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ClairdeLune posted on Jan 25, 2008 at 05:31AM
Well the title basically explains it! I'll start out.

In season 1, Nathan meets Haley for a tutoring session. He finds a bracelet in a box of Cracker Jacks (i think?) and puts the bracelet on her wrist. Then he says, "Don't say I never gave you anything".

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一年多以前 doyouknow said…
Season 2 ep1

Nathan:"I could love you forever"
Haley: "So could l .."
Nathan: "So why can't forever start today?"
一年多以前 loves-oth said…
season 3 finale. haley's vow to nathan

Nathan, It’s been said that there's one word that will free us from the weight and the pain of life, and that word is love. And I believe that. That doesn't mean that it hasn't been hard or that it won't be. It just means that I found a stillness and a bravery in myself with you. You make me brave, and I will love you until the end of time.
一年多以前 ALwaYzN4evA14 said…
Season 1, Episode 19:

"I think that ur my girlfriend and I like spending time with u...look Ijust don't want to push u"

Haley: "Ur not"

Nathan: "Haley u got a tatoo for god's sake and it just freaks me out a little bit b/c obviously this whole thing with us mean a lot 2 u
I just don't want to do anything 2 pressure u or drive u away
eventho sometimes I can't help it
Just like I can't help that I fell in love with U...I Love u Haley.. and it scare me a little bit.. but there it is."
一年多以前 g3u16 said…
season3 episode7

they go to the roof-top on Karen's cafe after the boy draft date and nathan gives haley one purple flower and say "Don't say I never gave you anything" again.

makes me cry everytime i watch it....
一年多以前 Imogenpark said…
NATHAN: Haley, what do you want me to say?
HALEY: I want you to say that whatever it is, we're gonna face it together and you've never been so happy and everything's gonna be okay.


NATHAN: As many of you know, I called this press conference today to announce where I plan to play basketball in college. I've had a lot of great offers, but it's always been my dream to play at Duke University. So, that's where I plan to go. But... You know, my father said that today would be the greatest day of my life. And you're right, dad. It is. But it's not because of basketball. You see, today I learned that my wife, Haley, is pregnant. And while it's an absolute honor to be recruited by Duke University, I guess what I have to say to you today is this. Where I play basketball - if I play basketball - is no longer a decision for me to make alone. It's a decision that I'll make with my wife and my family's best interests at heart. And when I do, I'll let you all know. And my wife couldn't be here today, so I just wanted to say one thing to her. Haley, no matter what happens, we'll face it together. But I promise you, I've never been happier. Everything's gonna be okay. I love you.
HALEY (waching tele) : I love you too.
一年多以前 mcewen_girl said…
Season 3 Episode 13
Haley:When I Look back on the tour i'm not like proud of it because i know you werent proud of me.

Nathan: is that what you think?that i wasnt proud of you

Haley nods her head yeh

Nathan:let me show you something its in my car

Haley:Nathan its crazy out there

Haley:Nathan what are you doing?Oh no what is that(the newspaper articles)
Nathan:I was hurt Haley but i was still proud of you,everyday
she kisses him
Nathan:wait wait its all getting ruined

Haley:No you dont need all that stuff you've got me!
they kiss again and Nathan picks her up and puts her on the car where they continue to kiss

This is my fav scene like ever!!
Naley Always&Forever

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一年多以前 mcewen_girl said…
Season 1 Episode 21
First Rain Kiss

Haley:Nathan your soaked what are you doing here?

Nathan:I just went for a run to clear my head,i guess this is where i ended up,look haley the pic of Peyton didnt mean anything ok?

Haley:It did to me clearly you still have feelings for her

nathan:I saved that picture back when we were still dating,the other ones too you can go back and look her web cam hasnt even been in her closet for months

Haley:Why didnt you tell me that last week

nathan:becasue i should have deleted those images along time ago i just i felt bad becasue i didnt do it besides Haley i dont want Peyton i want you.

Haley:is that it?

Nathan:you know my pride says yeah just walk away and let Haley deal with the fact that she is clearly threatned by a sexual relationship,but my heart says just forget about your pride you big idiot you love this girl and even though you're gonna catch pneumonia you're ass is gonna stand out here in the rain until you convince her to forgive you so come Hales just meet me half way here

Haley:why should i?

nathan:because i'm sorry;becasue i love you and because you're looking really hott standing out here in the rain and i'm thinkin i'm gonna have to kiss you

Haley:Well if you have too
They kiss
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一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
season 2, ep. 1
Nathan: You’re my family now, Haley. The true thing I have. I never wanna lose you.
Haley: You won’t...What?
Nathan: Marry me.

一年多以前 Sparkle_Eye said…
season 3

Nathan: You know for most of my life I would have gone through this alone, but then I met you. And I finally found someone I could depend on like I've got this. So I guess I called you 'cause I wanted to know if that was still there.

Haley: Nathan, you can always call me. Always and forever. I want to ask you something, umm, the night of the masquerade party, did we... did you kiss me?

Nathan: Of course I did. (they kiss)

Haley: Oh, no you didn't. That kiss wasn't half as good as this one. I love you for lying to me. Thanks for calling.

Nathan: Haley... stay with me tonight.

Haley: Oh, I was hoping you would say that.
一年多以前 loves-oth said…
the naley scene in season 3, ep 20 i think...
don't know the exact words.

nathan is in the bath and haley is washing him with a cloth, discussing his scar, and how it stopped hurting when he stopped hurting, then haley walks away, and nathan's shouting something about how he's too sexy!

i love it. it's just a light hearted good old naley scene
一年多以前 naley_4ever said…
season 4
when the power comes back on in their apartment and haley takes nathan's hand and puts it on her stomach.
一年多以前 dancerbabe16 said…
3X16 the school shooting.
when nathan knocks and she whispers always and he says back and forever.

so cute!
一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
3x07 Nathan: the roots are still just takes time...don't say I never gave you anything...

3x17 Nathan: I want you to know how happy you made me, how wonderful my life was with you and...I will always be with you..I want you to be okay, Haley, and know that you made me wanted rain...
Haley: It is not possible to be this in love.

一年多以前 1treehillfan said…
season 3 episode 16
nathan: look i know this is stupid but what if something happens to haley? huh? what if we walk away and somethin happens to haley? are you gonna live with that?
lucas: most heros are dead, nate
nathan: it's haley, lucas

一年多以前 1treehillfan said…
season 2 episode 3
haley: how was the stripper?
nathan: great... at nba live (or something like that)
haley: you are the one that i want
nathan: me too...
(or something like that)
一年多以前 mcewen_girl said…
Here's another one of my favs it's Nates wedding vows:
"last year we stood on a beach and i told you how much i loved you and how i would always, always protect you.And that day nobody believed that this would work. But, I don't think anybody understood the love I had for you; because if they did they would have ever doubted us.So i wanted to marry you all over again in front of most of our world. Because today when I look into your eyes my love for you only grows. It's even stronger now and that love will never waver."
Seriously how freakin awesome is that!!He's soo sweet
一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
ep. 4x10
Nathan: "Hey, baby. You know how you're always telling me that you're not going anywhere? Well, I need to hold you to that right now, okay? I just... need you to come back to me. Listen, just move one of your fingers if you can hear me, okay? Just move one of those beautiful fingers and let me know that you’re still here with me."

that scene is so heartbreaking, cause she doesn't move her fingers and nate's crushed..
一年多以前 mcewen_girl said…
^^ I know how sad was that!!!It's definately heartbreakin...i cry!!
一年多以前 EclecticFan said…
omg totally love the writers.. shout out..
but i love when they kiss in the hall way it's shes like
"we can't do this here"..
n then nathan.."we just did"

also : "god my girls hot" , n
" you have a serious ass haley james" hem.. where was the SCOTT .. at the end

"go home tim"
lol clearly we all have hundreds more but my brain is racked
thewritingfreak commented…
I 爱情 that hallway 吻乐队(Kiss) too!! It's so cute. 一年多以前
一年多以前 ns_23 said…
Haley to Nathan in 6.21
"whatever you decide, you have a wife and a son who love you and support you a hundred percent" ♥

and, 6.24 NBA talk :)
Haley: what are you doing home?
Nathan: Do you remember that green dress you wore to the math-ketball school for Jamie?
Haley: The Oppenhier school, yeah
Nathan: You look amazing in that dress, I was thinking we could take a trip to Charlotte, you could wear that dress, we could take Jamie.
Haley: Nathan, what happened?
Nathan: I'm not on the Chiefs anymore.
Haley: I'm sorry baby...
Nathan: It's okay. What do say, Haley James, wanna take the boy to Charlotte, maybe we could see a basketball game,I mean, I kinda have to be there anyway, considering I'm the Bobcats new point guard
Haley: What..
Nathan: I'm the point guard for the Charlotte Bobcats, I got called up.
Haley: (crying) You're in the NBA?
Nathan: I'm in the NBA
Nathan: Thank you , thank you for believing in me Haley
Haley: Thank you for beinh worth it ♥

Love them <3
一年多以前 Amy-x said…
Haley: I dont care if your not in the NBA, you are my husband and you are so Damn sexy to me!

Love it! <33
一年多以前 beckybucket said…
season 1

The night of nathans party and haley and lucas fall out lucas go one home nathan offers haley a ride home she says am fine nathan says your full of yourself going around telling people ur all fine just take the lift
一年多以前 cayj22 said…
season 2
honeymoon scene
Haley: Nathan, I'm slipping! You're gonna drop me.
Nathan: Drop you? If I wanted to I could shoot you across this room like a three pointer. You want me to try?
Haley: Don't you dare!
Nathan. Well, we're going to do this the right way. Now, since I couldn't get the fancy honeymoon suite...
Haley: Mh hmm.
Nathan:... I figured I could, you know, at least carry you across our one bedroom threshold.
Haley: Oh my god!
Nathan: I wanted everything to be perfect. I know you didn't get your dream wedding, or your dream honeymoon...
Haley: I got my dream guy.
Nathan: Yeah, well, you did get that.
they kiss
Haley: Honeymoon- suite hm?
Nathan: Listen, we don't have to do anything,alright? It's not why I married you.
Haley: You gotta be kidding me.
Nathan: Oh, what've I gotten myself into?
Classic Naley :)
一年多以前 naleyforever26 said…
Nathan: It's like a dream the way you look and the way you are. and then later when he says i want a daughter just like you, i wanna look into her eyes and feel my heart break because she reminds me so much of her beautiful kind strong mother <3
Haley: what if we have a boy?
nathan: then we'll sell him n try again. (they laugh)
Nathan: aww i missed that laugh and he kisses her head and then says you feeling ok baby! i could watch this scene a million times :)
一年多以前 naleyforever26 said…
Nathan: Just like you can't prove love with a test, i mean this is just a score on a cheat of paper sure haley and i have our differences but this test doesn't show how hard we've worked to keep this relationship together or that i can't stand it when were apart , every time i look at her i know that im gonna be with her for the rest of my life (haleys face is awwww and they are holdin hands)we love eachother father no test is gonna show that :) great line makes me sooo happy! <3
一年多以前 Alastar111 said…
I love the "First Kiss" Scene it makes me cry. It`s a beautiful scene. The start of a beautiful romance!
一年多以前 Hawks17 said…
Season 9, Episode 11 - When Nathan and Haley reunite after he is kidnapped

NATHAN: Hi, hales.
HALEY: Say that again.
NATHAN: Hi, hales.
HALEY: Are you okay? I am now.
NATHAN: Haley. It's okay. I love you.
HALEY: I love you, too. Thank you for coming home to me.
NATHAN: Always and forever.