Hinata’s PoV
Sakura-chan called sometime ago. Asking if I would like to go to the park with her and Naruto.
I 说 no.
Between Naruto-kun and Sakura-chan getting together and my brother, Neji dying – I haven’t done anything other than stare blankly into 太空 and cry.
Good for me, school’s closed due to the war… I wouldn’t be able to look at Saku-chan without crying and blaming her for what she did. But then it wasn’t her fault entirely… between Sasuke-kun going away and realizing how it is to be in Naruto’s position,
She just wanted to make sure someone was happy.
I’m happy for Naruto, but… she shouldn’t have done that… No, she shouldn’t play with his 心 like that. I’m happy for both of them… really happy that my best friend and the boy I like are happy…but it’s a bittersweet feeling.
Suddenly, the sound of my cell-phone buzzing to life, cut through my thoughts…
“Hello?” I 说 into it.
“Hi. Hinata, that you?” the voice came from the other side.
It was Naruto-kun. I felt a lump form at the end of my throat – choking it. I couldn’t speak. I cut the call.
Naruto’s PoV
She cut the call again…
For the past one month, everytime I’ve tried to contact Hinata, she cuts the call after hearing my voice.
I wish I knew what was wrong.
…But then, maybe I already do. There’d always been rumours at school that Hinata was in 爱情 with me. I’d never believed it, but seeing Hinata’s reaction to Sakura and me getting together, I didn’t know what to believe.
I wanted to make sure if all was well between us. If she was getting along fine after Neji’s death. But she just seemed to have cut off after everything that had happened.
Then, my cell-phone buzzed back to life.
“Hello, Naruto?”
It was Hinata. Thank God.
“Yeah, Hinata. It’s me. Something wrong?”
“No…could 你 do me a small favour?”
“Yes, sure why not? What is it that I need to do?”
“Tell, Saku-chan that I’ll come along to the park. I’ll be there at five.”
Sakura asked her to come along? How come she didn’t tell me that? What was going to happen?
“Erm…Yeah, sure I will. See 你 there at five then.”
“Arigato gusaimos.”
With that she cut the call. I called Sakura and told her that Hinata was coming with us.
Hinata’s PoV
I had to do this. I had to let 火影忍者 know, what I felt for him. This would be my first and last chance. First and Last.