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posted by Zelink4ever
Author's Note: Sorry for the late release, was having problem in here!

Dhaka: Bangladesh


Jade: Yes, we are Little Mix...
Teresa: Incoming!

Three boys enter the house!

Toren: I am back! Polish my shoes Mari!
Marilda: Like I am ever gonna!
Teresa: Aden! Aaren! Toren!
Aden: 嘿 ladies...vas appenin'
Perrie: Oh my gosh, Zayn...
Jesy: Perrie, are 你 okay?
Perrie: Yes, I am.. it's just Zayn..WAAH!
Jade: Sorry, Perrie just gets emotional remembering Zayn.
Crystal: It's okay.
Aaren: Cry babies!
Teresa: Shut up!
Leigh-Anne: Wow...nice manners your brothers have...
Aden: Thanks! We are really manly!
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posted by Zelink4ever
Little Mix

Jade Thirlwall
1. Jade's 最喜爱的 member of One Direction is Liam.
2. Jade's nickname is Edna.
3. Jade is known for wearing bow ties.
4. Jade has a soft spot for 迪士尼 Films.
5. Jade recently 说 she wanted a figure like Jesy.
6. Jade wasn't cool till people heard her singing.
7. Jade's known as Cute as a button member of Little Mix.
8. Sam Craske from Diversity is her boyfriend.
9. Jade had a pet beetle named Berry.
10. Joe McElderry is one of her best friend.

 Jade Thirlwall
Jade Thirlwall

Jesy Nelson
1. Jesy broke her arm 3 times.
2. Jesy is considered as the Lovely Little Mix Lady.
3. Jesy sang the song...
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They'd spent a wild evening out on the town in the capital on Wednesday night. And it would appear Niall Horan and Laura Whitmore also enjoyed a grown-up sleepover after the One Direction heartthrob was spotted leaving the North 伦敦 首页 of the Irish 电视 presenter on Thursday morning. Wearing exactly the same clothes as the night before, the 19-year-old singer looked a little sheepish as he emerged from the property and hot-footed it straight into his black Range Rover as he headed home.
posted by Zelink4ever
Dhaka: Bangladesh


Leigh-Anne: We are going to Bogura?
Teresa: Yep.
Jade: Why that place?
Teresa: Ask Aaren, Aden and Toren.
Aaren: It was my idea.
Aden: Was my idea! Not yours!
Toren: No! It was mine!
Jesy: Guys! Stop fighting!
Crystal: Those monkeys will never stop.
Perrie: When are we leaving?

Marilda comes suddenly from her mothers room

Marilda: Mom says we leave tomorrow at 6am.
Zayn: So early! Why not 12pm?
Marilda: Zayn, that's so late!
Zayn: Aww man!
Perrie: Zayn, I'll wake 你 early.
Zayn: I just 爱情 you.
Leigh-Anne: Guys, can I go out? In the hotel garden?
Jadzia: If 你 are going, I am...
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posted by Jessthefangirl
i like both little mix and 1D because there r both amazing groups and there 音乐 is just amazingly cool there 音乐 视频 are really amazing were they dance and sin at the same time so here is a 列表 of songs that i like.

little mix
3.change your life
4. how ya coin
5.we are who we are
6.going nowhere
7.madhouse drunk plant
10.DNA closed
12.always be together
13.stereo soldier
14.make 你 believe
15.turn your face
16.pretend its ok

1D songs
1.what makes 你 beautiful
2.gotta be you song ever
4.kiss you thing while were young
8.little things
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Girl group will unleash new 音乐 before touring with Demi Lovato 下一个 year

Little Mix is returning with its 秒 album less than a 年 after releasing its debut LP, "DNA," in the U.K. last November. "Salute" will be released overseas on Nov. 11, following the Nov. 3 digital release of lead single "Move."

The audio for "Move" was released online in Sept. 30, and if this ambitiously rhythmic bite of breathy flirtation is an indication of the U.K. girl group's sonic evolution, consider us highly intrigued. Listen here:


The U.K. "X Factor" winners have not set a U.S. release 日期 for their...
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posted by Yuzuri
Little Mix

Name: Little Mix
DOB: August 2011
Birth Place: United Kingdom
Claim to fame: X Factor 2011 Winners
Star Facts:

• First girl band to win the X Factor!
• Had to change their name from ‘Rhythmix’ to ‘Little Mix’
• One Direction are backing the girls to win!
• They all auditioned as solo artists and got made into a group


These four small girls with BIG voices are storming their way through this year’s X Factor.

Breaking the ‘girl band curse’ 由 making it into the final five, ‘Little Mix’ look set to have a bright future, with a massive 粉丝 base already in tow. The...
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posted by Zelink4ever
Dhaka: Bangladesh


Teresa: So 你 are saying 你 are Zayn Malik...
Zayn: Yes, my Perrie, 你 are still beautiful than ever.
Perrie: Aww, how much I 爱情 you...
Aden: are "Vas Appenin'"...
Perrie: Zayn...
Jadzia: Our brothers are so annoying...
Toren: Vas appenin', vas appenin', vas appenin'!
Jesy: Now I understood why 你 call your brother annoying...
Toren: Mari, I have a gift for you, its special.
Marilda: Really!? I 爱情 你 bro...

Marilda open the box Toren gave her and finds a shoe polisher

Marilda: A shoe polisher...?
Toren: Uhu, now polish my shoes.
Marilda: I hate you.
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posted by Zelda20129
One Direction are an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. They signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records after being formed and finishing third in the seventh series of British 电视 唱歌 competition The X Factor in 2010. Propelled to international success 由 the power of social media, their two albums Up All Night and Take Me Home, released in 2011 and 2012 respectively, broke several records, topped the charts of most major markets, and generated hit singles, including "What Makes 你 Beautiful" and "Live While We're Young".
posted by Zelda20129
Little Mix are a British four-piece girl group formed in 2011, consisting of members Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall.They were formed exclusively for the eighth series of The X Factor, where they became the first group entry to win in the programme's eight-year history. Following their victory, they signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records. The group subsequently signed in the United States with Columbia Records. Little Mix have been branded the next Spice Girls as well as the UK's 下一个 biggest girl group capable of international success.After winning they released their first single, a version of Damien Rice's "Cannonball". They released their debut album, DNA, on 19 November 2012.
posted by Jessthefangirl

This is my auto biography on the 1D boys
By Jessica Wilson

The 1D boys started out as normal boys on the x factor UK in 2010 they performed single additions 由 the time they got to boot camp on the x factor they were gutted they did not get picked to go though.

But then a switch flicked Simon Cowell thought the boys were really good singers and thought why don’t we put these boys together and make them a band. So after boot camp the boys got together.

After the 显示 the boys went back to Harry’s house and were talking and just laugh really and they were thinking about what there group should...
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posted by Zelink4ever
New Characters:

Merinu: The maid of Marildas house
Toruni: The other maid of Marildas house
Almiya: The aunt of the little girls

Dhaka: Bangladesh

The sleepover had started in Marildas house and all the little girls were there. Jesy was the only teacher that arrived now. It was 5:32

Jesy: 嘿 guys! Did I arrive too early?
Marilda: 你 came at the perfect time!
Teresa: Edna! I bet it's the Minnie Mouse!
Jesy: Edna!? Who the hell?
Jadzia: Wow...everybody is so weird like they know each other...
Marilda: Jesy, we trust each other, please tell me.
Jesy: It's nothing...
Crystal: My trusting sense lowered to...
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posted by Zelink4ever
Dhaka: Bangladesh

The girls were inside Crystal's house and they removed their spy clothes and they were in their normal clothes once again

Crystal's Mom: Please relax girls, in this 日 of scorching heat, why did 你 wear such clothes?
Jadzia: Summer fashion!
Everyone: *Laugh*
Crystal: Bam-Bam, these are my cousins, Teresa, Marilda and Jadzia.
Perrie: Hi!
Jadzia: I 爱情 your hair.
Everyone: *Laugh*
Crystal's Mom: Do 你 wanna do maths, girls?
Marilda: Sure!
Teresa: Maths! Why don't we swim in the pool instead?
Perrie: Teresa, your tab is ringing.
Teresa: Oh yeah, excuse me girls.

Teresa walks into the balcony...
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posted by Zelink4ever
Author's Note: Thank 你 all the user's for liking our fan-fiction. Those who are 阅读 this and did not read the first chapter, please go link to make sure of the characters.

New Character

Aurora Celeste: The baby sister of Toren, Marilda & Jadzia.

Dhaka: Bangladesh

The four girls were practicing the dance steps

Marilda's Mom: Mari! Terry! Come over here and take care of Aurora while me and Mari's dad eat and Mari, don't take Aurora in your arms, just make her sit!
Marilda & Teresa: OKAY! Stay here girls! Practice your moves and Crysty, help Jadz on her part.
Crystal: Sure thing!

In Marildas...
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posted by Zelink4ever
Author's Note: This is a 粉丝 fiction which me and Zelda20129 made so half of the credit goes to her and please don't hate this article. This 文章 is happening on 孟加拉共和国 where we are on our summer vacation.

Character Intro:
Aaren Celeste: link
Aden Celeste: link
Crystal Celeste: link
Harry Styles: 1D Member, learn about him in this club 或者 his own club.
Jade Thirlwall: LM Member, learn about her in this club 或者 her own club
Jadzia Celeste: link
Jesy Nelson: LM Member, learn about her in this club 或者 her own club
Leigh-Anne: LM Member, learn about her in this club 或者 her own club
Liam Payne: 1D...
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posted by Zelink4ever
Ten reasons I ship Nade (or Jiall)


1. They look cute together
2. They are meant for each other
3. They are really close
4. I dislike 果酱 (Jade and Sam)
5. I want Niall to be with one of the LM girls
6. I don't like LM girls dating Diversity boys. Perrie is the only one I do not have problem with! (I ship Zerrie!)
7. Niall's only perfect for Jade, others does not (For some reason!)
8. Everyone of my 老友记 ship Jiall 或者 Nade
9. If Perrie can 日期 Zayn, then Jade has to 日期 Niall!
10. NIALL AND JADE FOREVER! (Couldn't find anymore reasons!)

Happy? If 你 ship Jade and Niall, like this (PLEASE!)
嘿 guys!!just a small recap n review on 1D!!
So let's start!
First of all, how they started!
So, 1D:one direction, one of the most 流行的 bands , and to how far i know no.1 in the UK.
The band consists of members, Niall James Horan,Liam James Payne,Louis William Tomlinson,Harry Edward Styles and Zayn Javvad Malik,
The boys auditioned in the seventh series of X-Factor UK, but failed to go through bootcamp, but Simon Cowell though they were good qualoty to let go of and made them a band and qualified them in the group categorie, Harry came up with the name ''ONE DIRECTION" , at the judges house...
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