All 火影忍者 粉丝 should be jumping for joy as the latest chapter of 火影忍者 will begin with a new adventure. 火影忍者 Gaiden: Nanadaime Hokage to Akairo no Hanatsuzuki (Naruto Spinoff: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month) will begin on the 27th of April in the 22nd/23rd issue of Shonen Jump, they also tease a text “Urgent News: The story enters a new generation…”

If 你 hadn’t already guessed, 火影忍者 Uzumaki is the 7th Hokage with Hinata being his wife, with Boruto and Himawari being the stars of this new chapter. Naruto’s 700th Chapter ended with the introduction of the 下一个 generation, many got married and had kids, they all go to the same school now.

Naruto’s main story ended last 年 after 15 long years, however now the magazine reveals “a newly budding Konoha story” will begin this spring. A new movie surrounding Boruto called “Boruto: 火影忍者 The Movie” is also in it’s way and will open in Japanese theaters in August.

The movie follows Boruto, Kishimoto adds “I conceived a story in which Bolt and Sarada (Sasuke’s Daughter) appear together. Sasuke and Sakura also appear.” We will also see Boruto’s special fighting moves. Kishimoto also 说 in an interview that he still has a lot of material for 火影忍者 that can last till the summer, to which after he may once again begin working on other things.