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Anyways,this is an action oriented story,so romance will usually come in second,but it will still be full of sappy 爱情 and stuff,but it will not be my primary focus.

Enjoy Chapter 1!


A 10 年 old blonde boy groaned from under his bedsheets as the loud and peircing ring of his alarm clock reached his ears.Stupid alarm clock!He thought bitterly,before letting out another groan.He lashed out wildly at 说 object without raising his head from his pillow,and failing the first two times,before finally silencing it.

He sighed,raising his head and sitting up."It's that time again,huh?"He muttered,taking a look at his calender.October 10th was circled in red marker.It was his birthday.But it was also conveniently the 日 that The Fourth Hokage defeated the Nine-Tails,dieing in the process.This alone ruined his birthday somewhat,but it was nowhere near the worst of it.

He was always hated 由 the village,and he could never understand why.They usually didn't try to physically hurt him though.They either ignored him and looked at him with cold indifference,or insulted him relentlessly and looked at him with pure fear and hate.But this day,October 10th,was the one 日 they let all that hatred loose on him.They gathere in angry mobs,usually of drunks,and tried to kill him.

They didn't just want to hurt him,they wanted to make him suffer,see him squirm,before finally ending his life.It was scary.But thankfully for Naruto,they could never actually catch him.Even at his age,he'd been taught enough at the academy(despite usually sleeping in class 或者 downright skipping it) to avoid them.That was why when he heard a loud bang on his door and the sound of shattered glass,he wasn't fazed.He was used to this 由 now.

Time to move!He thought,rising to his feet.He quickly got a change of clothes,some of his ninja tools,his goggles,and crawled out through his bedroom window before the intruders could break in.He sighed,taking one last look at the house.He knew it'd be a while before he could sleep in his 床, 床上 again.He looked 前锋, 期待 again,before making his way to his spot.

But he hadn't noticed,even with all his experience,he was being followed.

XXX-30 分钟 Later-Training Ground 13

火影忍者 sighed in relief,dumping his belongings on the 草 and stretching his arms a little."Well,i might as well get comfortable."He 说 to himself,looking around for a moment before deciding to lay against a large tree.He just laid there for a while,staring at the sky,before he detected an unfamiliar smell come with the breeze....Huh?...

He clozed his eyes,sniffing the air a few times before confirming it.I knew it!He slowly rose from his relaxed position.Lavender!"Oi!Come out here whoever 你 are,or i'll kick your ass!Datebbayo!"He shouted,crossing his arms.His 'stalker' slowly emerged from the foliage surrounding the training field,blushing madly and pushing her index fingers together.

火影忍者 blinked in surprise,looking at the girl with a questioning look."Hinata?What are you...."He trailed off.Why was she here?Hinata fidgeted under his gaze, his cerulean blue eyes staring at her expectingly, awaiting an answer.She gave an inaudible gulp before mustering up enough courage to speak."I-i was g-going to w-wish 你 a happy b-birthday...but if you'd like me to leave..."

火影忍者 was once again left speechless.The dark weird and shy girl of all people had came to wish him,the demon brat,the village pariah,a happy birthday. However,he quickly recovered from his state of shock."Wait a sec!You don't have to leave y'know!"He 说 out to the shy Hyuuga,who had started to leave.She turned back,her face even redder now.

"R-really?"She asked hesitantly,pushing her fingers together again.Naruto gave her one of his trademark grins."Of course!And i'm a man of my word Hinata, Dattebayo!"Hinata coyly nodded,and came to 加入 火影忍者 under the tree.As she got comfortable being near her crush,she decided to strike up a conversation.

"N-Naruto....why d-do 你 always come here on your birthday?"She asked with hesitation in her voice,hoping she hadn't struck a chord.Naruto turned his head to her,his expression thoughtful for amoment before he answered."It's the only place i can go to be alone."He began."There isn't anywhere else i can be alone on my birthday but here."

Hinata looked at him,puzzled 由 his responce."But why would 你 want to be alone?"She was too into their talk to notice she didn't stutter."You see...everyone in the village hates me.I don't know why,but the villagers always look at me different,talk to me different,and treat me different.And not in a good way."He sighed."Usually it doesn't go beyond insults 或者 being thrown out of shops,but..."

He paused."Around my birthday,they tend to get violent...and i come here to get away from it all."He 说 this all in a calm tone that was uncharacteristic of the energeit blonde.But it wasn't bad at all.This actually made her like him more,knowing he had such a compassionate side to him.However,she was even 更多 surprised with how 火影忍者 was being treated.

She knew he had done some pranks over the years,but this was beyond uncalled for."I had no idea that was what was happening to you..."She looked down shamefully."And i invaded such a special place....i'm so sorry!"Naruto sweat dropped."It's fine Hinata!Besides,your the first person i ever shared my special place with!"

He abruptly stood,surprising Hinata."So i guess that..."He held out his hand to her."That makes it your special place too!Dattebayo!"Hinata took his hand,rising to her feet as well.She almost didn't think this was real."M-my special p-place too?"Naruto grinned and nodded,holding their intertwined hands up in the air."Yep!From now on,it's our special place!Dattebayo!"