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Jaraiya tensed as he stalked the masked man from the trees.The leader,from what he could overhear,apparently was from the recently formed Sound village in the Land of 白饭, 大米 Patties.This put the Sannin on edge.Why would a Sound Ninja be here?"I'm honored 你 came to visit little old me,lord Jaraiya.Why don't 你 come and 加入 me?"Jaraiya hesitantly jumped down,a good distance away from the Leader."So,you noticed me huh?Then at least this'll be entertaining."The Leader smirked as chakra scapels apeared on his hands."I'll be 更多 than entertainment....Lord Jaraiya......"

This all was stopped,however,when suddenly all of Naruto's clones dispersed.Naruto's eyes darted around for any sign of movement,sasuke and hinata using their dojutsu to help them search.Suddenly,however, a man appeared right behind Naruto,grinning manically."I'm right behind you...Naruto.."He whispered in his ear,pressing a kunai to his throat.A single drop of blood fell to the ground.


Naruto's eyes widened as his breath caught in his throat.This so fast!I didn't even sense him move!He thought,his teammates thinking along the sidelines.Naruto grinned as his body exploded in puff of smoke."Ha!Thought 你 had me,didn't you!Well i'm not that easy to beat!"He smirked as Sasuke and Hinata both jumped to his side."Okay guys!Let's go!"Naruto ran first,throwing a few shuriken.The attacker knocked them away with ease.Naruto quickly made a few handsigns."Wind Style:Wind Bullet![i/]"He fired off the cylindrical wind attack repeatedly,causing the attacker dodge.Sasuke's sharingan flared.[I]Now!He thought as he dashed,doing an Axe Kick to the enemy's head.The attacker grinned manically as he grabbed sasuke's foot,flinging him away.Hinata threw a quick jab at him,which he side stepped,shoving hinata forcefully to the ground.Naruto shot at him,his hand clutching a Kunai."Aaaaaaaaagh!"He shouted as he wildly slashed,only to get punched in the stomach,knocking the wind out of him.

He gasped for breath as he crumpled to the ground,rolling on the floor and clutching his stomach in pain.He bitterly looked up at the attacker.They had 粉, 粉色 hair and blood red eyes.They were wearing a standard sound village uniform,the forehead protector with the musical note attatched to it hung loosely around his neck.Naruto shakily stood to one knee,looking defiantly at the man."My name is.....Naruto..Namikaze.....and i..."He finally made it up completely to his feet."Will not lose!"Fiery blue flames of chakra erupted from his body as he swung at the man with a new ferocity.The man,momentarily startled,couldn't fully evade the first blow,and Naruto's fist grazed his cheek.He frowned,jumping back."You sure have got a lot of spunk..."Soon,a 粉, 粉色 aura surrounded his body."But i think it's about time i put 你 in your place!"

XXX-With Jaraiya...

Jaraiya slid into a stance,eyeing his opponent cautiously.To form those Chakra scapels that fast....he must be good...i can't take him lightly.He thought as his opponent ran towards him at a barely trackable speed.Jaraiya ducked under a wide arching 斯莱什 由 the opponent,and then tried for a quick uppercut.The leader bent backwards,avoiding the blow,and sent a kick to Jaraiya's stomach,which he avoided 由 jumping back.They began exchanging blows in a blur of movements,Jaraiya becoming increasingly 更多 concerned with each exchange.He coughed,his eyes narrowing.I've been slowing down bit 由 bit everytime i it poison?But when would he have....He looked down at the hand he'd coughed in,and his eyes widened when he saw blood."You might be wondering what happened to 你 right now....lord Jaraiya."He 说 slyly,grinning."Your currently sufferint from a poison i created and coated my hands in before we seepes into your body through the pores in the skin.Once it's inside,it starts infecting your internal organs.Impressive,isn't it?"Jaraiya coughed again,closing his eyes briefly before red lines appeared on his face and his eyes turned yellow with a horizontal black bar in them."Then i guess i'll have to finish this now."Jaraiya spoke seriously.


下一个 chapter ends the fight.this was just to 显示 i'm still here and stuff.