Naley(南森和海莉) 你 guys are the most awesome people on the planet<3

1treehillfan posted on Jun 29, 2008 at 09:06AM
To those who helped me out with that crazy ass bitch OCgirl17... I just wanted to thankyou so much for helping me out... we brought her down!
She left for good.
I promise when I have time I am getting around to all of you and propping you a million times... It's great to know you have my back.

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一年多以前 loves-oth said…
it's no problem.
i just found that out when i can on here. i clicked on her to report her AGAIN!
and she was gone!
i was like YASSSS!

anyway, us naley fans have to stick together :)
一年多以前 dermer4ever said…
no problem I will always have your back and that goes for all naleyers and not just the naley fans all the oth fans.
一年多以前 naley_4ever said…
yay! this is great!!

naley fans are the best :)
一年多以前 ElliesOwner said…
You're so welcome, we've got to have each others backs, to make this couple the best ever who have the best fans.
一年多以前 mcewen_girl said…
Oh u don't have to thank us!! U know we always got ur back!! That bitch was crazy!! If anybody else gives any of yall problems let us know and we will take them down too!!
We love u Alice!!!
一年多以前 1treehillfan said…
aww thanks.
一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
you can count on us girlie!
omg, i love naley fans you guys are just super duper amazing people!!!