now, 熊 with me because i have never written a here it goes :)

whenever i turn on the radio i hear 音乐 like Sean Kingston and 菲姬 blasting from the speakers. Maybe even, (dare i say it) Green 日 and Nickleback

Now if 你 like this type of music, i am not trying to bash you. i just want to express my opinion and maybe 显示 你 some artists 你 may like. there are so many artists out there that are amazing but i have forced myself to narrow it down to five.

1. One of my 最喜爱的 bands would be Oasis. this 90's british band has great lyrics and melodies. Some of the 最佳, 返回页首 songs 由 Oasis are "live forever" "lyla" "Wonderwall" "Champagne Supernova" and "(what's the story) Morning Glory" if 你 like The Verve, 你 will probably like Oasis.

2. Another great band that is from the 90's (or at least started in the 90's) is Radiohead. Radiohead is another british band. some of there best songs would be "Creep" "15 step" "karma Police" and "the bends" if 你 like Spoon, 你 might like Radiohead.

3. Another Amazing band is The Shins. this band is one of the 更多 最近的 bands on my list. the band's calm, indie feel make them fun to listen to. some songs 你 may consider listening to are "Caring is Creepy" "New Slang" "Australia" "Phantom Limb" and "Girl Sailor". if 你 like Beck, 你 might like The Shins.

4. One band with a really unique sound would be Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. the lead singers voice is really odd sounding, but in a good way. in fact, one of their songs was in The Office, at Jim's Barbecue. Some Great songs 由 this band are, "Clap Your Hands!" "My Yellow Country Teeth" "Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away" "Some Loud Thunder" and "Mama, Won't 你 Keep Them Castles In The Air Burning?". if 你 like Vampire Weekend, 你 may like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

5. This band is one of those Well Kept secrets that never made it big. They are called Neutral 牛奶 Hotel. i can not stress how much i would like 你 to listen to this band. not because i want to make them mainstream, but because i think everyone to be able to enjoy there greatness. There best cd in my opinion, is In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. it is partly based on Anne Frank, which is really cool. Some of their best songs are "King Of Carrot 花 Part 1." "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" "Holland 1945" "Oh Comely" and "Two Headed Boy ". If 你 like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (which i know is one of my bands above but i really do think is the best comparison) i Think 你 will like Neutral 牛奶 Hotel.

Now i know these bands aren't main stream taste, but i really wish 你 would try them out and give them a listen. all of them are available on itunes, except only Radiohead's newest CD is on there. Also, as far as office 粉丝 are concerned, Jim Halpert's itunes playlist contains Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Neutral 牛奶 Hotel, and The Shins. (but i new about all these bands before that) ENJOY!!!