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posted by lunamidnight
Hi!!, this is my map article.
What to do is: we are creating our own mlp characters.
Create a name personality a and add an image!

Name: midnight moonlight
Cutie mark: moon
Speciality: rising the moon dream walking creating dreams connecting dream ect.
Parents: princess Luna and blaze bolt
Species: alicorn
Personality: midnight is a sweet,nice,gentle,shy alicorn. She loves animals. She rises the moon every night. She loves to sing but no one knows that. Her best 老友记 are sunrise celestius daughter of princess celestia and prince flare sunbeam, sapphire gem stone daughter of rarity, starlight sparkle daughter of twighlight sparkle and flash sentry, 苹果 seed daughter of 苹果 jack, prim pie daughter of pinkie pie and cheese sandwich,lightning dash daughter of 彩虹 dash and soarin, shimmer shy daughter of flutter shy.

This the end of mine!!! Add the image if 你 want too