So I wanted to share with 你 my point of view about the way Olivia's career is going.
So, it obvious, that Olivia really started from House.
It's not like she didn’t have the other roles before, of course! But the only one she was known before House was Alex Kelly in The OC, and it's hard to say that teenage drama is the highest rank possible.
House put her into the flashlight, and that how she got the 标题 of famous Maxim's Hot number one. First of all, she’s hot herself, 秒 of all, her role as 13 is considered hot, because of character’s way of 表演 and the fact she’s bisexual.

Olivia's main three TV roles

And I believe that the story really starts from here - because in out world it sadly matters less, if you're talented, than, if you're hot. Olivia was able to stay on the 最佳, 返回页首 because of really hot 照片 shoots she had and the fact that she is a really smart girl, who also takes huge part in charity actions and politics stuff. Her intelligence makes her almost impossible to dislike – even, if 你 don’t like her thin figure of her way of acting, when she starts to talk, 你 usually get her.

Left: pre-Maxim photoshoots, interesing way of 展示 untypical Olivia beauty, sometimes in sexy way. Right: post-Maxim photoshoots, sex, sex, and wait... Oh, sex again

Olivia is the same type of girl as Megan 狐狸 and Angelina Jolie – since she’s 更多 popular, she doesn’t get any natural, sweet 照片 shoots, like in the past - almost all of them are sexy and there is some I find disgraceful, like the last one:

Flaunt Magazine

Olivia is lately getting 更多 and 更多 film roles, and, that’s important, in huge films. Tron Legacy is a really loud production, the same goes with upcoming Cowboys & Aliens, 牛油, 黄油 and I’m.mortal/Now - even person who isn’t really interested in cinema, as I am, knows a lot about these projects, even if they are already in production, that are going to be huge.

Lately there was this article, and, even if it was kinda cute, I found it disturbing:

Twitter War

Olivia is having great time shooting her films and I don’t get why House staff wants her so bad to remember where she “belongs”. I guess they are worried that she will drop the project (House) and I have to tell you… I hope she will. It seems obvious to me that she wants to 移动 into the 电影院 for full-time and Hollywood style is doing good for her. She could be there even better than @ TV – for me there are TV actors, movie actors and theatre actors and it’s unusual then someone is good at every of these domains (ex. Hugh doesn’t feel well at theatre, one actress from my city is horrible at TV and really amazing on stage…) I’m not even really missing 13, never really liked that character, since season 4, even if Olivia is a nice one to look at, I feel that Amber Tamblyn’s character gives 显示 much more.
So I hope that Olivia will do just great with her upcoming roles in
Cowboys & Aliens
The Change Up
On the Inside
The 下一个 Three Days