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soccerstarz661 posted on Jul 09, 2008 at 01:02AM
What are some good songs for a naley video that maybe haven't been used yet. i would like to make my first video and want some opinions on songs!!!:]

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一年多以前 loves-oth said…
you don't need to necessarily use songs that haven't been used.
i think songs like

more than anymore
dare you to move and

are used too much, so don't go for them.

something happy like 'in love with a girl' by gavin degraw
or 'crazy for this girl' by lifehouse

just flick through the songs you have, and listen to them carefully, see if you can picture it to a video, and then go with it.
that's what i do.

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一年多以前 soccerstarz661 said…
thanx that really helps me ..i like the gavin degraw song you mentioned!!