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posted by DE4DLIESTP0NY
(Originally written at link 由 me )

Equestria, a thriving land for ponies everywhere. Protected 由 the elements of harmony, its impervious to any intruders. Nothing bad ever happens and all is nice, but it wasn't always this way. Years 以前 there was a dark time, a war that changed the future of the land, and made it the peaceful and perfect place that it is today.

    It began one fateful 日 on the hills outside of Cheval City, one of the earlier settlements. Nova Sunshine, (OC) a young, intelligent mercenary with a red mane and tail, yellow body, and light 粉, 粉色 eyes; hoof-picked 由 Princess Celestia herself for her resourcefulness and ability to track anypony and everypony she needed to. She was headed to Gallop Town to investigate the disapearences of some bunnies in the area. Nova was walking on her way when out out of the corner of her eye she saw a small 橙子, 橙色 motion in the woods to the left. She assumes it's nothing but a mind trick 给 that she was up all night tracking diamond theives across town. She continues ahead towards town, forgetting it ever happened. After a few 分钟 of climbing the hills of the beautiful meadow she saw an unusual sight, A bright red light 来源 in the general direction of the town. She decided to investigate while making her way there.

    As Nova got closer she saw 更多 peculiar sights. Tall black structures stood eerily on stone roads like a ruins. There were no signs of life not even a plant. As she got closer to the main sources of light she heard loud, blood curdling screams that would make ordinary ponies quiver in eternal fear, but not Nova, for her father was slain in front of her very eyes. She was hardened and was not scared one bit, though she had much concern for the ponies making those screams. Armed with a PK-49 sniper rifle, and an NS-16 (not real guns) pistol, she continued on, not afraid to use them. It didnt take long for Nova to realize that she was in the middle of a burning city, and that city was Gallop Town.

    She started searching frantically for survivors. She searched in almost every building she came across; lifting fallen chunks of walls, searching around every corner, and even inside of currently burning buildings. Despite her efforts she found no ponies, no life alive 或者 dead. Nova was too late.

    She decided to go back to Cheval City and 报道 this the princess immediatly. She started running to get back as fast as she could but as she was almost out she saw a little purple foal, the only survivor of the blaze. it was standing there calmly like nothing happened. It was probably too young to understand tragedy, 或者 life and death situations. Nova started to pick up the 驹, 小马驹 when she heard movement other than that of herself and the foal's. Nova turned around to the glare of a red creature, covered in bright red flames. there was no doubt in her mind that it alone reduced the city to ashes and embers.

    Nova quickly swiped the 驹, 小马驹 off the ground and secured it tho the strap that she uses to hold her rifle, and began sprinting towards the meadow, she didnt want to fight something that she has never seen before, 或者 ever even knew existed. Once she exited the city and started entering the meadow just outside she realized that if she ran into the meadow the creature would follow, and simply burn it as well. luckily there was a river nearby that would stop it cold, if she could lead it to it. Nevertheless she started running towards the stream. The beast never broke its line of sight with Nova in an everlasting leer.

    Nova jumped over the river and looked back at the creature it was still following her, slowly. It walked down the bank, and in the river,still never breaking its line of sight. It walked straight into the river. When it was completely submerged Nova calmly turned around, placed the 驹, 小马驹 on the ground, and started guiding it back to Cheval City.

    [center]But the fight was not over.[/center]

     Amazingly, the creature resurfaced from what should've been a cold end. Shortly afterwards it let out a ground-shattering battlecry, and charged at Nova faster than ever. This regained her attention, and she evaded the creature's attack barely in time, but not fast enough. The creature got close enough for its 火, 消防 to burn her rear right leg. In addition, in her haste she left the foal, putting it in the mercy of the beast. Nova was down, and the creature, flames brighter than ever, started towards the foal. Nova knew that if she didn't do something, that 驹, 小马驹 would be dead before it could even strike it down.

    As fast as she could she took her pistol and fired one shot in the air to get the beast's attention. It worked, but she still didn't have much time. Now the beast was charging Nova again, and she was still down, but now she was shooting to kill. With one hoof she fired her pistol multiple times, unloading the entire clip. This however was very inaccurate and most shots missed. The few that did had little effect on the beast, but it did slow it down. This gave Nova the time she needed to recover after a few 更多 seconds, she was able to stand up again, just before the beast got close. She evaded the strike, and began to pull out her sniper rifle; the only thing left that could stop it. But the creature got smarter and started using its own projectiles. The beast shot a beam of 火, 消防 at her. She evaded it but in exchange didn't have the time to pull out her rifle. The beast shot 更多 火, 消防 at her, and it missed every time, but Nova still didn't have enough time to finish it.

    The creature grew tired and returned its attention back to the foal. It knew that it couldn't fight back. Nova finally had her chance to end it all, but there was absolutely no margin for error, 或者 the 驹, 小马驹 will die. She only had one shot
    She pulled out her rifle,
    Held it firmly in her hooves,
    Held her breath,
    And pulled the trigger...[/center]
    [center]She Missed[/center]

    The beast shot its 火, 消防 at the foal, and Nova could do nothing but watch and reload her rifle.

    Suddenly, a field of energy surrounded the foal; saving its life. Only the 驹, 小马驹 was responsible for it. Nova was awestruck, but didn't hesitate and took the 秒 shot. The bullet penetrated deep within its skull (assuming it has one) and the beast fell to the heated dirt below. after a few 秒 its 火, 消防 decreased; from red, to orange, to yellow, to blue, to nothing. She examined the metal shell it had for a body, cold to the touch. They began their journey back to Cheval City once more. She now took a closer look at the foal. It was a female unicorn with purple hair. Nova decided to raise the 小马 as her own, and named her Twilight Sparkle.

[center]CHAPTER TWO IN PROGRESS[/center]
    Don't worry that WAS NOT the "dark time,"or"epic battle I mentioned" this is only the beginning I AM MAKING 更多 if 你 like it , follow me THERE'S 更多 COMING SOON.
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