Author's Note:Hiya!I just want to let 你 guys know that this is an Adventure/Romance fanfiction.Meaning,it isn't only about NaruHina,and romance may not be a primary focus earl on.But,later on,fter some action,there will be plenty of romance and mushy stuff,so,until then,bare with me!

Anyway,let's begin!
A five 年 old Blonde hired boy,with cerulean blue,energetic eyes,was walking with his mother and father down the road of the park.They were headed for a play 日期 with two children the boy didn't know.At first,the boy worried that they wouldn't like him,but after some counceling from his mother and father,he was now excited to meet the new children.

As they approached the designated area for the boy and his friends,he noticed the two kids were already there.One of them had pure white eyes without pupuils,a very shy-looking girl.The other was a boy that had black eyes,and had a cool and collected air about him,even though he was young.They both stood beside two men and two women,who the boy guessed were their parents.

"Hi there!My name's 火影忍者 Namikaze!"He 说 happily.The boy with black eyes answered first."My name's Sasuke Uchiha,nice to meet you."He 说 calmly,putting out his hand and smiling a little."Same here,Sasuke!"Naruto shook his hand,then turned to the white-eyed girl.The girl who he was staring at started pointing her fingers together,blushing from being looked at.

"M-my name i-is Hinata...Hinata,H-Hyuuga...."She 说 quietly and nervously."Nice to meet'cha,Hinata!"Naruto both their wrists,and marched to the playground,dragging them along."Okay,Sasuke,Hinata,let's play!"He shoutedm,cusing all the adults to laugh a bit at his eagerness.
And so,Naruto,Hinata,and Sasuke,played together for a few hours,before the sun started to set.That was when all the adults signaled their children."Naruto,come on,it's time to go."His mother,a red haired woman named Kushina,clled out.Naruto,who looked dissapointed,skulked over."Aww....but i wanted to play more!Sasuke and Hinata are really nice!"Naruto whined.His mother and father smiled warmly."Don't worry,you can play with them 更多 nother day,promise."His father,Minato,told him.

火影忍者 sighed and nodded,and soon left,along with sasuke and his family,and hinata and hers.And for the 下一个 few years,they played together every thursday and saturday,and became great friends.Naruto becme less impulsive because of Hinata nd Sasuke,and Sasuke beame 更多 lively himself,more fun and less stoic.Hinata became 更多 talkative and bold,and less afraid to speak out.Still,she remained the quiet girl she always has been however,and sasuke remained calm and cool and collected.Naruto still remained is hyper-active self as well.