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posted by misscrazel
This is a couple paragraphs of my story. I hope 你 like it!
I awoke to see Aznr hovering over me. I was in a room filled with candles. High ceilings arched above my head and a golden bar bent into the shapes of vines and leaves decorated the silver room. I tried to sit up, but found that I couldn’t, for Aznr was sitting on my chest. A young girl stood towards the back of the room and I recognized her as Moonflaim, the pixie princess. Her long blonde hair hung loose about her shoulders and the candlelight bounced off of her pale blue eyes. She was prettier than Aznr, but she was almost to...
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posted by misscrazel
1) Please don't be rude when making suggestions for my story.

2) Please be kind to all other fans.

3) If 你 are only here to be mean to me please get off of this club. People like that have no life and I will have to 报道 them.

4) if 你 are a troll I will not talk to 你 and I will 报道 you.

5) Please 报道 any trolls 你 see.

6) Please to not give the trolls any attention and don't talk to them. If anything needs to be said, I can say it.

7) Please have fun!

Thank 你 and have a wonderful day!
posted by misscrazel
Hi, thank 你 so much for joining! I just wanted to say a few things to the 粉丝 of my story. Please read!

1) If 你 see anything 你 think I should change about my story 或者 characters please tell me. I want my story to be the best it can be.

2) I will not post my entire story to this club, I don't want people 阅读 it before it's published. However I will be posting small parts of it.

3) If 你 加入 this club I may ask 你 to be in acknowledgments if 你 support my story and post content supporting me.

4) There are rules on this club which I will post in another 文章 and if 你 break them I will have to ask 你 to leave.

Thank 你 for 阅读 and have a wonderful day!

Gender: Male (near the end becomes female)
Hair: knee length, wavy, brown
Eyes: large and green with leaf prints

Gender: male
Hair: shoulder length, straight, red
Eyes: slanted, yellow
Age: unknown, around 700,000,050,900,760,080

Moonflaim (she's a Mary-sue)
Gender: female
Hair: waist length, wavy, blonde
Eyes: blue
Age: 207

Airellion and LightWater (twins)
Gender: male
Hair: longish, blond
Eyes: grey
Age: 21

Gender: female
Hair: brown, just past her shoulders
Eyes: big, brown
Age: 19


Gender: female
Hair: long, straight, black
Eyes: blue
Age: 857

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