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We’re a 粉丝 of statistics here at OneDirection.net, so we’ve compiled a 列表 of how many Twitter followers each member has, along with the number of people that they follow, the number of Tweets sent, and finally how many lists each member is in.

Ok, let’s start with the follower stats:

Harry Styles: 1,703,682
Zayn Malik: 1,292,938
Louis Tomlinson: 1,279,326
Liam Payne: 1,268,763
Niall Horan: 1,206,440

Well, there’s quite a clear leader here. Our Hazza is way out in front with 1.7 million followers. Wowzers! The rest are fairly equal behind from 2nd to 5th, but currently Niall is propping...
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posted by randomgirl3000
“Mommy do I really have to go? Can’t I just stay 首页 with you” Liam pouted as his mother straightened out the 领, 衣领 of his 衬衫 and smoother his hair.

“Yes sweetie, I’ll be back before 你 know it to pick 你 up” she soothed before handing him is toy story back pack. Liam started to whine, tears brimming in his eyes. “Come on Lili don’t cry, you’re gonna make lots of new 老友记 and have fun, I promise!”

“What if the other kids are mean” he whispered nibbling on his thumb like he always did when he was nervous 或者 scared.

“They won’t be, they’ll be excited that...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Ambers POV:
"Will 你 marry me?"he asked.
My eyes widen,my mouth dropped and I froze.I 迷失 all of my thoughts,my mind was blank.
Suddenly,"K,buddy times up!"David barged in my room.
Louie quickly stuck the ring in his pocket before David could see it.Why did he have to come in here now?
"David,not now."I told him instinctively.
"Go."I told him then pointing him out the room.
He walked out and shut the door.
Louie pulled out the ring and looked at me with 小狗 dog eyes.
"What is wrong with you?I'm 17!"I yelled.
Suddenly he burst into laughter,he had been joking but he still scared me.
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So this is my first bromance story Hope 你 like it :) I wrote this on Wattpad but I thought 嘿 why not share it here? Haha if 由 any chance 你 have a wattpad mind giving a follow? Im @MikaelaCox99

~Mikaela Xx


"Liam!" My mum yelled from downstairs.

I groaned "Im coming!" I yelled back and blinked away what little sleep that was left in my eyes. Today was another first 日 of school. Why did it have to be today? We just moved to Bradford and school had started two weeks ago. So it was only my first day.

I rolled out of 床, 床上 and yawned. "Ugh" I huffed and walked...
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posted by LexisFaith

Tonight we were all going out. There was a party one of the other football players, Josh, was throwing and he had invited all of the Senior class. After we had all woken up at Andi’s and eaten our three boxes for cereal, we all went 首页 to get ready. Harry and Andi were going shopping before because Andi wanted a new dress. Sometimes he doesn’t realize how lucky he is. I run the towel through my buzzed head twice then 包, 换行 it around my waist. This was one of the perks to being a guy. It only takes us 15 分钟 to get ready. 20 on a slow day. Except for Zayn. He takes forever.
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posted by Eviem99
Eleanor's suitcase lay on the 床, 床上 neatly packed beside her.
In just over an 小时 she'd be back on a plane to Manchester while Louis would be on a plane too, but his destination would be America.
The two sat beside each other clasping their hands tightly together.
" Cheer up 爱情 你 won't miss little old me" Louis joked standing up, Eleanor followed suit.
" Probably not. Besides there's LOADS of hot guys in Manchester" She 说 lightly, though the crack in her voice was noticeable.
He laughed, and then Eleanor laughed until they were both in hysterics soon forgetting the reason they were laughing....
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posted by 1dfan28716
ok so im trying 粉丝 fic agien

alerm clook gos off

cassey: i dont what to get up

mom: cassey get down here now

cassey: *mumbles* 你 just dont get it do you

mom: cassey now 或者 eles

joe: yah cassey nooowwwww

cassey: *mumbles agine* i hate my brother

cassey gos down stairs
mom: your gonna get it

cassey: how * in a reley scard way *

mom: well 你 will see

dad: take it easy on her

cassey: bye

cassey walks out door

amanda: 嘿 its looser ha ha ha

cassey: well at leat i dont wher so much make up i look like a clown

amanda: well at lest i dont need make up like 你 do

Buse pulls up

at scool

cassey: 嘿 thay look like one direction
 My Harry Styles♥
My Harry Styles♥
Hanna's P.O.V
"Hanna,you okay?"
"No" I pouted,running my hand through his beautiful curls
Harry sighed,"If 你 want.."
"What?" I asked
He wrapped his arms around me tightly,"You can come on tour with us..and be our makeup artist,babe"
I cupped Harry's face in my hands,"Yes. But what about..Edward and Darcy??"
"Cher can come and take care of them for us. 你 two can also be the opening act. I'm sure if I talked to management,they'll agree" Harry kissed my forehead lightly,"I just can't leave 你 behind anymore"
I shuttered at the touch of him,"Harry,but Darcy and Edward will be exposed to the papparazzi...
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posted by harry_ginny33
Lucy went upstairs with a smile that she hasn't had in days. It felt good to feel happy again. For once in her life, she felt good about things going in an unexpected way. She grabbed her 文章 papers from her backpack and placed them on her bed. Then turned on her laptop to check twitter and all the news. The same old boring number of followers and not much news, she retweeted a few things from her favourite followers but then logged out. She didn't tweet much and that's why she didn't have followers. She logged into tumblr and reblogged some pics then logged into 脸谱 to see notifications...
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posted by LexisFaith
"Thank 你 all so much for being so supportive through this tour!" Harry yells out into the screaming crowd for girls.

"You all are amazing!" Nialll laughs.

"See 你 all 下一个 year!" I yell, waving widely, following my mates backstage where our own clothes are waiting.

"I can't believe it's over." Niall shakes his head.

"It's not all over, Lad." Louis laughs.

"No, I meant the tour." He rolls his eyes and pulls a granola bar out of his back pocket. That will hold him over until we get back to our dressing rooms where he will eat a bag of crisps. And then that will hold him over until we ca stop for...
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posted by fiestagirl12345
Isabells P.O.V

i woke uo the 下一个 日 early. ugh how i hated school. i got up and got in my outfit link the only thing i enjoyed was choir. and drama . in choir i get ot sing and have fun. in drama i get to be who i want to be. today i was excited i was going to do my first model shoot for photograpy here it islink . i smiled and showed it to alex.

Alex's P.O.V

i was getting my things out my locker. when i heard a happy shriek. i knew it was only from Isabell. i smile and turn. :LOOK LOOOK"says isabelle jumping and smiling. "Wow..its beutiful very professinal if 你 ask me" isay we kept talking...
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posted by ShesNotAfraid1D
你 had just broken up with your boyfriend because 你 were moving to Ireland and 你 didn’t want a long relationship because 你 knew he would do something. He was so hot like a sunrise ;).

“Do 你 have to leave?” Riley asked. “Yes, and this is for the best.” I 说 burring my face into the crock of his neck as he hugged me. I looked up at him and our lips intertwined. “Jump” he said. I jumped and he caught me. I backed away braking the kiss.

“(Y/N) we have to go” mum says.

“Coming, I will come back” I say pecking Riley on the check. I walk away as I nearly get to the...
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posted by aanikamerchant
Chap7 the school explore~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Louis'sPOV: I stood 下一个 to some girl. Her name was Ashlie. She ws cute Bt not my type. I looked around and saw a girl vth black ponytail red streks sitting beside me. 
Louis: hie I m Louis 
Xxx: I m Tess 
Louis: so would 你 like to 显示 me around 
Tess: well Ashlie is there 
Louis: babe Bt I want 你 to 显示 me around 
Tess: I m not your babe 
Louis: well ur cute so I can call u that 
Tess: no u can't call me that 
Louis: so baby 
Tess: no 
The 钟, 贝尔 rang and Ashlie pulled my hand and took me around the school. 
And here I was dying . 

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I hopped out of the 座位 on the airplane as soon as they 说 we could get out of this damn plane.

"Bye,Hanna!!" Ashley,Jessie,and this other girl named Ali cried out

I glanced back,"Bye. Jess,watch your language,please. Ashley,take care of her language as well as yourself. Ali,just make sure not to let it get to you. Kay,loves. Bye!" I giggled as I started running towards Gilbert and Brenda

"Oi!" I hugged Gilbert tightly

"You are such a slut! 你 didn't hug me!" Brenda chuckled,bringing me into a tight squeeze

I smiled,pulling away,"Yeah. So how are 你 doing?"

"Yo,you're in the US. 你 sound all...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Hi my name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jessie. I am 19 about to turn twenty this weekend. My best friend is Amanda but I call her Amie. We have been best 老友记 since the first 日 of my first grade year. Amanda ia 20 and has 海滩 blonde hair with Golden brown eyes. My dad passed away a 年 以前 so it is only me and my mom. Amie is the oldest out of five kids!

"Ready?" Amie 说 as I was getting into her car.
"Duh.....first 日 of school!" I had a huge smile on my face. She turned on the car and Up All Night 由 1D was playing on the radio.
"So are 你 happy to...." I covered her mouth...
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posted by superman_saveme
    "Well, I guess I'm just going to go to 床, 床上 now." I sighed, tired.
    "Before 你 go, what do 你 think of going mini golfing tomorrow night? Me, 你 and Lou?" Harry asked after Louis gave him a nudge.
    "Sure. I suck at it though." I smiled.
    "Okay, great." Harry smiled. I smiled back.
    "Woo." Louis laughed.
    "Okay, well goodnight guys." I smiled and headed off to my room. 由 the time I'd gotten dressed I was ready for bed. It wasn't long until I was completely...
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posted by makaylamalik
Now 2 big starts right now is JB and 1D. Now I'm a 粉丝 of both but I 爱情 1D!! Zayn and Harry are amazing! But I 爱情 the others also! (: (: I got tickets to their 音乐会 and I'm excited! I 爱情 1D! Niall he is al adorable and I 爱情 his imperfect teeth! (: It's just so cool that met eachother and also they all joined the x factor. My faviorte song from them is I want and Up all night! I 爱情 listening to the songs all the time! Now Justin bieber I 爱情 his new song Boyfriend! And Justin bieber is super cute! So who do 你 prefer? JB OR. 1D?? For some people its a very hard decision for others they know who they will pick. I think I would pick 1D! Now don't get me wrong I also like JB but 1D is amazing! 1D is 5 cute guys who likes spo ons/cats/food/mirrors Lol!!!
posted by NiallersShorty
It all started when my mum and dad 说 that it was ok for me to go and live with my favourite cousin ever Carly. She lives in England and near a preforming arts school. We asked our parents and they all 说 yes. I waited a few weeks until all of my exams were finished and when they had i moved to England.

My parents dropped me off at the airport and once i checked in i sat and waited for my plane to start boarding. i had already called Carly and told her that i would call her again when i had landed. it was half an 小时 later when it 说 that my plane was boarding. I boarded the plane and...
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Hey girl, I'm waitin' on ya, I'm waitin' on ya
Come on and let me sneak 你 out
And have a celebration, a celebration
The 音乐 up, the window's down
Yeah, we'll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool
And we know it too
Yeah, we'll keep doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool
So tonight
Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun
I know we only met but let's pretend it's 爱情
And never, never, never stop for anyone
Tonight let's get some
And live while we're young
Woahhh oh oh oh
Woahhhh oh oh oh
And live while we're young
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posted by Alaa1999
I just gathered some facts from what i know and from youtobe and stuff , so if there is any mistakes please tell me :)

I hope this helps 你 to get to know the Lads better :) , that's if u don't already know all these stuff =D

Below are the rest of the members Facts ^_^


1. His full name is Harry Edward Styles.

2.He was born on 1st February 1994.

3. His 星, 星级 sign is Aquarius.

4. His official twitter 用户名 is @Harry_Styles.

5. Harry came up with the name 'One Direction'.

6. He is the youngest member of One Direction....
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