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lucysmileyface posted on Jun 27, 2008 at 10:20PM
ok, so i've noticed that there are answers to questions that no true naley fan would choose and those answers are still picked..i really don't understand this! if you are not a true naley fan, why bother come here? am i right?

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一年多以前 1treehillfan said…
Just go away if you don't like naley... NOONE wants you here.
Naley kicks ass!!!

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一年多以前 ElliesOwner said…
I think I know why b/c some ppl have no life, and have no other purpose in life then to cause fights and be mean.

I think we, true Naley fans, should just take the High Road and ignore the mean ppl. We should continue to support our couple and the characters who make them.

Always and Forever Amen
一年多以前 mcewen_girl said…
^^haha DAMN straight!! They have NO LIFE!! They are lame asses who probably live at home alone!!!I just made a pick about that
一年多以前 1treehillfan said…
I love them sooo much, and most of the time I DO take the high road but they can get on my eevery last nerve soo much.
Haley and naley haters are like the most cruel, harsh out of the bunch.
They need to get their act together.
Because, naley lovers are wholesome, true, sweet people but they take advantage of that... and even we can't take the high rode ALL the time.
一年多以前 ElliesOwner said…
The Haley haters seems to be way meaner then most of the Naley haters.
I think they are all on crack lol
We just have to stick together!
一年多以前 1treehillfan said…
You bet your ass we have to stick together.
And we have a lot of BL lovers on our side too... even if they don't like Haley they seem to be the sweetest.
Like brucas4ever I know HATES haley/naley but she never says anything about it.
I tend to like BL lovers more then leyton lovers, and they tend to like Naley lovers more. I like some leytoners, but I like MORE brucasers<3
一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
i'll never give up on my naley or my naley fans! you can torture me, i won't cave!!! :D
一年多以前 laughingGrl said…
naley is so awesome!! i don't get y ppl hate haley so much...i don't kno wht she's done that is So bad.
一年多以前 ElliesOwner said…
I totally agree laughingGirl I just commented on the Pissed Off forum about that.
I'll say it again, Haley is awesome and it's so rude when ppl just totally trash her, she is the one character on the show who has always remained true to herself.
一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
haley is awesome, i love her! she's not affraid of sayin' what she thinks, she doesn't go around people's back, she's always the sholder to cry on, she always has a good advice, all she wants is to know that the people she loves are happy!
一年多以前 mcewen_girl said…
I LOVE Haley/Naley Always have Always will...simply put anybody who doesnt like that can go to HELL and burn bitch burn
一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
hahahaa, kelsie, you're soooo funny :D
luv y'all true naley fans!
一年多以前 naley_4ever said…
^ i agree with everyone!! i don't understand some ppl sometimes. they pick or ADD the most ridiculous answers!! if your a "fan" of that spot you should support it!
一年多以前 mcewen_girl said…
^^haha Ik..right!! People obviously don't know what the word fan means...maybe we should send them a link to an online dictionary
一年多以前 ElliesOwner said…
This is Webster's definition of fan....

Fan (noun) -
1: any of various devices for winnowing grain
2: an instrument for producing a current of air: as a: a device that is held in the hand and moved back and forth to cool a person and that is usually shaped like a segment of a circle and composed of material (as feathers or paper) mounted on thin rods or slats moving about a pivot so that the device may be closed compactly when not in use b: a device that consists of a series of vanes radiating from a hub rotated on its axle by a motor cslang : an airplane propeller
3 a: something resembling an open fan b: a gently sloping fan-shaped body of detritus;

We may have to come up with our own definition to send out, I don't think the official one will help our cause lol
一年多以前 mcewen_girl said…
hahah...yeah we should
fan-means u actually LIKE and/or support a specific thing/person/couple
一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
^^hahaaa, luv ur ideas, you guys!
一年多以前 loves-oth said…
wow, this is such a good forum!
i agree with like EVERYONE!
i am a BL fan and an LP fan [i hope you like me 1treehillfan!] :)
but i do agree that i know more BL/NH fans then LP/NH fans.
and haley haters are so stupid! seriously, HOW THE **** CAN THEY CALL HER FAT?!?!?!?!?

i'm sitting here reading the comments, knowing that i'm roughly the same size as her, and thinking i'm obese! how rubbish is that?
it doesn't do much for my confidence, but they are just internet people.

一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
now loves-oth, why would you think that when u read those comments? we all know haley isn't like that at all, so why bother paying attention to those "comments"...
besides, if one's ugly inside, then the outside beauty fades sooooo much!
一年多以前 mcewen_girl said…
YEAH!! She is not fat!! They are just jealous cause Joy is beautiful,talented,and gets to kiss James all the time!! And guess wat they are NONE of those things!!!!! They are just a bunch of cyber bullies/meanies!!! Who need to get a life..or a hobby!!
一年多以前 doyouknow said…
OMG mcewen I SO agree! I don't understand the Naley/Haley haters! And people who shit Nathan/Brooke Nathan/Rachel? Why bother? We all know it is NEVER going to happen!
And Haley is not fat at all. I agree with you totally loves-oth. I'm about that size too and I know that I am not fat! It confuses me how you can hate Haley. I do admit at the start of s5 she was annoying me but I could never hate her! She rocks!
一年多以前 ElliesOwner said…
loves-oth, I ship BL but I don't hate LP, I can see the good parts of LP too. So I think we are kinda in the same boat.
And I'll admit I'm a little bigger the Haley so I really hate when ppl call her fat, b/c her size is my goal size.
I mean BJG is like a size 4. The average American woman is a size 12, so seriousely her fat? I think not.
一年多以前 loves-oth said…
aww i love all you guys SO MUCH!!
i love this relationship thingy we have all built just through a tv couple, it's so great!!
but they are not just any tv couple obviously, they are the best.
thank you all for the great comments!
and elliesowner, we are totally on the same boat.
i was BL first, the LP, then BL, then LP.
so i was a bit confused i guess.
i think i just shipped them both all the way through, but i do like brucas a teeny bit better!
一年多以前 ElliesOwner said…
I agree with you on all loves-oth, I've been so blessed these past few days to find some real friends on these tv couples spot.
一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
girls, people are just blind that's all! joy has a great figure and who doesn't like her is just jealous...the envy is killing them :D she's absolutely gorgeous in my book..
and like i said it before, when you're ugly inside the beauty always fades! so all haley basher are just one group of ugly characters!
一年多以前 1treehillfan said…
Kelsie and lucy, you guys are da bomb.
how can someone NOT like naley and haley?
Just fifteen minutes someone said "nathan is WAY to good for haley"
and I was like "girl did you hit your head on a iron post when you were a kid?"
So I had to set her straight.
I was like "Dude, Nathan was a bad ass jack ass bitchy little ass when he wasn't with Haley and Haley brought out the best in him so he wouldn't even be the great guy you love and adore if it weren't for her so how can she be 'too good for him'??? If you can't handle that then just go to hell"
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一年多以前 lucysmileyface said…
haley's the best thing that nathan came across