Okay. Bye Tsunade obaa-chan!"


火影忍者 side-stepped to dodge an incoming paperweight, and started to run out of the Hokage Tower. He skidded to a stop somewhere outside the tower, and grinned wickedly. He had just got back from a mission with Sasuke, and it was his turn to give the report. Of course, a visit to the Hokage wouldn't be a visit to the Hokage unless 火影忍者 did something to annoy them.


The blonde-haired boy looked towards the direction of the voice, and saw a pink-haired girl running towards him. He waved cheerfully, and as she approached, 火影忍者 wrapped his arm around her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hi Sakura-chan!"

The 说 girl smiled happily, but it was not genuine. 火影忍者 noticed, but 说 nothing. They had been dating for some time now, and he heard rumors flying around town. Of course they were all fake. He was planning to tell Sakura tonight. He hoped it wouldn't ruin their friendship with each other. Of course, he had always thought she secretly loved someone else.

"Sakura. We need to talk." She blinked in mild surprise, but nodded. She took his offered hand and they walked out of the town, and into the training grounds they used to practice in with Kakashi. Both leaned on the bridge, liked they used to when they used to wait for Kakashi. 分钟 ticked by, and 火影忍者 说 nothing. Sakura was getting impatient.

"Look, 火影忍者 if you're not going to say anything yet, then I will."

火影忍者 nodded, not turning his head. Sakura pushed off the rail and turned to Naruto, who stayed in the same position.

"Naruto, these past few years have been wonderful. I really mean that. But... I just think... Well... It's just-"

"You no longer feel any attraction to me. Of course, 你 never did. 你 always loved Sasuke. 你 still do."

She hung her head down in shame. 火影忍者 laughed, and she jolted upright.

"Don't worry Sakura. I have the exact same feelings. I no longer feel any attraction. I mean, I 爱情 你 like a sister, but that's it."

She breathed a sigh of relief. 火影忍者 chuckled.

"So... 你 wouldn't mind if I dated her?"

Sasuke hopped out of a nearby tree, and Sakura gasped. 火影忍者 laughed.

"Of course not! But... If 你 dare hurt her, mark my words Sasuke, you'll wish 你 were dead."

Sasuke smirked, and snorted, before wrapping his arm around Sakura. She blushed.

"So if 你 don't like Sakura, who do 你 like?"

火影忍者 thought about the 问题 Sakura just asked him. Lately, for some reason, all he could think about was Hinata. Like how her eyes sparkled when she was happy, how her long hair flowed around her like silk, her melodious laugh, and many other things about her. He ached to see her again, even though it had only been 2 days. He wanted to carress the soft skin of her cheek, and hold her delicate hands.

"I think I 爱情 Hinata. No wait, I know I 爱情 Hinata."

Sasuke and Sakura laughed, and 火影忍者 looked at them, puzzled.

"It's about time 你 realized dobe. I even knew 你 would end up together. I see all those glances 你 give her."

火影忍者 blushed 樱桃 red. He coughed awkwardly and looked to another side, his face still red with embarrassment.

"Well, we better get going Sasuke-kun. 火影忍者 must want to find his future wife, ne?" She laughed, and Sasuke smirked, waving to the blonde before they both walked off. 火影忍者 shook his head at them, before walking in the direction of where he thought he sensed Kiba and Akamaru.

It seemed his instincts never failed him, because he found Kiba and Akamaru. Waving to them, he ran up, and Kiba waved back while Akamaru barked.
"Hey Naruto. What's up?" Kiba asked him. Akamaru started to lick his hand from the ground. 火影忍者 grinned and petted the large Akamaru, who yipped happily.

"I was just wondering where Hinata was. I haven't seen her all day."

Kiba blinked in mild surprise. He crossed his arms and raised a brow at Naruto.

"Hinata? Now that 你 mention it, I haven't seen her at all either. Why do 你 wanna talk to her? To tell her your engagement to Sakura?"

火影忍者 jumped a bit at the harsh tone, but laughed.

"Actually Kiba, I broke up with Sakura just a few 分钟 ago."

This time Kiba shot up a couple feet in the air, eyes wide and mouth gawked. He muttered some incoherent words, pointing a shaky finger at Naruto. 火影忍者 rolled his eyes and set the offending finger away from his direction, and instead to the ground.

"Yes. I broke up with Sakura. She's with Sasuke now, if you're interested in hearing."

If it was possible, Kiba shouted incoherent words, her eyes grew wider, and his jaw dropped to the floor. Akamaru looked puzzingly at his master. 火影忍者 huffed in irritation. There was no way he was gonna get anything out of this guy, so 火影忍者 leaped away to look for the nearest person, Kurenai.

She was in a clearing, standing on a nearby pond to pass the time. She saw him and waved him over, smiling. He smiled back, and stood at the edge of the pond.
"Hello Naruto. Can I help you?"

She asked him politely. 火影忍者 smiled and waved.

"Hi Kurenai. I was just wondering if 你 happen to know where Hinata is?"

She shook her head, frowning slightly.

"No. I'm afraid not Naruto. But why do 你 ask? Shouldn't 你 be with Sakura? She is your fiancee, is she not?"

火影忍者 laughed. Wow. Rumors got around fast.

"I ask because I want to talk to Hinata. I should be with Sakura, hanging out, but she's with Sasuke, her new boyfriend. And she's not my fiancee. I broke up with her 5 分钟 ago."

Kurenai gasped, 迷失 her concentration, and slipped into the water. 火影忍者 laughed hysterically as a soaked-to-the-bone Kurenai trudged out of the water, glaring menacingly at him. He gulped, thanked her profusely, and high-tailed it out of there, intent on searching for his 下一个 interviewee, Shino.

Shino was walking around the forest, looking at bugs, when 火影忍者 popped out of no'where. Shino looked at him, unflinching, and nodded in greeting. 火影忍者 smiled back. Once 你 got to know him, the bug-user isn't all that bad to be around.
"Hey Shino."

"Hello, Naruto. What brings 你 here?"

火影忍者 scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"I was wondering if 你 knew where Hinata was. And before 你 ask, I didn't ask Sakura to marry me and she's with Sasuke now."

Shino remained unmoving.

"Very well then. I'm afraid I do not know where Hinata is. My apologies Naruto."

火影忍者 waved it off.

"No big. Thanks anyway Shino."

Shino watched as 火影忍者 disappeared into the trees. He looked at the spot where 火影忍者 disappeared, and a small smile tugged on his lips, before he continued walking through the forest.

火影忍者 continued to leap through the branches of the trees in a deep concentration. He looked up at the night sky. He had to hurry. His guts told his something bad was going to happen, unless he picked up the pace and found Hinata. He heightened the senses that came with having the Kyuubi sealed inside you. His ears listened for soft, dainty steps. His nose smelled for a white 李子, 梅花 scent, the one that drove him so crazy. His eyes searched for long indigo hair, and pale eyes. He sniffed something in the air.
'I smell something. White plum. And metal... and blood? Hinata!'

His pace quickened, and he came upon a lake glimmering in the moonlight. Off to the side was the 爱情 of his life, with a purple hilted dagger aimed at her heart. There was a spot of blood on the blade. Her eyes were closed peacefully, and she began to plunge the dagger.


He rushed forward, knocking the dagger out of her delicate hands. He had forgotten to turn his sense off, and the exotic white 李子, 梅花 scent engulfed him in lust. She slowly opened her eyes to look at him.

'Kirei.' He thought.

She looked at him, not moving. His gaze fell on her soft, 粉, 粉色 lips. They begged to be carressed and kissed 由 his own. Her half-lidded eyes gave her an almost seductive look. The moonlight shining on her pale skin did nothing for the 火, 消防 burning in his chest, except increase it. Her soft hand in his own, felt delicate, like it could break at any moment, just like her.

"Hinata." He whispered huskily, stepping closer. She stiffened.

"Why." she asked coldly, "why did 你 stop me?"

He sighed and closed his eyes.

"Don't leave me Hinata. Please... don't ever leave me."

Of course, his eyes were closed, so he couldn't see the 苦 smile grace her lips.

"Why are 你 asking me that? Wouldn't 你 rather ask Sakura?" She told him. 火影忍者 smiled slightly. It was funny how many people asked him that, 或者 something like it.

"I broke up with Sakura-chan. I told her I didn't 爱情 her. I never did. It was just a thing that came and went. She wasn't angry. In fact, she semed almost relieved. I think Sasuke's gonna ask her out." He didn't tell her the entire truth, but it was close enough... right?

He felt her body relax slightly, and grinned from above. Of course, he smirked at her reply.

"What does that have anything to do with me?"

What does it have to do with her? Everything has to do with her. No one could smile at him like she did. No one would listen to him ramble about trivial things like she did. No one would suck it up when he described his dates with Sakura. Heck she even asked about them! No one would comfort him like she did. No one else would sing to him when he asked her to. No one else would train with him when he was bored. No one else would try and cheer him up the best they could. No one else could see through him so easily. No one else would be able to understand his pain of being alone when he was younger. No one would 爱情 him, as much as she did. No one but her.

He then decided. Actions speak louder then words, right? So that's exactly what he's gonna do. Her head was tilted down, and he lowered his face, his breath fanning over her cheek. Until at last,

He kissed her.