Naruto's eyes widened.The Sage of the six paths?But....."I thought that was a myth."Hinata spoke suddenly.Naruto turned to her,his face 展示 his concern."Hinata.Are 你 alright?You passed out earlier and..."Hinata cut him off."Y-yes,i'm fine.Thank 你 for asking."She 说 quietly,a light blush on her cheeks.Sasuke smirked at the development but didn't say anything.He quickly returned his attention to the sage."What would the sage want with a few kids?"He asked.Hagiromo gave Sasuke a smile." truely are Indra's descendant aren't you,Sasuke?"All three Genin gave the old a quizical look."Who's Indra?"Naruto butted in.Hagiromo sighed.He turned to 火影忍者 and Hinata."The Ashura and Shinra descendants as well.It's a pleasure to meet the three of 你 as well."Naruto frowned."You didn't answer my 问题 old man!"He exclaimed,pointing at him accusingly.Hagiromo chuckled,patting the blonde's head."We'll meet again."He 说 calmly."But,before 你 go..."

XXX-Real World

Naruto,Sasuke,and Hinata all opened their eyes simultaneously,each emmiting extremely powerful ammounts of chakra....I will give 你 some of my power.Naruto's body was shrouded in a golden aura,his eyes now bright yellow.Sasuke emmited a purple aura,his sharringan now purple with four tomoe in each eye.Hinata had a blue aura,and her eyes were yin yang symbols,the veins around her eyes dissapearing.The three each looked at Sora,who was terrified."Your monsters....your all monsters!"He screamed as he ran,disappearing into the foliage.The trio then seemed to have used up al their energy,as they each collasped to the ground in unconsciousness.

XXX-12 hours later

火影忍者 groggily opened his eyes.Where am iHis entire body felt like tons of steel.He was that tired?With much effort,he turned to the right.He had apparently been resting on a futon.he hadn't expected Hinata to be that close to him,and much to his surprise,when he turned,his lips met with hers.His eyes widened,but his body was too tired to move.He didn't know how he was going to get out of this.He did learn something interesting though.Hinata's lips...taste like strawberries.....He thought.