dear ________________________

You are invited to Jazmine and Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liams wedding! We hope 你 enjoy the wedding!

Date: 13th of Feb
Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
RSVP: 0402507328 或者 63852947

Hope 你 can make it!
Sincerely, Jazmine and the guys

Thats what our wedding invites are gonna look like! Cool huh? And this is...
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WARNING: This never happened but its supposed to be a story for us 粉丝 to enjoy! So... Enjoy!

It was a nice 日 to go for a walk, the breeze felt like a massage and the sun kept warm. It was like sitting in front of a heater while cold and 你 feel like your being massaged.

"I have an idea! It's incredible!" Harry 说 with an evil grin. "What is it? We've been waiting for hours!" 说 Liam.

"We make an album, called 吻乐队(Kiss) You. We make our 粉丝 go crazy to where they cant even pay attention in school, so when they get out of school they will 搜索 every website to try and download our songs,...
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Chap6 : wat u at my collage~~~~~~

Aaliya'sPOv: I got up woke everyone else and zee too . I got my pants and a blue one shoulder top. Zee wore his uniform . The rest took some time to got ready. Soon we left for our collage. First we dropped see and ten went to our collage. We all giggled about yesterday and went to the class. 
Erick: where the hell were u guys yesterday 
Shenali's stuck up some where 
Erick: so assignment done 
Aaliya: fuck I forgot it 
Erick: n I knew it 
He handed our assignments in our hand . We all made a face that 说 " that is so sweet" 
Erick: time to go. 
We still hugged...
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Liam POV:

I laid down on my 床, 床上 and closed my eyes. When I opened them I was in the middle of a rode. It looked like the place we where at when Amie died. I heard the song "Ain't No Other Man" I walked closer to the 音乐 and saw Amie and a guy. I looked closer, it was me. I tried to get pass the people but when I tried to touch them my hand went through them.
"Hello?" I 说 but nobody looked at me. I walked closer to Amie. She was wearing a black 鸡尾酒 dress and her black high heels. Her hair was flowing perfectly down her back. She looked beautiful, and happy. I remembered the night,

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The 日 my life was changed forever started out normal. I was sitting on my couch, eating kettle corn, watching TV, 首页 alone. I was just about to grab another handful of kettle 玉米 when the phone rang. I quickly jumped off of the 长椅, 沙发 and picked it up.

"Yellow?" I 说 carelessly. "Hello, is this Lilah Nilmot?" a fancy-sounding voice asked. "Yes..." I said, wondering why this fancy person knows my name. "You 发布 a video of 你 and your 老友记 唱歌 a song on YouTube, right?" the person asked. "Um, yeah, I did." I said, probably sounding surprised. "Well, I work for the band known...
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picked me up and took me to the hospota he was so strong the band came as well we went to see a doctor he said" 你 have to make sure she drinks this every day! does she have a boyfriend that would be easy" "ye.." niall 说 " does she?" "yes" harry 说 " call him then!" "but...." niall 说 "go on call him!" RING RING "hello?" niall 说 " this is zayn he 说 we had to call you" " so hes her boyfriend! why didnt 你 tell me! doc 说 "I DID!" niall 说 we left before my bro 说 " niall 你 need to go to the police and tell them what happend. we caught the bus there was no 粉丝 we went...
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