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My new 粉丝 Club



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Greetings Fellow
I just joined
I have some OCs. so I joined this club
posted 一年多以前.
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Here is my most favourite OC

Type: Earth Pony
Gender: female
Name: Rose water
Nick: Rosy
Coat: Rose red
Mane: slightly darker red with a strong aroma of roses
Eye colour: Ruby red
Cutie mark: A rose leaf
Likes: Flowers, gardening, flying kite
Dislikes: boasting and selfishness, moody person
Attributes: Playful, fun loving, caring, kind, sensitive, freewill
Talents: Can talk to plants, know medicinal use of weeds, in certain situations can control the plants and trees growth and even can make them grow faster.
posted 一年多以前.