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Welcome to the Naley Lovers Thread.

Here you can talk about anything and everything Naley related. Post pictures, icons, fanart or whatever for all Naley lovers to enjoy or you can go of-topic and talk about something else.

There would be no Haley &/or Naley bashers allowed in this thread. If you have a problem with Naley or Haley than deal don't vent it in here because this thread is made for people who could care less. Thank you.

So, Naley Lovers enjoy=]]]]]]!

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Naley Soundtrack:
♫ Silence Is Easy – Starsailor – Haley Looks at Nathan during a class test.
♫ Stones - Pete Francis – Haley goes to Nathan’s house and agrees to tutor him.
♫ Shake It Down – Bosshouse – Nathan stops Haley from laving the party.
♫ Impossible - Lucky Town – Nathan asks Haley to go to the raven’s away game
♫ Play It Straight– Bosshouse – Haley gives Nathan her box of tricks for passing his test.
♫ I'll Always Love You - Michael Campion – Brooke tells Haley that Nathan passed around her note
♫ Say Yes - Bryan Greenberg – Nathan goes to the café to see Haley
♫ Dare You To Move – Switchfoot – Nathan and Haley share their first kiss.
♫ Untold - Pete Francis – Nathan leaves his friends and tucks a strand of hair behind Haley’s ear.
♫ Hanging On For Hope - The New Amsterdams – Nathan pulls Haley into an empty classroom to kiss
♫ Yesterdays – Pennywise – Nathan collapses on the court.
♫ Fallen - Sarah McLachlan – Nathan goes to Haley’s house to apologise.
♫ Re-Offender – Travis – Nathan asks to stay with Haley, she closes the door.
♫ Everything - Fefe Dobson – Nathan and Haley talk in bed
♫ Lonely World - Bryan Greenberg – Nathan comes home to see Haley.
♫ Everywhere She Goes - Across The Sky – Haley skips school with Nathan and they get drunk
♫ Escape - Smith Point – Nathan and Haley share a look in the hallway.
♫ Most Of The Time - Josh Canova – Nathan tells Haley he went after her to mess with Lucas
♫ Come Home Delilah - The Squirts – Nathan tries to talk to Haley at the café, but she won’t listen.
♫ I Shall Believe - Sheryl Crow – Nathan apologises to Haley at the café and takes her to see Lucas
♫ Been Around The World - Extreme Music – Nathan and Haley talk about trying new things.
♫ Elsewhere - Bethany Joy – Haley plays for Nathan at the café.
♫ Nothing – Smashtrax – Nathan talks to Haley about not wanting to stay with his parents.
♫ The First Cut Is The Deepest - Sheryl Crow – Sheryl Crow performs for Nathan and Haley
♫ One In Every Crowd - Viva Voce – Haley tells Nathan that she is coming to the Classic
♫ Get Naked - Black Toast – Haley shows Nathan her cheerleading outfit.
♫ 100 Years - Five For Fighting – Haley and Nathan drive home.
♫ Ladies Night - Kool & the Gang – Nathan walks down the runway at the boy toy auction.
♫ Heaven - The Fire Theft – Nathan and Haley exchange their first ‘I love yous’
♫ No Tomorrow - The Blackouts – Haley finds porn on Nathan’s laptop
♫ Suffering – Satchel – Haley confronts Nathan about the picture of Peyton on his laptop
♫ More Than Anyone - Gavin DeGraw – Nathan and Haley have their first rain kiss.
♫ Run - Snow Patrol – Nathan and Haley tell Lucas that they got married
♫ Husband and Wife - Michelle Featherstone.
♫ Than Anyone - Gavin Degraw
♫ See Me - Rob Giles – Haley wakes up beside Nathan. The talk about getting married.
♫ She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 – Nathan proposes to Haley
♫ Lie In The Sound - Trespassers William – Nathan finds Haley crying over their CDs. Flashback to the wedding. Haley packs her bag and moves out.
♫ Headsprung - LL Cool J – Haley and Nathan arrive at their reception
♫ Mirror - Erica C. – Haley’s parents tell her that they are moving.
♫ Real Love - Toby Lightman – Whitey brings Nathan and Haley a baby blanket. Haley shows Brooke her birth control patch to prove she isn’t pregnant.
♫ Everybody's Changing – Keane – Starts just as everyone finishes their toast to Nathan and Haley
♫ Fit But You Know It - The Streets – Nathan sees Haley dancing with the stripper.
♫ Kill - Jimmy Eat World – Haley tells Nathan not to change when he comes home. She likes the mechanics.
♫ So Beautiful - Pete Murray – Haley and Nathan watch the meteor shower together.
♫ Proof - I Am Kloot – Nathan waits for Haley to come home.
♫ When The Stars Go Blue - Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz – Chris and Haley sing at the studio
♫ Shining Stars - Morella's Forest – Haley gives Nathan breakfast in bed.
♫ All My Life - Vegas De Milo – Nathan and Haley fight at the after party
♫ Runaway - Trailer Park Pam – Nathan and Haley fight again and Nathan tells Haley to go home and look in the drawer.
♫ Rowing Song - Patty Griffin – Haley finds the letter, Nathan rejects her call.
♫ Sideways - Citizen Cope – Haley tells Nathan she won’t see Chris again.
♫ 23 - Jimmy Eat World – Nathan cooks Haley dinner and waits for her to come home. Haley goes to see Chris.
♫ Gather the Horses - Charlie Mars – Nathan waits for Haley, image of Haley on the bus with Chris.
♫ One Against the Sun - D'Lovely – Haley comes home, Haley tells Nathan Chris didn’t mean anything to her. Taylor arrives.
♫ Return to Me - Matthew Ryan – Nathan helps Haley with the dinner.
♫ Wreck of the Day - Anna Nalick – Nathan tells Haley about his past with Taylor at the café.
♫ Clear My Head – Ivy – Nathan and Haley talk about Haley back at the apartment.
♫ Begin - Ben Lee – Nathan and Haley take a walk at night and kiss.
♫ When It Comes - Tyler Hilton – Chris performs at Tric. Haley tells Nathan she didn’t know about it.
♫ The Good Kind - The Wreckers – Nathan talks to Chris. Nathan watches Haley from afar at Tric.
♫ She Has No Time – Keane – Montage of Nathan walking through the streets, Haley crying, Nathan coming home and finding Haley gone, Haley getting on the bus, Nathan smashing the wedding wall.
♫I'm Not the One - Gigolo Aunts feat. Kid Lightning – Haley phones Nathan to tell him that she will be on TV
♫ Chariot - Gavin DeGraw – Is played before Nathan watches Chris and Haley’s interview.
♫ To Jenny – Sorta – Flashback to Nathan and Haley having a shower before their wedding reception.
♫ Just A Little Bit More - Madison Rose – Flashback to Nathan and Haley recording their answering machine message.
♫ Lie In The Sound - Trespassers William – Flashback to Nathan carrying Haley into their apartment.
♫ What Are You Afraid Of? - West Indian Girl – Haley and Nathan look at their wedding rings. They put them aside.
♫ Sucker - Damien Jurado – Nathan imagines Haley in bed next to him
♫ Like A Man Possessed - The Get Up Kids – Nathan crashes the racecar.
♫ Do You Want To Party With Me? – Bosshouse – In Nathan’s dream world, Nathan, Deb and Haley talk at the café.
♫ Rest In Pieces – Saliva – In Nathan;s dream world, Nathan makes the winning basket, Haley gives him her wedding ring and disappears.
♫ Hold You In My Arms - Ray Lamontagne – Nathan calls Haley and tells her not to come home.
♫ Mixtape - Butch Walker – Haley looks at a picture of her and Nathan.
♫ Overcome - Better Than Ezra – Haley cries over the annulment papers.
♫ Lavinia - The Veils – Nathan opens the door on Haley.
More coming Soon.

Some of the best moments from Nathan & Haley:
103 Are You True?: "Don't say i never gave you anything".
Nathan – Breakfast of champions. Want some?
Haley – You’re late.
Nathan – [opening prize] Oh, please let this be a cheat sheet.
[Nathan pulls out the bracelet]
Nathan – It’s for you.
Haley – Stop it.
Nathan – Come on.
[Nathan slips the bracelet on Haley’s wrist]
Nathan – Don’t say I never gave you anything.
Haley – Do you see this book? Because this book is me, I am math.
Nathan – What’s that supposed to mean?
Haley – It’s supposed to mean, that, you can work your whole, I’m Mr Nathan Scott, scoring my touchdowns, on somebody else because-
Nathan – I don’t even play football.
Haley – Whatever! The point is at the end of the day, all your bluster and BS don’t mean anything to math, because math don’t care, and neither do i.
Nathan – Well, does English care? Cause I really suck at that too.
Haley – Please don’t waste my time. I’m already taking a huge chance on you because my instincts are screaming. Let’s just get started, okay?

108 The Search For Something More: First Kiss
[Nathan is throwing rocks at Haley’s window.]
Haley – Trying to wake up my parents? That’s their room.
Nathan – Wait, Haley, I need to apologise okay?
Haley – You should buy them in bulk if you’re going to hand apologises out that often.
Nathan – Look we just… I don’t know how to do this, alright? I – I’m not like you.
Haley – What does that mean?
Nathan – Alright, I screw up a lot, alright? And, being around you, I just, I don’t wanna be that guy anymore.
Haley – Well who do you wanna be Nathan?
Nathan – I wanna be someone who’s good enough to be seen with you.
Haley – You should of thought of that last night. You know, I keep, I keep putting myself out there, and you keep blowing it. And that’s probably a good thing because at this point there’s nothing that you could say or do that’s gonna surprise me.
[Nathan kisses Haley]
Haley – Except that…. You shouldn’t have done that Nathan…
Nathan – I wanted to.
Haley – Yeah….
[Haley jumped up and kisses Nathan]


Naley fans favorites section.

What are your Favorite NH Qoutes?:
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What's your Favorite NH scene?
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Favorite NH Arts
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Favorite NH Videos.
Coming Soon.

If you have any other ideas for this thread please contact me.
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