Have 你 ever wondered what was Edward's POV of New Moon?I thought I would try to do what Stephenie did 由 写作 Edward's POV for Twilight with Midnight Sun and write his POV of New Moon.

This is my first ever attempt at 写作 fanfiction,so please be kind.I hope 你 enjoy it.

Chapter 1: My Beautiful Bella

After coming 首页 from my hunting trip,I went to my room to get ready to go to school.As I was getting ready,my eyes drifted to the picture on my dresser and I smiled looking at it.The picture was of my angel,my reason for existing,my beautiful Bella.It was a picture of the two of us at prom.It had been taken 由 my sister,Alice.Speaking of Alice,I could hear her thoughts as she was in her room,getting ready for school and groaned."Alice," I warned her."You know Bella doesn't want a party,"I spoke to her silently."Oh come on,Edward,what harm could come of it?It's just a little party with the family,it'll be fun.I mean it's her 18th birthday,Edward.She won't have any 更多 birthdays once she becomes one of us." I growled at Alice's comment,"You're wrong Alice.Bella will not be one of us.We have had this discussion a hundred times,I will not let Bella be a soulless monster like me."Alice sighed,"Edward,I've seen it.It is gonna happen.Bella wants it and deep down 你 want it too,but 你 just don't want to admit it." I shook my head and said,"No,Alice,I don't.Bella doesn't deserve that kind of existence.I will not let that happen." Alice just shook her head and said,"Denial,it's not just a river in Egypt."I couldn't help but laugh at that.Alice may be irritating at times,but no matter what I would always 爱情 her.We have a bond that the other members of our family couldn't understand."I better go.Do 你 want a ride to school?",I asked Alice.She shook her head and said,"No,I will get a ride with Jasper.I'll see 你 later." I nodded my head and grabbed my car keys and left the house.As I drove my Volvo to school,my mind drifted to what Alice had just 说 about me wanting Bella to be one of us and not wanting to admit it.I would never tell her but she was right.I did 爱情 Bella and wanted to be with her forever,but did I want her to be one of us?No I did not.If there were another way for us to be together forever then I would sell my soul,if I had one,to be with her forever.As I made my way to school,I thought back to prom night.It was a beautiful,perfect night,just like my Bella.Dancing with her in the gazebo under the stars,with her dancing on 最佳, 返回页首 of my feet,how beautiful she looked,it truly had been a beautiful night.I had my 天使 in my arms and thought to myself I wish this could last forever.As if Bella could read my mind she uttered the words,"I dream about being with 你 forever".And as much as I 爱情 her and want forever with her,I 爱情 her too much to change her and let her be a monster like me.I sighed to myself as I pulled into the Forks High parking lot as I wished I could be human like Bella.I could hear my Bella talking to her 老友记 and I smiled at hearing her voice.I growled when I heard Mike's thoughts about my Bella."Cullen's here,"Mike said.I tuned him out as I got out of my car,because nothing else mattered but my angel,my reason for existing,my Bella.