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This Ni-Hao, Kai-Lan 粉丝艺术 might contain 动漫, 漫画书, 漫画, 卡通, and 漫画卡通.

[phone rings]
Rintoo: Hello.
Munchy: Rintoo, it's me, Munchy. Listen, I was kinda hoping that we could have a play date, maybe we can meet at the park.
Rintoo: Sure, that would be an awesome idea. What time?
Munchy: How about 1:00?
Rintoo: Sounds good, see 你 then.
[Rintoo starts grabbing some stuff to bring to the park, such as his toy truck, pail and shovel and plane]
Tolee: What's going on?
Rintoo: Getting ready for a play 日期 with Munchy?
Tolee: Wow, that sounds like fun. Well, have a good time.
[Rintoo arrives at the park and sees Munchy]
Munchy: Rintoo, Im'm so glad 你 can make it. Are 你 ready...
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 5
"Rintoo's Finest"

[The episode begins in Tolee's castle. Him and Lulu are in their playroom, ribbon dancing.]

Lulu: Okay Tolee, do 你 think 你 can do a mega twirl?
Tolee: I don't know. How do 你 do a mega twirl?
Lulu: Check it out: 你 get in a good position, and 你 gotta get in the mood. Everything that surrounds 你 must be in pretty goood range. And...proceed with the mega twirl.

[Lulu begins the mega twirl. The mega twirl starts with a big leap in the air, followed 由 a double spin, and it finishes off with big ribbon twirl.]

Lulu: See. It's not...
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posted by pbj2309

(Hey, bro & b !)
When 你 need a giggle
Give a little wiggle
How 你 gonna pout, waddlin' about?


Try a little wobble
Shakin' like a blobble
Take the way you're feelin' and laugh it out

[Peanut, Jelly, Kai-lan Spyler Milli Olivia Plex Muno Foofa & Toodee]

Go to where the giggles grow, deep down inside
Never knew a hee-hee-ho-ho-ho
Ya' had to hide


Flappin' like a duck-o
Make 你 wanna chuckle
What's a 日 without flippin' like a trout?

[Peanut, Jelly, Kai-lan Milli Plex Muno Olivia Foofa & Toodee]

Feelin' really doofy, get a little goofy
Take the way you're feelin' and laugh it out
Waddle wobble, waddle wiggle
Twirlin' like a whirly-giggle
Take the way you're feeling and laugh it out


(me and 牛油, 黄油 used to sing songs to Kally
posted by caesar213
[[One day, Kai-Lan and her 老友记 were outside playing their 最喜爱的 game, Twirly Whirly Flyers.]]

Kai-Lan: Okay guys, let's play. First, touch your nose.

[[Everyone touches their nose.]]

Kai-Lan: Then your toes.

[[Everyone touches their toes.]]

Kai-Lan: Now touch your head.

[[Everyone touches their head. Rintoo then scratches it.]]

Kai-Lan: Now rub your hands together to spin your twirly whirly up in the air. Come on, faster, faster, now let go.

[[The gang lets go of their twirly whirly 花 and watches them fly up in the air.]]

Hoho: Wow, look at our twirly whirly flyers spin up in the air.
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added by caesar213
added by caesar213
posted by pbj2309

Look at the clouds
What do 你 see?


I see an elephant
High in a tree

Looking around
What could it be?


Maybe a goat
On a 船, 小船 sippin' tea


Look at the clouds
Whaddya know?
A giant on stilts
And a blue buffalo


Lookin' about
Wow what I see
So many wonders
It's hard to believe

[Spyler cinnamon & mouse]

If 你 open up your eyes
Looking high into the skies
Wondrous things, imaginings
Come soaring 由 and by


Turning around
Look what I found
A moose and a goose
Playin' cards with a clown


And over there
High in the air
A flying baboon
No! A 熊 in a chair!

[all 3]

If 你 open up your eyes
Looking high into the skies
Wondrous things, imaginings
Come soaring 由 and by.
Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 3
"The Noble King"

[[The episode begins with Kai-Lan and Hoho willingly looking at a 照片 of the Monkey King saving a cat from a tree.]]

Kai-Lan: Check out this deadline, "The Monkey King willingly rescues cat from a falling branch."
Hoho: That is the most awesome thing he has ever done. It's like he came out of nowhere.
Kai-Lan: Only he's not a stranger, he's...
Kai-Lan and Hoho: The Monkey King!
Hoho: The Monkey King can do all sorts of things.
Kai-Lan: Yeah, like fly, do silly things and jumping really high.
Hoho: The Monkey King can save anybody.

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And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Edvine: OK, guys, we're here.
Tolee and Hoho, in unison: 你 guys go on ahead. We need to get our sense of direction back.
Rintoo: Wow. I can handle going 205MPH in your car, but 90MPH on a normal highway for those two? Forget about it.
Kai-Lan: Excuse me for a moment... *quickly finds a trash can and pukes in it*
Rintoo: Holy shit. Make that just us two.
Edvine: And when all of 你 were at that carnival, 你 guys went on that rollercoaster ride?
Rintoo: That didn't even go 50MPH. 40, tops.
Edvine: I've been on ones that go, like, 80MPH at times....
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果冻 Spyler Spyler Spyler Spyler gasps have 你 seen spyler? oh well I gust sing to my self
果冻 singing
If your dreams seem oh so far
Just remember who 你 are
Everything may come to you
But to yourself 你 gotta be true
From the start
We take what we've been given
From our 心
Everything that we do
Never part From the 爱情 that we're livin'
And to our 老友记 we gotta be true
Sometimes things can go so wrong
But I know I'm not alone
老友记 and family keep me strong
Deep down, I know that I belong
In a mirror, 你 can see
Anything 你 wanna be
Everything may come to you
But above it all 你 gotta be true
From the start
We take what we've been given
From our heart, everything that we do
Never part, from the 爱情 that we're livin'
And to our friends, we've gotta be true!
Everything may come to you
But above it all, 你 gotta be true.
posted by pbj2309

Why am I always at the bottom?
A-and why is everything so high?
Why must be there be so little me and so much sky?

Why do I even bother wondering?
So farilets happen to be small
Somehow it seems that despite my big dreams
I am the tiniest farilet of them all

But if I could be big, I would
The biggest one in the neighborhood
And the whole world would see
They'd look up to me
I-if I could be big

I would stand tall and proud
My head would reach over any crowd
Smiling so big and wide
Big as I feel inside
If I could be big
If I could be big!

oh hi We've gotta get ready


A little to the left!


Steady, steady!


There's presents to be wrapped


And games to play


Oh, we are having
Spyler kai-lan & 老友记 Christmas
And it's everybody's holiday

[Mr. mouse]

(Look out! Excuse me! Holiday cheese coming through! Here we go! Watch out!)

[Massimo cinnamon & axl]

Oh, we've got to get ready


(Oh no, my name's not Freddy.)

[Mr. Mouse, [Massimo cinnamon & Axl]

(We gotta get ready!)

[mr mouse]

(Ahem! Would anyone like some Brie?)

Dj lance]

You know a good, old fashioned
Spyler Kai-lan & 老友记 Christmas

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Hello everyone. Today is a very special day.

Why, because it marks five years since I debuted Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures. In case 你 forgot, I premiered the series with two episodes, and have been going on ever since.

I just wanna say that it's been such an honor to have continued the adventures one of my many childhood shows, and it's been an honor having each and every last one of 你 read and like each one. I would like to thank 你 all so much.

Now, regarding the continuation of the series. I am planning on continuing it this year. I know it's been over a year, but I've been so busy with...
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 9
"Once Upon a Rintoo"

[The episode begins where the last episode left off at: Hoholand. Everyone is finished cleaning up the debris and is having fun on each of the rides.]

Rintoo: I can't believe we did it. It took us a long time, but we finally managed to get Hoholand back in operation.
Hoho: 你 说 it. And after all of that cleaning and repairing, we deserved a little down time. So what do 你 say: up for a ride on the roller coaster?
Rintoo: Oh, 你 better believe it.

[Rintoo and Hoho run over to the roller coaster. The roller coaster is a 6 ft....
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As 你 know, season 2 of Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures will be what 粉丝 of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan will be talking about for days. Recently, I announced that the season will premiere in April. In addition to that, there will be lots of magic and hilarious elements between the characters. Plus, there will be a surprise visit from a very special someone.

Also this season, there will be lots of 音乐 featured from hot artists such as:

Kendrick Lamar
Mike Will Made It
Lil Wayne

and lots more.

The first episode of the season, titled "The Royal Pain" will be a biggie. Not only will it be a game-changer, but it will also have a surprise in store for Kai-Lan and the gang. There will be a surprise in store for each of the characters.

But in order to find out what will happen this season, you'll have to tune it and find out.
Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 10
"The Great White Trophy"

[[The episode begins with Rintoo and Lulu in the living room.]]

Rintoo: 嘿 guys, I have an announcement to make.
Hoho: What is it?
Rintoo: Well, as 你 know, there's this competition to see who can make the best invention in China. First place gets this big trophy with a white crown on it. I'm telling you, this is gonna be an awesome contest.
Kai-Lan: Well, that's really good. What do 你 think you're gonna invent?
Rintoo: Well, I haven't thought about it yet. But when it comes to me, it'll be the scoop of the century.
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Rintoo bought this sweet now skateboard from the sports 商店 yesterday and couldn't wait to try it out. Unfortunately, he also wanted to 显示 his skills off to his friends. Why is this unfortunate? Read on.

Rintoo: Hey, guys, check out this sweet now skateboard I just got at the sports 商店 downtown.
Tolee: Holy... flaming... breasts. How much did that son of a 婊子, 子 cost?
Rintoo: Around $400, but it's worth it.
Kai-Lan: Do 你 know any skateboard tricks?
Rintoo: I watch the X Games every year; 你 pick up some tricks of the trade watching that stuff.
Tolee: I think she meant if 你 had any tricks...
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The Ni Hao, Kai-Lan fan-made spin-off "Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures" has recently been renewed for a 秒 season, which will include 22 episodes. The season will premiere in the fall of 2012, during season premiere week. This season, compared to the first season, will include some new features, like a new room in the palace, a better setting, and new characters. Other events that will happen 下一个 season is Xin Xin and Tain Tain, the 狐狸 and 熊 that met in the "Princess Kai-Lan" special, will be taking a bogus and exciting adventure together, Kai-Lan and Rintoo have to deal with a very rude royal advisor, and Hoho decides to form a detective agency. New characters that will be in the 显示 are the Chinese acrobats from the episode "Rintoo's Big Flip", the Peeking Mice, some of the characters from several video games, and more.

This season will include that and more, so check it out this fall.
added by caesar213
Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures is a 粉丝 made spin-off of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. The series will center around Kai-Lan Chow as the empress of China, with Rintoo as the emperor. Along with them is Hoho as the prince, plus Tolee and Lulu as the king and 皇后乐队 and many more. The 显示 will also include new characters. It will be produced 由 HarringToons Productions and Beacon Pictures in association with 20th Century 狐狸 电视 and Sony Pictures Television. The 显示 will premiere sometime in fall 2011 或者 spring 2012.