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嘿 guys if your having any trouble finding a good spot to get a 25 kill streak if 你 know where the spot is 由 the place under the roof no sides with Condorcet stairs up into the window with the stars being the only way up (im gunna make a video bout it 由 the end of this week and post onto just 搜索 Ben5030)lie down looking down the stairs i got a 11 kill streak in 1:32 秒 in free for all and a tactical nuke in another 20 秒 the gun i used is Light Machine Gun RPD with Grip and red dot sight have a good game check for a vidio in a 日 或者 2 its the 9th of some 月 2010 Starlynuben is my online ID only 4 PS3
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I recorded this in an hour, and put it together in another. Hope 你 enjoy