Sakura’s PoV
“Sakura-chan, hi.”
That was the first thing that Hinata told me after one month.
“Hinata!!! I’m so glad 你 came!! I bet Naruto-baka doesn’t mind it either. Do 你 Naruto?”
“Wha-what? No, o’ course I don’t. Glad to have 你 Hinata.”
Hinata’s PoV
“Glad to have 你 Hinata.”
That was all I really listened to. My name… rolling out his tongue…His voice…It sounded like 音乐 to my ears.
Sakura was dressed in a really cute red dress with 樱桃 blossom designing in maroon. She looked so pretty, so beautiful. Her baby 粉, 粉色 hair tumbled down her shoulders.
火影忍者 was wearing a white round neck T-shirt along with his 橙子, 橙色 夹克 and 橙子, 橙色 pants. His golden- blonde hair was still slightly spiked up and it had grown out a bit. He had his arm around Saku-chan’s waist.
It broke my 心 a bit more.
I kept looking at him, like that.
Sakura’s PoV
Hina-chan spaced out again.
“Hel…lo? Hinata…?” I said, waving my hand in front of her face. “You there?”
That seemed to break her trance.
“Huh? I’m sorry, did 你 say something?” she asked in her quiet voice.
“Nothing, dear,” I said. Then I turned to Naruto. He smiled at me.
“Let’s sit shall we?” he asked, 接吻 me on my forehead.
“Yep. There’s the bench.”
Naruto’s PoV
Hinata-chan was really kawaii. Actually, she is. I guess, I wouldn’t have minded if she had had a crush on me. Wouldn’t have minded being her boyfriend.
…So, secretly I hated Sakura-chan for saying what she did just then.
“So, weird, isn’t it?” she 说 suddenly.
“What is?” Hinata asked.
“That, out of so many of us back in the academy. I mean Sasuke-kun and your brother and 你 and us, we’re the only ones remaining,” she replied. “Like it was the survival of the fittest, and somehow, only we three survived without any changes in our relationships.”
“Oh, Shit! Hinata-chan, why are 你 crying?” I said, suddenly, because from my position, I could see Hinata shaking badly and sobbing.
“Hell!! I’m sorry Hina-chan! I forgot totally. I didn’t mean to upset you,” Sakura said. And I could see she meant it. Then, she signalled to me that she was leaving and she left.
Hinata’s PoV
Trust Sakura to be tactless. I know that when 说 that she didn’t mean it, she actually didn’t. But still…
And she was wrong about nothing changing. Everything had changed. Between she and Naruto, between me and she, between me and Naruto.
So, when I turned back because I felt someone hugging me, I didn’t quite expect it to be Naruto.
“Hush-hush. It’s okay,” he whispered. “Everything’s fine, Hinata. It’s alright.”
He seemed to be rocking me back and forth, gently. “It’s alright, dear one.”
Naruto’s PoV
I was hugging her and gently rocking her. It was a reflex mechanism – I mean, rocking her back and forth was. Hugging her, just seemed like the right thing to do.
… For some reason, that just set her off completely.
Hinata’s PoV
His body heat was so comforting. It felt right and wrong at the same time. Suddenly, I realised that I was crying again.
“Nothing’s right, Naruto,” I heard myself say, “nothing’s ever going to be alright either.”
“Why do 你 say that, dear?” he whispered gently.
Dear? When did I become dear?
“Don’t call me ‘dear’.”
“Okay,” he 说 quietly. “But why isn’t it ever going to be alright?”
“I don’t know… I can’t think, anymore, Naruto. I’ve messed my life up. I’m happy for Sakura and you. But , truthfully, it breaks me inside. Everything in the 最近的 past has been breaking me. I mean…I mean…”
“I mean…I mean, I couldn’t tell 你 what I feel for you, Naruto.”
“Well, dear. Now’s a good time as any and it’s better late than never. How do 你 feel for me?”
“I 爱情 你 Naruto. I’ve loved 你 since forever.”
Then, before I could realise what I’d said. His lips were on mine.
Naruto’s PoV
I knew it was wrong. But I was really happy. Happy because, it was the best thing I had heard in a month. I was happy because Hinata loved me. Always had.
And so, I had to 吻乐队(Kiss) her. And it was the best 吻乐队(Kiss) of my life.
“I 爱情 you, too, Hinata. I’m sorry for you, really,” I 说 as I kissed her.
Her mouth was salty from all the tears she had shed. But beneath that, her lips were soft and tasted faintly of her strawberry-cherry lip gloss. While 接吻 her, I pulled her closer to me, closing the gap between our bodies. I felt one of my hands 圈, 圈子 round her waist, and the other sunk softly into her lush deep blue locks.
She gasped at the impact. Her mouth providing me a gap through which my tongue entered.
While 接吻 her, the world didn’t exist. The war didn’t exist. I wanted to 吻乐队(Kiss) her all my life.
Then, I felt her tears wetting my cheeks as well, as she kissed me back.