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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 3: How Did 你 Meet Us?

*Banff National Park*

Baron Kabuto Zagiloid: *Creates an 鳗鱼 Zagiloid*

Eel Zagiloid: *Has black and blue armor, an 鳗鱼 like-appearance, and an electrical whip* How may I serve you?

Baron Kabuto Zagiloid: I want 你 to find me stronger wolves.

Eel Zagiloid: Yes sir.

King: *Walks up to Baron Kabuto Zagiloid* Who are you?

Baron Kabuto Zagiloid: *Looks at King* And 你 are?

King: I am King of Banff, the strongest wolf.

Baron Kabuto Zagiloid: Oh? Well, I think that we could use your forces in battle.

King: Sounds good to me.

*Jasper National Park*

Nick Wolfe: *Walking with Humphrey*...
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added by BlondLionEzel
Source: Me~
If I didn't have courage
I wouldn't be doing this
"What if" is boring
It's only hypothetical

If I were to give up
Like the rest
"I might be weak" isn't good
It wares 你 down

If there is a light,
I want to protect it with my might
So let's
Rise to Fight!

Even if you're strong
Even if you're big
There's no guaranteed success
Against the past

Even if 你 have courage
Even if you're kind
There's no healing
The sins of the present

Unable to 熊 it,
Use that strength
To clear a path to you!

For the unending, continuing tomorrow, everyone
Is preparing; is ‘that’ truely necessary?
Even if 你 gather many things 你 see with your eyes

Rise to Fight!

They aren't useful; instead, have the strength
To not regret; in other words…Rise to Fight!!

If there is a light,
I want to protect it with my might
So let's
Rise to Fight!
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2: Why Did the Time Stop?

*Jasper National Park*

Nick Wolfe: *Looks around* I still can’t believe what happened yesterday...

Wolf Brace: Wolfe, 你 know what 你 must do right?

Nick Wolfe: *Nods* I need to stop the Zagiloids from doing whatever their evil plan is.

Wolf Brace: That’s right.

Nick Wolfe: Though I'm just wondering...what happened to that Zagiloid I fought?

Wolf Brace: Best case scenario, it turned back into a Zeta-Drive. Worst case, it’s evolved.

*Near Maligne Lake*

Baron Kabuto Zagiloid: *Sees a black Zeta-Drive left over from the Snake Zagiloid* I see 你 failed...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 1: What is a Wolfe?

Jasper National Park*

Nick Wolfe: *Walking down a path with Kate and Lilly*

Garth: It’s a beautiful 日 today, right Wolfe?

Nick Wolfe: *Nods, and then ears perk up*

Kate: What is it big bro?

Nick Wolfe: I don’t body feels...slower...

Garth: Mine does too...

*Suddenly, a group of caribou, rabbits, foxes, bears, and coyotes run past Nick Wolfe, Garth, and Kate*

Garth: *Looks at a Fox* What’s going on?

Fox: *Running* They’re here!

Nick Wolfe: Who is they?

*Suddenly, explosions go off near the Howling Rock*

Nick Wolfe: Kate, Garth, stay here!

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