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dermer4ever posted on Dec 13, 2008 at 05:08AM
So originally this was Hannah's idea i am just borrowing it, and sense i run the ones on the oth spot i figured i would do it here to try and make it active. So when you reply just put down your choices for the Naley fan of the month and i will start for January and then once the winner is chosen they will get their prize which is an interview and an icon with a picture of your choice, your name or nickname (not user name) and then it says Naley fan of the month and you use it if you want until the new poll goes so just list your nominees.

here is the list it is to be updated with more people

Naley fan of the month Nominees

1. Loves-oth (Amy-Beth)
2. Lucysmileyface- (Lucy)
3. Mcewen_girl- (Kelsie)
4. Sophialover- (Mary)
5. 1treehillfan- (Alice)
6. Naley_4ever- (Emily)
7. BrookeYourself-(Lisa)
8. Cas_Cat_2- (Cat)
9. ElliesOwner-(Lindsey)
10. Leytonfan4ever (Kim)
11. Georgiapeach91 (Rachel)
12. Dermer4ever- (Terra)
13. XNaley_JamesX- (Celine)
14. Jennifer_02- (Jennifer)
15. Mehrajanwar- (Mehraj)
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一年多以前 dermer4ever said…
so i have decided to do the first one on here after Christmas so just list the ones you think deserve a nod
一年多以前 lucysmileyface said… are some more..naley_4ever(Emily), BrookeYourself(Lisa), Cas_Cat_2(Cat), ElliesOwner(Lindsey) and of course you Terra aka dermer4ever :D
一年多以前 dermer4ever said…
thanks for the help Lucy i just updated the list
一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
anytime Terra!
一年多以前 XNaley_JamesX said…
Oh man, I wanted to be nominated for Naley fan of the month! I ♥ Naley so much!
Anyway, then I vote for Brookyourself
一年多以前 dermer4ever said…
I will add you to the list if you want and the voting doesn't begin until after Christmas
一年多以前 XNaley_JamesX said…
Ok, thanks Terra!
一年多以前 dermer4ever said…
sense the one in January is the first one anybody can interviewer the winner and then from then on it will be the previous months winners.