Happy Halloween, everyone! :D

Seeing how it’s the season of spook’s and frights, I decided to do this list. Because despite its cheerfulness, wit, action sequences, humorous moments and wonderful characters and their crazy abilities and powers, this 日本动漫 can get very heavy at times!

It’s sad, poignant, powerful and also, quite frightening, as I’ll be pointing out in today’s list:

My 最佳, 返回页首 Ten Scariest 火影忍者 Things

I’ll be discussing my opinions on Naruto’s moments, characters and other such things that managed to scare me, creep me out 或者 actually bloody terrify me!

Here we go.

NOTE: I don’t have much access to any media besides pictures and screenshots. So don’t expect any videos. Also, I watch the English Dubbed anime. And please, for the 爱情 of the gods, DON’T complain about that!

#10: Ibiki’s scars

... Disgusting, isn’t it? And to think, he got all those scars from various torture sessions and instruments during his years as a ninja! And despite this, he never got his spirit broken.

That’s both freaky and awesome.

#9: Reaper Death Seal

Want to know why this jutsu is scary? Let’s just say that it’s forbidden for a reason. Want 更多 details? Well okay. But 你 asked for it.

If a user - as demonstrated 由 the Third and Fourth Hokage’s - casts it, it creates the abomination 你 see above. And what does it actually do? Why, it traps the user and whoever they’re targeting in a battle with no end, of course!

That’s right. If this jutsu is used, two opponents get trapped inside it and have to battle each other

And something else that’s especially disturbing is what it did to Orochimaru’s arms! It sealed them and caused them to start to literally rot! Just thinking about his screams of pain is enough to make me cringe!

#8: Itachi’s motive rant

Itachi was a very mysterious character. Beyond what we’re told of him from Sasuke, we knew nothing about his motives, his goals 或者 why he did what he did other than “for the power”. He was rather interesting because of this and he intrigued a lot of people, as well.

He was continually built up as this huge threat and we all knew that eventually, he and Sasuke would fight. That was established from the very beginning.

And what do we get when the real fight between them is finally about to happen?

Well, after they talk for a little bit, Itachi suddenly goes crazy. It happens slowly, just subtle changes to his tone of voice and his words but then out of nowhere, he launches into this crazy rant about how he’s going to take Sasuke’s eyes and how he will become Itachi’s “new light”!

I mean, I know that Crispin Freeman does crazy well, I mean, just look at Albedo from Xenosaga. But for this to come from Itachi of all people is really jarring and even though it’s only a genjutsu, it’s still very freaky to see!

#7: Sasori’s puppets

On the surface, Sasori appears to be just another puppeteer in the 火影忍者 world, much like Kankuro and his grandmother, Chiyo. And indeed he is. He knows how to make puppets, how to use them and is very good at what he does.

There’s just one difference. One BIG difference.

你 see, instead of making his puppets from the usual materials like wood, cloth, string and traps... He uses dead bodies.

That’s right. He kills people, empties their corpses of their organs and bones and uses what’s leftover to make puppets.

And he has hundreds of them, including the Third Kazekage of Suna.

That’s just horrific.

#6: Hidan’s ritual

Whether 你 爱情 him 或者 hate him, Hidan is a very entertaining character to me and a lot of other people. He’s funny and crazy, yet cruel and ruthless. This is best demonstrated when he kills Asuma and attempts the same with Shikamaru.

And how does he do this? 由 using his ritual.

He belongs to an evil religion called Jashinism that’s all about killing and maiming people. He accomplishes this 由 making a half pentagram out of blood, standing on it and whatever damage that’s done to him is done to his victim. And while he stays alive, the other person dies.
And what makes it worse is how crazy and ecstatic he gets. It’s rather disturbing to see him maiming himself and thus his victim while laughing and enjoying himself all the while.

Yeesh. What a jerk.

#5: Orochimaru

Some of 你 might be surprised that Orochimaru isn’t the 最佳, 返回页首 spot on this list. And that’s because, in my opinion, he’s really not that scary. He’s undeniably disturbing, creepy and sometimes startling, but not outright terrifying.

But he still deserves a spot on this list.

I mean, he’s a freaking snake person with a super long tongue, crazy forbidden abilities and a manipulative and ambitious personality that seduces children with promises of power all the while furthering his own agenda! He cares about no one except himself, does horrific experiments on people (which once included fifty newborn infants) and has no qualms about killing children, as shown when he asked to be able to kill Nagato, Yahiko and Konan; claiming that they should be “put out of their misery” because they were orphans!

Not to mention he steals people’s bodies in order to increase his lifespan!

He’s definitely a guy that I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alleyway.

#4: Kagero squeezing her heart

I know this is from a filler episode, but seriously. A woman posing as Kabuto uses a forbidden technique to literally pull her 心 out of her chest and squeeze it in order to kill Naruto, who’s 心 is connected to hers! And if Sasame and Sakura hadn’t shown up, they both would’ve died a horrific and rather painful death!

That is freaking disturbing!

#3: Tsukuyomi

This is another technique that is really unsettling. I mean, just the thought that once 你 get trapped in it, you’re stuck there for what feels like forever! An example is with 卡卡西 and Sasuke. When Itachi uses the jutsu on them, they’re stuck there for three days, yet each 秒 feels like several moments to the victim! Especially with Sasuke, as Itachi made him relive the moment his parents were killed over and over and over again until the three days were over!

Isn’t that just horrific?

#2: Uchiha Clan Massacre

Imagine yourself as a seven 年 old child.

你 have a great life for the most part. 你 have a loving mother, a father who’s approval you’ve finally gotten and the most amazing and understanding big brother ever. 你 have good grades and everything is going just fine for you.

But that all changes one fateful night.

You’re walking 首页 after a late 日 at school and 你 notice something strange. It’s too quiet and there’s no one around.

And that’s when 你 come across the dead bodies.

Your entire clan which consisted of your aunts, uncles, cousins and 老友记 have all been slaughtered. 你 rush home, and discover your parents have also been killed!

And who could possibly be responsible for this atrocious crime?

Your beloved big brother.

That’s right. Your big brother; the one you’ve trained with, played with and who’s taught 你 so many things about the world, is the murderer of your clan and parents. And then, to make matters worse, he brags about it and tells 你 that he just pretended to be a loving brother to manipulate you. And then he beats 你 up and subjects 你 to mental torture, leaving 你 as the last member of your clan.

Well, that’s what actually happened to Sasuke.

And long story short, that’s the reason he got so messed up.

So here we are near the end of the list. Now I know what you’re thinking. After the boy loving Orochimaru, satanic rituals, dead body puppets and even the freaking massacre and mental torture of a little boy’s clan, what - 或者 rather who - could possibly 最佳, 返回页首 all that?

Well, let’s not waste any time. The scariest thing from Naruto, the one person who could bloody terrify me and still, to this day, makes me really uncomfortable watching 或者 thinking about him as a bad guy...

Is this man:

#1: Gaara

That’s right. As a bad guy, Gaara scared - 或者 rather scares - the crap out of me! Why 你 may ask?

Well, I’ll tell 你 why!

I mean, he wasn’t so bad when he was first introduced. He was creepy, weird and rather mysterious, but that was about it. He did have odd sand powers and he always had this disturbing look about him and of course, there was that time he threatened to kill Kankuro, his own brother, and this seemed to scare him which could’ve raised some red flags, but he
seemed fine other than that.

And then episode 34 rolled around.

Hoo boy. Gaara kills a man 由 graphically imploding him using his sand and his blood rains down on his teammates, who then relinquish the scroll... And Gaara doesn’t care and still kills them. He then threatens, once again, to do the same with his siblings and Team 8 (Shino, Hinata and Kiba and Akamaru). Thankfully, he’s talked down.

So that might seem scary enough already, but we’re just getting started!

Then there’s his fight against Lee, where he goes mental and bloodthirsty, making terrifying facial expressions and demonstrating his powers again when he cripples Lee and makes it seem that, for a while, he’d have to give up becoming a ninja!

Then there’s his killing of Dosu, where we first see a shadowy glimpse of his Jinchūriki form.

Then there’s the near entirety of episode 58, where he decides to try and kill Lee again, making 火影忍者 and 鹿丸 have to interfere. He then reveals some of his backstory, about his upbringing and how his father tried to kill him six times. Then there’s his threatening to kill Lee, Guy, 鹿丸 and 火影忍者 as he leaves the hospital. And that’s not even mentioning the creepy way he snuck into the hospital and past Sakura.

Then there’s his killing of two men in episode 65 and the way he walks past 鹿丸 and 火影忍者 while they, and us, think he’s going to try something, but he never does.

Then there’s his fight against Sasuke, him talking to his “mother” and the way he freaks out about bleeding for the first time.

Then finally, there’s his fight against Naruto. Just the way he yells, screams, taunts and threatens him is enough to terrify me! And again, there are his facial expressions and sand powers.

This guy was a force to be reckoned with as a bad guy! He was ruthless, cruel and insane with crazy powers to boot! Even to this day, three years after I began watching 火影忍者 again, I’m still really uncomfortable watching 或者 even thinking about him when he was scary!

And that’s why he’s the number one spot!

Well, thanks for 阅读 this list. Tell me what your scariest things from 火影忍者 are and have a Happy Halloween! :D