Season 1 Nathan
Peyton: So what if this guy plays? Are 你 really that threatened?
Nathan: I'm not threatened 由 anyone.
Peyton: Well, then, why do it?
Nathan: To prove I'm the best.
Peyton: Ok, so, what if he wins? What does he get?
Nathan: He gets you.
Nathan: Don't worry, dad. Your dreams are still safe.
Whitey: I'm still the coach and this is still my team.
Nathan: Whatever 你 need to believe.
Nathan: What do I want? What do 你 want, man? I mean, other than my girlfriend and my spot in the lineup, huh? None of us want 你 on the team, man. I don't want you. The guys don't want you. My girlfriend sure as hell doesn't want you. But here's the deal. 你 and me, one on one. 你 can name the time and place. If 你 win, I'll quit the team. If I win, 你 crawl back in your little hole, and 你 remember your place in all this. Time and place, baby. Time and place.
Nathan: Dad, he was hitting on my girlfriend! What do 你 want me to do?
Dan: Your girlfriend? Nathan, if you're gonna get in a fight, get in a fight over something important. Did 你 get hurt?
Nathan: No.
Dan: Okay, good.
Nathan: Did you?
Dan: Me? Why?
Nathan: He wasn't swinging at me, dad‚ he was swinging at you.
Nathan: I'm thinking about quitting the team.
Peyton: Right.
Nathan: No, I'm serious. I don't even like it anymore. Whitey can't stand me. It's never good enough for my dad.
Peyton: I think 你 should. Why not, right? I mean, 你 can quit the team and I'll quit cheerleading and then we can just walk away from it. Nathan, let's do it!
Nathan: (smiling) Yeah, right. That's what I'm gonna do. I gotta go. I'll see 你 at the game.
Nathan: You've got some ugly toes, girl.
Peyton: No I don't.
Nathan: Yeah, 你 do. They're like practically fingers.
Peyton: Well, then just focus on the middle one.
Nathan: What do 你 know about it, Jagielski?
Jake: What do any of us know about anything?
Nathan: (to Lucas during his first not-so-good game) Hey, which side 你 on?
Mr. Kelly: Peyton, describe Lucas using just one word.
Peyton: Choke.
(Class snickers)
Mr. Kelly: Okay, quiet please. Thank you. Lucas, care to respond and describe Peyton?
Lucas: Lonely.
Mr. Kelly: Okay, quiet please. (Nathan asks to talk) Yes, Nathan?
Nathan: I can describe Lucas in one word... Bastard.
Nathan: (to Lucas) 你 can't do it, can you?(Nathan shoots and scores) It's beautiful. I always wondered about it. We all do, right? (he shoots the ball in again) What happens when it's gone? But see, I've never really seen anybody lose it. Like really lose it. Until now. (he shoots again and then gives the ball back to Lucas) Go ahead man. Prove me wrong.
Lucas: I don't have to prove anything to you.
Nathan: Peyton, did 你 see how bad he sucked?
Peyton: So?
Nathan: He was horrible. I've never seen a guy play so bad.
Peyton: And 你 enjoyed that?
Nathan: Well, hell yeah. Didn't you? What is this, Peyton? Do 你 like this guy 或者 something?
Peyton: 你 mean 更多 than my boyfriend that I'm trying to make out with right now?
Nathan: Well, put some ice on it. 你 ever think I might want to talk?
Peyton: No, 你 don't. 你 want to celebrate a public humiliation and I'm sorry, that's a little played out.
Nathan: Oh and being with 你 isn't?
Dan: I hear Whitey gave your spot to Lucas. Do 你 even care that it's slipping away? All the work we've put into it, all the plans that we've made.
Nathan: All the plans you've made, dad. All the work I've done.
Dan: Fine, quit the team. Hell, quit school for that matter. I'll tell 你 what, I'll give 你 a job working at the dealership. 你 can spend the rest of your life haggling over free floor mats with morons with bad credit. How does that sound? Because that's where you're headed, and that's if I give 你 the job! I just want 更多 for you, Nathan. 更多 than a 9 to 5 and the feeling 你 could've had a better life. And I want 你 to be happy. I do.
Whitey: Nathan! I'm tinkering with the offense. You'll be playing 更多 small forward.
Nathan: Forget it. I'm the shooting guard.
Whitey: That's funny. I thought I was the coach. As a matter of fact, 你 can call me that, and I'll call 你 "small forward".
Nathan: Something changed.
Peyton: With your dad?
Nathan: No, with your room, something's different.
Peyton: It's my walls. I took my sketches down.
Nathan: What sketches?
Haley: Karen's Cafe.
Nathan: I'm calling for Haley James.
Haley: Yeah, this is her.
Nathan: 嘿 it's Nathan Scott. Um... I really need your help.
Haley: Sorry this isn't her.
Haley: Do 你 see this book? Because this book is me. I am math.
Nathan: What's that supposed to mean?
Haley: It means 你 can work your whole "I'm Nathan Scott. Mr. Big Shot. Scoring my touchdowns" on someone else because I-
(Nathan cuts her off)
Nathan: I don't even play football.
Haley: Whatever. The point is at the end of the day, all your bluster and BS don't mean anything to math because math don't care. And neither do I.
Nathan: Does English care? Cause I suck at that too.
Haley: Please don't waste my time. I'm already taking a huge chance on 你 because my instincts are screaming that you're full of... let's just get started, okay?
Nathan: Hey.
Haley: Can I help you?
Nathan: I hope so. You're my tutor.
Haley: Right, I don't think so.
Nathan: You're Haley James, right?
Haley: I'm sorry. I'm best 老友记 with Lucas.
Nathan: Well, then I'm sorry too.
Haley: Forget it, I'll find 你 someone else.
Nathan: Look, there is no one else, all right? I'd be fine with it if there was.
Haley: If there were.
Nathan: See, you're helping me already.
Haley: Look, I can't help you. And on 最佳, 返回页首 of that, I won't help you. Okay?
Nathan: Well, well. The gang’s all here. I told 你 it was gonna get worse. Now, see, normally this is when 你 become part of the team. We’d have a keg, tell some war stories but 你 had to know that wasn’t going to happen, right? Look, these guys made a choice to back me. But we’re going to be nice, and we’re going to let 你 walk away. Just quit the team, man. Otherwise, it’s going to get ugly.
Nathan: Hey. I just wanted to let 你 know that I’m gonna be fine.
Haley: Good.
Nathan: I mean, F is for fine, right?
Haley: Hey, I looked over your English exam, and if 你 really want to learn, I can help you.
Nathan: That’s great. All right.
Haley: I just... I have two conditions. One, Lucas does not find out, okay? Ever.
Nathan: All right, fine.
Haley: And number two, 你 leave him alone.
Nathan: (He rips open a little Crackerjack package only to find a bracelet. He gives it to Haley) Don’t say I never gave 你 anything.
Nathan: Look, 你 guys are the ones I feel sorry for. Me? I’m going to get my minutes. But 你 guys have been busting your tails since the junior leagues. Now 你 finally get your shot and Whitey gives the starting spot to this guy? It’s not right. If 你 ask me, he shouldn’t even be on the team.
Tim: So then, what are we going to do?
Nathan: We’re gonna make him earn it. At least make him suffer like we did.
Lucas: (throws a can of spray paint at Nathan) 你 left that at the court.
Nathan: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Lucas: Then call it a gift. Besides, you’re gonna need it to paint over your scoring 标题 in the gym, cause I’m taking it.
Lucas: Hey, whatever you're up to... stay the hell away from Haley.
Nathan: We're just talking man. 你 know, kind of like 你 and Peyton.
Nathan: (to Haley) I came to 你 because you're the best tutor at the school. And you're not gonna tear me down. It's not exactly easy having everybody know you're failing. It's 你 或者 nobody else.
Haley: Look, I've been thinking a lot about this tutoring thing. I'm sorry. I just don't think it's a good idea.
Nathan: Because of Lucas?
Haley: Well, obviously, yeah. I don't know what I was thinking. There's no good that can possibly come of this.
Nathan: Really? I thought I saw 你 guys fight back there.
Haley: Meaning what, that I should keep tutoring 你 to stick it to him? Maybe that's how they do things in Nathan land, but I'm not gonna do that to my best friend.
Nathan: Two decent games in a row, man. Getting better 或者 just lucky? Team's got a party tonight. My parents' 海滩 house.
Lucas: Why are 你 telling me that?
Nathan: Because I 说 the team, didn't I?
Haley: Yeah this is my house. Um... we're staying here while we renovate the mansion.
Nathan: (Laughs) It's not like I was trying to 显示 off.
Haley: Wasn't that your default setting? Sorry.
Peyton: It’s not about the car. It’s about you. I finally saw 你 clearly for the first time last night. The way 你 treated me, the way 你 treated Tim, the way 你 treated your brother.
Nathan: Don’t call him that.
Peyton: And the way you’re playing that girl.
Nathan: What? Are 你 talking about Haley? Is that what this is about? Peyton, she means nothing.
Peyton: Okay, if that’s the case, then you’re an ass. And even if she does mean something, you’re still an 屁股 and what’s really sad, Nathan, is that you’re too stupid to get that. So thank 你 for being such an amazing son of a 婊子, 子 last night. 你 really made this a no-brainer.
Nathan: (Everyone is watching a video of Karen and Dan at a high school dance) At least their dreams came true for one of them, right?
Lucas: Yeah, except for the happy part, right?
Nathan: No 你 didn't see me do it because I was with Tim the whole time. Which is exactly what he's going to say if anybody asks him. He owes me. So it looks like it's your word against ours now. 你 can guess how that's going to go down.
Lucas: So you're just going to lie and walk away. What about Peyton? 你 know, your girlfriend? The car's registered in her name.
Nathan: Yeah, and 你 know what? Come to think of it, like 你 said, she was really drunk last time I saw her. Maybe she did this. But then again, all I see is a wrecked car and you.
Haley: I-I’m really fine.
Nathan: You’re a little high on yourself, aren’t you? Going around telling people you’re all fine.
Nathan: Alright. My turn. Oh, let's see. Um... I've never.... I've never had a dad who wished I was a stain on the 床, 床上 sheets.
Lucas: Then you're welcome to mine.
Dan: That was a sloppy turnover, Nathan. That's not like you.
Nathan: That's because it was on purpose.
Dan: On purpose? Why?
Nathan: Because 你 don't deserve my best game, dad. Look, I could've beat you. 你 know it and I know it. 你 know, if 你 want to mess with that, go ahead. I'll give it to you. (Nathan steps back and Dan shoots) 你 didn't beat me, dad. 你 never will.
Nathan: Hey. I'm glad 你 came. I knew 你 would. I want 你 to know things are gonna be different for us.
Peyton: Did 你 know that my mom died tonight? Seven years ago? 你 didn't know 'cause 你 never asked. I didn't come here for 你 tonight.
Nathan: Why'd 你 come?(Lucas walks out the door. Peyton turns and looks at him. Then she leaves.)
Dan: Sounds like the old man got a louder applause than 你 did.
Nathan: Are 你 sure your hearing aid's not turned up too loud?
Nathan: You're not still mad at me, are you?
Peyton: I'm not mad. We're just over.
Nathan: I treated Peyton pretty bad. She had every right to walk away. Okay, yeah, it was my fault. I screwed up. I just wish I had another chance.
Haley: Nice work.
Nathan: That was the truth.
Haley: No, on your practice exam. 81.
Nathan: Oh. 你 know it's funny. I think we've actually talked 更多 than Peyton and I ever did.
Haley: Peyton and I - good job.
Nathan: Yeah, 你 too. 嘿 are 你 coming to the game?
Haley: Umm... That depends on how 你 do on your English exam. Anything less than an 81 I'm staying 首页 and watching The Office.
Haley: The good news is 你 did better and the bad news is better is a D.
Nathan: Yeah, I guess I didn't really give this one my best shot.
Haley: What's going on with you?
Nathan: 你 know, me and Peyton broke up.
Haley: Peyton and I.
Nathan: What, she broke up with 你 too? I just, I didn't know she was gonna take it this hard. She went off on Brooke at practice. I'm kinda worried about her.
Haley: Well, maybe 你 should have worried 更多 about her when 你 were together. I'm sorry, but come on, it's true.
Nathan: No, 你 don't know the first thing about Peyton and I.
Haley: Me and Peyton.
Nathan: Whatever
Haley: Still in denial?
Nathan: About what?
Haley: Missing her. It’s okay that 你 do.
Nathan: What are 你 my tutor 或者 my shrink?
Haley: Whatever 你 need.
Nathan: Got a sec?
Haley: Hey, yeah, what's up?
Nathan: Check that out. (Nathan holds up his test.)
Haley: An 84! That's so great. (Nathan holds out his arms for a hug.) Yeah, hey, congratulations(Gives him a hug.)
Nathan: Wait, your name is Thing?
Thing: That's right! Thing.
Thing 1: Yeah! And I'm Thing 1!(Lucas turns to the third guy on the car)
Lucas: And let me guess... Thing 2!
Thing 3: Thing 3. Because I'm the third.
Lucas: So this Haley thing… 你 know, for some reason she feels like you’re not full of crap. Don’t take advantage of that.
Nathan: I’m not going to.
Lucas: I know you’re not. Because if 你 do, you’re going to live to regret it.
Nathan: Bring it on. Hey, listen. Look, man, 你 didn’t have to get in that car when those guys grabbed me. Especially after 你 warned me not to.
Lucas: Right, whatever. 你 know the way I see it, I mean, if they would’ve taken 你 out, who the hell else am I gonna have to fight with, right?
Nathan: Same person I have.
Nathan: Dude, this is total crap. These guys are morons, not killers. I bet it’s not even a real gun.
Lucas: Let's just play the game, get our clothes, and get home.
Lucas: Okay. Ah, we need two bottles of spring feminine cleansers.
Nathan: Oh, great. A pair of douche bags.
Lucas: A case of 啤酒 and we’re out of here.
Nathan: What? How are we going to pull that off?
Lucas: Would 你 card us? I didn't think so.
Nathan: Why do 你 want my life so bad anyway, man?
Lucas: Dude, don't flatter yourself, alright? You're about the last person I want to trade places with.
Nathan: Oh yeah? Well, all I know is 你 came out nowhere and started grabbing everything 你 could from me. My game, my girl...
Lucas: What about you, huh? I bet your grades sucked before 你 met me. But I didn't see 你 going to Haley for help then.
Nathan: Who 说 what me and Haley got is about grades?
Nathan: I remember this one summer, I was playing little league baseball and I was the pitcher and my dad was the coach. Anyway, this kid Billy Lyons, he was a great hitter. Everything he hit was a homerun. So, 你 know, he got up to the plate and there was nobody on base so I just walked him. Four straight pitches, nothing even close to a strike. So my dad calls a timeout, comes to the mound, and I'm thinking he's gonna say like, smart 移动 或者 good thinking son, something like that. But instead... instead he grabs me 由 the arm, and he kicks me in the 屁股 as hard as he can. I mean, he literally took my arm so that I wouldn't like, go flying, he kicked me so hard. Then he brought Stevie Planking in to pitch, sat me on the bench, never mentioned it again.
Lucas: That sucks.
Nathan: Yeah. So just think about that the 下一个 time you're feeling sorry for yourself.
Mouth: Ooh. And that's a foul 由 Nathan Scott. (Nathan walks over to Lucas.)
Nathan: Hey. Why don't 你 try putting your hands up on defense, alright?
Lucas: Why don't 你 try not getting beat?
Nathan: Why don't I just beat your ass? (He starts to walk away.) Moron... keep it up, punk.
(A whistle blows and the referee throws the ball in)
Referee: Ball in!
Lucas: Hey, 你 gonna talk 或者 你 gonna play, Daddy's boy?
Nathan: Hey, Haley's looking pretty fine tonight, right? Can't wait to get with that. (The Pirates get another basket.)
Lucas: (To Peyton) Hey. So I saw Nathan in the shower... yeah, no wonder 你 broke up with him.
Nathan: I screw up a lot, all right... and being around 你 I just, I don't wanna be that guy anymore.
Haley: Who do 你 wanna be, Nathan?
Nathan: I wanna be somebody who's good enough to be seen with you.
Nathan: Couldn't 你 be into lobster?
Haley: Dude, macaroni and cheese is 食物 of the gods.
Nathan: Yeah, if the gods are five 年 olds.
Nathan: When I fell to the floor tonight, I was so scared, I was so terrified. Then I saw you, and I promised myself that if I could just get up, I'd walk over to you... I'd tell 你 how much I need 你 and how much I want you... and nothing else matters.
Nathan: 你 know, just when I think things can’t get any weirder around here, Mom takes over Karen’s café. I think I’m going to invite Lucas over to spend the night.
(Nathan brings Haley into a classroom and starts 接吻 her)
Haley: We can't do this right here right now
Nathan: We just did... all right, I'll 吻乐队(Kiss) ya later.
Nathan: (sarcastically) I'm happy Mom. Dad loves me.
Haley: Nathan, about last night?
Nathan: Hey, look it's not about sex with me, okay? When you're ready, I'll be too.(they kiss)
Nathan: 你 played 篮球 in high school, right?
Keith: Only for a little while.
Nathan: 你 didn't enjoy it?
Keith: What, are 你 kidding me? I loved it! There was no pressure then. And then I didn't 爱情 it so much anymore. Your dad came up, and he just made everything a competition.
Nathan: So, then 你 just walked away?
Keith: Only looked back at the cheerleaders. (Nathan laughs) It's just a game, Nate. Not a life.
(Nathan is trying to get Haley to skip school...)
Haley: We are doing equations on the train.
Nathan: Alright, it's not exactly risky business but there's always the ride back.
Haley: I think you're really 《勇敢传说》 to consider rethinking who 你 are. I don't know if I could do that.
Nathan: 你 could.
Haley: 你 know, I've been thinking. Now that 你 know the truth about your dad, you're free, right? I mean, he's been lying to 你 all this time. 你 don't have to listen to him anymore. There's no 更多 pressure.
Nathan: Yeah I wish that were true.
Haley: What do 你 mean?
Nathan: My dad walked away and his father will never forgive him for that. I have to go back.
Haley: Nathan, I...
Nathan: I have to beat him, Haley. it's the only way I'm ever going to be free of my dad.
Nathan: Haley, 你 got that look.
Haley: What look?
Nathan:: The look 你 get when 你 wanna tell me something, but 你 don't really want to tell me.
Haley: No I don't and 你 shouldn't know that look yet.
Whitey: I promised Camilla I'd win 500 games then walk away. We were going to grow old together.
Nathan: You're already old, coach. Besides, who's going to yell at me, huh?
Whitey: I'm not supposed to yell at you, Nathan, you're supposed to learn things.
Nathan: Yeah, but what fun would that be? 你 爱情 yelling at me.
Whitey: I do not!
Whitey: Yes, 你 do. 你 爱情 to yell at me and I 爱情 to make 你 yell.
Whitey: Well, if you'd listen once and a while, 你 knucklehead!
(Nathan gives him the "I told you" look)
Nathan: Knock down this shot like I know 你 can. (Haley shoots and misses) It's okay. This calls for drastic measures, though. You're gonna be fine. Try it granny style.
Nathan: Lucas is awake. I was there when he opened his eyes. I went to see him.
Haley: Why?
Nathan: Cause I knew 你 couldn't. I wanted him to know that 你 were thinking about him. Look, I know that it was wrong to go after 你 for the reasons that I did. I can't apologize for it. I'm glad I did it. I'm not that person anymore. It's because of you. Let me take 你 to him.
Nathan: How's Lucas?
Haley: Like 你 care.
Nathan: Haley, come on. That's not fair. Look, we're not tight, but I don't wanna see the guy in the hospital.
Haley: Why? Because if he's out of circulation, then 你 can't use me to piss him off?
(Nathan is visiting Lucas)
Nathan: 嘿 man. I kinda need to talk to you. (sighs) So, I'm here because, um, everything's screwed up. I know 你 don't trust me with Haley, but I like her a lot, 你 know? She's hurting right now, too. She needs 你 to open your eyes, man. She feels like she can't be forgiven. And I'm sorta in the same place.(sighs) This accident, it might not turn out so bad, 你 know? 你 can take a break from the game. No pressure of people's expectations. I wish I had that chance. This might be hard to believe, but maybe you're the lucky one.(chuckles) 你 can get out.
Nathan: Just when I first came to 你 for tutoring, I figured the easiest way to mess with Lucas was to hook up with you, but...
Haley: So everything between us has been a lie?
Nathan: No, that's not...
Haley: I cannot believe this. Lucas was right about 你 all along!
Nathan: (turning the answering machine off) How great is it that dad has an off button now?
Dan: So what’s your mother got planned for 你 two this weekend?
Nathan: As little as possible I hope.
Haley: Sorry we're... (turns to see Sheryl Crow)
Sheryl: I was hoping to get a cup of coffee.
Haley: Open! We are so open. Cup of, cup, uh, cu-cup of coffee, yeah. We can, uh, we can do that for you. Sheryl Crow. Wow, I'm a huge fan. 你 have no idea how much it killed me to miss your 音乐会 tonight. We, we waited online and everything and then the stupid ebay snipers just...
Nathan: Haley. Let it go.
Haley: Right.
Tim: Not really. I know this club. They're a little loose on checkin ID's. That's not the only thing that's loose.
Nathan: Tim, just say it's a strip club.
Jake: How are we gonna get in?
Tim: Everyone chips in ten bucks and I grease the bouncer.
Nathan: Yeah, and then 你 can bribe him.
-------------------------------------------------(Nathan shuts off Lucas's 音乐 and turns on the televison).
Lucas: I was listening to that.
Nathan: Not anymore. Watching TV.
Lucas: (Takes the remote and shut off the television) Not anymore.
Nathan: I’m gonna light this place up tomorrow. Dad’s not going to be here so I figure I’ll go for season-high just to piss him off.
Lucas: Where is he this weekend, anyway?
Nathan: Lawyers told him to skip a game, 显示 he’s not controlled 由 basketball. So he brought in a satellite dish to bring in the live feed.
Nathan: How's it going?
Haley: Well, in a startling new development, it looks like I'm gonna be joining 你 at the Classic.
Nathan: 你 and me in the same hotel... This weekend just got interesting.
Haley: Down, boy.
Nathan: What happened to us, Peyton? We used to be good together.
Peyton: No, we weren't. We just had sex a lot.
Nathan: 你 sure about that?
Peyton: Trust me. You're the only guy I've been with. 你 knew that.
Nathan: Yeah, I know. I just... I figured since we broke up, maybe...
Peyton: No.
Nathan: Yeah, me neither. It's just sex, right?
Peyton: Ok, 你 know what, Nathan? Haley really deserves better than that. She really, really likes 你 and she's good for you... and 更多 than that, she trusts you.
Nathan: I know that.
Peyton: And ok, fine, we could do it right here in the pool...
Nathan: Peyton.
Peyton: And fine, 你 were really good in bed, but I would know and 你 would know... and I wouldn't do that to Haley 或者 myself. 或者 even you, for that matter. Cause 你 know what? If 你 screw things up with your relationship with her, then you're a bigger jackass than even I thought.
Nathan: I know it would hurt Haley. The only reason I mentioned it was to let 你 know that I'm not pressuring her.
Peyton: Right. I knew that.
Nathan: 你 说 I was good in bed?
Peyton: No, I didn't.
Nathan: Oh, yes 你 did.
Peyton: Oh, God, kill me.
(Nathan laughs and Peyton sinks into the water, seeming to be embarrassed)
Haley: I am so excited to have Lucas all to myself for an evening. We have not had a night to just hang out in forever.
Peyton: Yeah, same goes for me and Nathan.
Nathan: I know you're still into me, but $112? 嘿 you.
Haley: Hey.
Nathan: How about 你 come see me around midnight?
Haley: Sounds good. (They kiss) Don't have fun.
Nathan: I won't. (Peyton jokingly looks hurt) Alright, come on. Let's get this over with.
Peyton: Funny. That's what he used say before we used to have sex. (Haley fake laughs and Peyton walks away and jumps on Nathan's back. Haley watches them looking a little hurt)
Nathan: What? I just don't feel like making out, that's all.
Haley: 你 realize 你 just 说 that, right? Since when?
Nathan: Since 你 got my jersey number tattooed on your ass.
Nathan: Haley, 你 got a tattoo for god sakes. It just freaks me out a little bit because obviously this whole thing with us means a lot to you. I just don't want to do anything to pressure you. 或者 drive 你 away. Even though sometimes I can't help it. Just like I can't help that I fell in 爱情 with you. Cause I did. I 爱情 you, Haley. And it scares me, a little bit, but, there it is.
Haley: Wow. There it is. [She kisses him] I 爱情 you, too.
Haley: What?
Nathan: You're just lucky Tim's here cause I have a thing for girls named Haley James.
Haley: Really? You're lucky Tim is here too.
Haley & Nathan: Tim, go home!
Lucas: (trying to stop Nathan from being arrested) Look, sir, he had nothing to do with this. He just got here.
Cop: It's his apartment, it's his responsibility.
Nathan: Great, I'm impressed. 你 learned that in detective school?
Nathan: It's cool. I've got to run to practice anyway. Then I'm going to pick up an extra shift at the mall to try to pay for this cable modem. And after that, I'm working out with Lucas.
Haley: Well who are 你 and what have 你 done with my real boyfriend?
Dan: Sprints, not runs! (Lucas is trailing behind) Lucas, keep moving! Let’s go, let’s go. (Lucas bends over)
Lucas: I’m still a little weak from the accident.
Dan: You’re a little weak all right. (Lucas throws up)
Nathan: Oh, dad!
Dan: Coach. Now get a mop, clean that up. Let’s go, quit slacking, let’s go.
Lucas: So, 你 going to tell me what happened with Haley? I called her last night and she wouldn't pick up.
Nathan: Let's just say she found out I was looking at some websites that don't exactly make me boyfriend of the year. Alright, not that it's any of your business, but um, Haley and I, we're not, I mean she's not, 你 know, so, I'm just trying not to pressure her that's all. (Nathan starts to bench)
Lucas: Yeah, sure. Porn freak. (Nathan laughs)
Nathan: What? Shut up, dude.
Lucas: Hey, just stay from the sites with farm animals, alright?
(Nathan laughs)
Nathan: So that’s what this is? You’re worried I’m going to compare 你 to them when we-
Haley: Yes! I’m afraid that’s part of it. Nathan it’s hard enough for me to even think about being naked in front of you. And the thought that this is the standard I’m going to be held to? Forget it.
Lucas: So did Dan talk about me when 你 were little?
Nathan: Well, when I was younger I used to hear my parents argue about you. I knew 你 were out there. And I hated the fact so I hated you. I just thought what my dad wanted me to think. It sounds stupid but it made sense at the time.
Lucas: 你 know he wanted joint custody of me. That's what he was talking about at the jail.
Nathan: Wow. I didn't see that coming. The one decent thing the guy does and he buries it, huh?
Lucas: So 你 think if Dan would have gotten his way, 你 and I might have grown up together?
Nathan: What would that have gotten us?
Lucas: Well we could have teamed up against him.
Nathan: 或者 we could have killed each other. Trust me, man, 你 didn't miss out on anything.
Nathan: Haley, I'm a guy, and this is just something guys do.
Haley: Well then don't be a guy, Nathan, be a man.
Nathan: We played hard and we lost. We've got nothing to be ashamed of. (Nathan rips the Scott name off of his jersey). Except maybe our coach.
Nathan: 你 know, my pride says yeah, that's it. Just walk away and let Haley deal with the fact that she's clearly threatened 由 a sexual relationship. But my 心 says, just forget about your pride, 你 idiot. 你 爱情 this girl. And even if your gonna catch pneumonia, your 屁股 is gonna stand out here in the rain until 你 convince her to forgive you. So come on Hales, just meet me halfway here.
Haley: Why should I?
Nathan: Because I'm sorry. Because I 爱情 you. And because you're looking really hot standing out here in the rain and I'm thinking I have to 吻乐队(Kiss) you.

Season 1 Nathan