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 NCIS: GIBBS' RULES — The Complete 列表 of Gibbs' Rules!
NCIS: GIBBS' RULES — The Complete List of Gibbs' Rules!
Leroy Jethro Gibbs has rules that he enforces with everyone on his team, in 3x05 "Switch" he told Ziva that there are approximately fifty rules. However, only a few rules have been revealed. Here are the rules that have been revealed so far:

Rule #1: Never let suspects stay together. (Franks) 1x01 'Yankee White'

Rule #1: Never screw over your partner. 4x14 'Blowback'

Rule #2: Always wear gloves at a crime scene.
(Franks) 1x01 'Yankee White'

Rule #3: Don't believe what you're told. Double check.
(Franks) 1x01 'Yankee White'

Rule #3: Never be unreachable. 3x13 'Deception'

Rule #4: The best way to keep...
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 Shows sean, when he was chubbier
Shows sean, when he was chubbier
I have noticed recently (NCIS has only started last week because of delays in airing in Australia) that Sean Murray is looking very skinny. I know he was a bit chubby before and possibly was hoping to lose weight, but either he has dieted and taken it way too far, to the extent that (not to be rude) but he looks like a long neck turtle, 或者 is he sick...

I know that weight changes are normal in people and things can bring them on, for example in season six cote had a birth control injection and she gained 15 pounds as a result, but if Sean has had something that has altered his weight i think that he should go back to the doctor because he simply does not look healthy.

A slimmed down Sean, would look great, but however i believe that the diet has gone a bit too far or, he is actually sick.

Poor Sean is almost bordering on Anorexic and he needs to look into a way to fix this problem
 Sean after some weight loss
Sean after some weight loss
posted by LexieMergirl
End of season spoiler

Fans have known for some time that a Tony-centric episode is coming up, which will explore just how he came to 加入 Gibbs’ team, recalling how things used to be—back in the pilot, when it was just DiNozzo and Gibbs before they brought on Kate.

TVGuide has reported that according to Michael Weatherly, as this season draws to a close, viewers will meet the character’s doppelgangers.

“There will be a massive disturbance in the squad, which will begin to crack.”

Uh-oh, this certainly doesn’t sound good. Back in season 2 of NCIS, there was an episode, “Doppelganger,”...
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posted by jwegmann
If michael weatherly aka tony is leaving send him to 加入 ziva and work for 海军罪案调查处 in israel. Leave a possible future return. This would give 海军罪案调查处 a huge boost. The 粉丝 caled for ziva return anyway but I wonder if michael weatherly was even 给 a choice of a new season considering the dui charges. The 粉丝 would 爱情 the return of the couple at least once to create a closure not leave them hanging. And that twit ellie 或者 whoever she is get rid of her she has ruined 海军罪案调查处 the ratings have went down the tubes since her arrival with her and her whiny husband.
 Matthew Bellows
Matthew Bellows
你 know how there’s those actors that just seem to be everywhere?

Well, Matthew Bellows is exactly that.

In just the last month, Matt has appeared in 3 CBS shows (including "NCIS"), returned on an NBC series, started shooting a recurring role on an FX drama and landed in the biggest superhero blockbuster to hit the big screen in a long time. This guy is on fire.

It’s possible you’ve also seen him starring as Jax, a bad dude hunting down humans, on BYUtv’s original series “Extinct.” 或者 maybe on Showtime’s “I’m Dying Up Here,” HBO’s “Room 104,” TV Land’s “Teachers,”...
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posted by ncisminiziva07
 Ziva is in this pic. So this would be something nice to wear if 你 are going to be like Ziva! =)
Ziva is in this pic. So this would be something nice to wear if you are going to be like Ziva! =)
If 你 admire Ziva and want to be 更多 like here, here are some ways.

1. Do not use any contractions. (A contraction is like the words it is 或者 that is. When 你 do not use a contraction it will sound like this: That IS such a cool movie. I CANNOT wait to see it again.)

2. Keep your hair in a ponytail 或者 straighten it.

3.Wear non-girly things, such as cargo pants and a sweatshirt. 你 may also wear a t-shirt/tank 最佳, 返回页首 and jeans.

3. For shoes 你 can wear sneakers 或者 boots.

4. Get words wrong; like mistake 'porcipine' for 'porcipig'. =)

5. For makeup only wear borwnish 颜色 for your eyes, and light...
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A Security Guard on the 海军罪案调查处 set was tragically killed in an accident that occured on Wednesday at around 10.10 AM. It has been stated that this tragic accident occured on location in Santa Clarita.

The accident itself occured at an empty industrial building frequently used for TV productions.

The guard was struck 由 the driver of a van, who 迷失 consciousness at the wheel when he had a medical emergency. The guard was later pronounced dead at Henry Mayo Memorial Hospital.

The incident is currently being investigated 由 local authorities in Santa Clarita to determine what actually went wrong,...
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 Challen Cates
Challen Cates
Actress Challen Cates is taking her career in a whole new direction.

Instead of the ‘hot mom’ dealing with teen angst as Mrs. Knight on the Nickelodeon hit-series “Big Time Rush,” Cates is packing some seriously sexy heat in an all-new episode of the CBS favorite, “NCIS.” In the episode ‘Bulletproof’, airing on February 25th, the 海军罪案调查处 team uncovers faulty bulletproof vests and attempts to locate both the 来源 and any remaining vests. Cates emerges as Fay Gussman, a sexy but tough arms dealer, who butts heads with the special agents during their investigation.

Cates seems to...
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posted by choco_cookie
Here are some quotes, the best ones

Kill Ari Part 1
"Sometimes I used to picture 你 naked,"
Then Ziva is there, simply watching.
"I'll call 你 back," 说 Tony hurriedly as though he was on speaker phone
Then he stutters various gibberish along the lines of "it's not what it looked like"
Thus the very first 问题 Ziva asked Tony was "Having phone sex?"

Tony: 你 ever Gibbs Slap me again David and I will slap 你 back harder.
Ziva: I was following orders!

Cover Story
Ziva: It was no secret. He's 写作 about us!
Tony: Oh come on, it's not about us. I mean the whole part about Liza and her broken...
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posted by nikki8green6
>So how does it feel to be a third time winner of the FOTM title??
>It feels absolutely amazing! I can't really explain how much it means to me. It obviously wouldn't be possible without 你 guys and I just hope that I inspire other 粉丝 to be active on the spot, especially during the hiatus, because it's difficult to find stuff to do. :)

>What do 你 think the 海军罪案调查处 spot needs 更多 of 或者 could use less of??
>I don't really know, to be honest. I would say that we need 更多 active fans, but it's the hiatus and people are either off having fun because it's summer 或者 back at school....
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posted by ziva_rocks
Have made a 列表 of all the names Tony has managed to call McGee thru the 7 seasons off NCIS. Some of them are funny, some weird, some cute!!

If i have missed any let me know and i will add to the list!

Which of the Nicknames do 你 爱情 and which do 你 think were harsh??

Aqua Smurf (Dead Man Walking 4x16)
Banacek (Deception 3x13)
Bro (The Inside Man 7x03)
Bus Boy (Hometown Hero 2x21)
Chuckle Head (Head Case 3x15)
Daniel McBoone (Hide and Seek 6x19)
Dead Agent Walking (Twisted Sister 4x09)
Dork (Black Water 2x11)
Elf Lord (Model Behavior 3x11, Witch Hunt 4x06, Sharif Returns 4x13, 爱情 and War...
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 Bottem: Gibbs, Abby, Tony/ Top: Ducky, Mcgee
Bottem: Gibbs, Abby, Tony/ Top: Ducky, Mcgee
海军罪案调查处 (promoted as Navy 海军罪案调查处 in season one), aka Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service 或者 NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service, is an American police procedural 电视 series revolving around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which conducts criminal investigations involving the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

The concept and characters were initially introduced in a two-part episode of the CBS series JAG (episodes 8.20 and 8.21). The show, a spin-off from JAG, premiered on September 23, 2003 on CBS and, to date, has aired six full...
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posted by TypicalSquint
Chapter 1 is located here link


Chapter 2 – Reunion

Gibbs POV

“Don’t make this any harder for me Jethro,” She whispered back to me. “Please. Let’s keep this professional at work.” She looked at me with those eyes, those beautiful green eyes and I couldn’t help but agree. I knew this was hard for her, being back here after all these years. When she left I thought she’d never be back. She told me she wouldn’t be back. And she’d stayed true to her word; all I had seen of her these past years were 照片 Emily showed me. I hadn’t...
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嘿 everyone, I'm just bored and decided to do this XD

Here are all the 海军罪案调查处 related spots that I found on fanpop. If I forgot any, please let me know also if 你 made any spot below, leave a 评论 saying which one 你 made. :)

*Leroy Jethro Gibbs
 Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Made 由 link

*Anthony DiNozzo
 Anthony DiNozzo
Anthony DiNozzo

Made 由 ?

*Timothy McGee
 Timothy McGee
Timothy McGee

Made 由 link

*Ziva David
 Ziva David
Ziva David

Made 由 link

*Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard
 Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard
Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard

Made 由 link

*Abby Sciuto
 Abby Sciuto
Abby Sciuto

Made by?

*Leon Vance
 Leon Vance
Leon Vance...
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# Your computer malfunctions and you're looking around for McGee to fix it.
# The 电视 network shows a promo for a re-screen and 你 can name episode 标题 AND number.
# 你 wander the convenience stores hoping to find Caff-Pow.
# 你 have an overwhelming desire to head slap anyone who ticks 你 off
# 你 find yourself scanning bookstore shelves for a copy of "Deep Six"
# 你 find yourself calling the office junior 'Probie'
# 你 see everywhere someone who reminds 你 of an 海军罪案调查处 character, 你 could swear they were their double, when they're probably nothing like them!
# 你 actually consider...
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posted by Wooder29
They should do another episode with Maddie Tyler in it. I think the beginning of the episode should be police in another state arresting a female driver about 30 for unpaid parking tickets, and theres a dead body in her 树干 that she doesnt know about. They run her prints and it pops up on a military database as Kelly Gibbs. Come to find out someone who 迷失 there Daughter days before the car accident Shannon and Kelly were in replaced their Daughters body who looked eerily similar to Kelly and took Kelly to raise for their own, and she is under the assumption that she was adopted legally...
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We kick in at about the time were Gibbs is bringing in the box of stuff from the apartment.

Gibbs just walked in with the evidence Ari looks at him and says "you’re a lot older then I though". Gibbs see’s Kate tied to the autopsy table, half naked, and that she's crying, Gibbs asks if Kate is ok. But she doesn't answer he then damans that Ari tell him what he did to her, but then he notices something ducky isn't there "where's ducky!?" Gibbs yells at Ari. Ari chuckles "he's not in a lot of danger, u just have to find him before he runs out of air. I'm pretty sure Caitlin knows where...
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Tony sat on his bathroom floor still an half an 小时 later, trying to fight the memories into the back of his mind, so he could go eat and finish the movie with Ziva.

His head shot up from his hands when he heard a faint knock on the door, he listened as Ziva tried to comfort him from the other side of the locked door, "Tony, whats wrong? 你 know 你 can tell me. Just come out of the bathroom before I knock it down myself."

Tony knew Ziva was joking, but soon enough, her nerves would get the better of her and she would defiantly knock down the door.

He ran his hands through his hair one 更多 time and wiped his eyes and unlocked the door, which flung open no later than a 秒 later, and Ziva flew in and hugged him.

Ziva had really opened herself up to him and Tony loved it and her. But for the rest of that night, he couldn't help but wonder if that was really Kate?

[[author note: sorry so short guys. i'll try to start 写作 on this again but i have to go. sorry bye]]
posted by Melissa93
He was expecting the knock on his door. He was even expecting the armload of 浓情巧克力 and microwave popcorn. What he wasn't expecting was the first words out of her pretty red-lipsticked mouth.

"Why exactly do 你 have half-naked pictures of Ziva on your computer, McGee?"

McGee gulped. "How…how did 你 find out about that?"

Abby stormed past him and dumped the popcorn, chocolate, and copy of Young Frankenstein on his couch. "From Ziva. She is not happy with you."

"Yeah, I'd kind of gathered that. Abby, I deleted them this afternoon. No trace of them remains. Ziva watched me do it." Desperate...
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My 海军罪案调查处 "fav" Quotes

-Gibbs,"Slap!" Tony to Ziva, "It's an american custom. A form of affection."

- Abby to McGee, "Stop staring at my butt, and get me an evidence jar."

- "Looks like somebody needs a happy meal."

- Tony DiNozzo, "If 你 always do what you've always done, then 你 always get what you've always got."

- Tony DiNozzo, "He's standing right behing me. Isn't he?"

-Gibbs, "How could I forget Ducky, your mother left 你 on a bus."

-Abby, "Heeeyyy! Someone 偷了 my cupcake."

-Ziva, "I could kill 你 18 different ways with a paperclip."