Multi-Fandom Crossover Pairings

ArabellaElfie posted on Sep 22, 2008 at 04:21AM
Just curious, but what shows/characters/ships do you usually crossover?

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一年多以前 ArabellaElfie said…
My personal list thus far;

Buffy with the following

Doctor Who

I know, not much, but I just got into crossovers.
一年多以前 NikaDawson said…
I use to try to find decent crossovers of Charmed/Buffy, but since Charmed has no decent fic at all, it was hard.

Now I'm more into the idea of Buffy/Doctor Who, by the way, did you get to read the one I sent you twinlet?
一年多以前 nosemuffin said…
I love anything that crosses over Buffy and Supernatural, and I've found quite a few good fics out there.

I also love the idea of Veronica Mars and Buffy crossovers.

As far as couples go.. well, I have a few that I like the idea of. Dean from Supernatural and Faith from Buffy, Brooke from One Tree Hill and Michael from Prison Break (because poor Brooke needs a good man), and almost anything concerning Angel.. from Angel.

I'm a little new to them myself, but I love that the possibilities are seemingly endless.
一年多以前 FaithLehane said…
Right now I am writing 3 they are Faith/Acheron, Faith/Jasper, and Faith/Sam/Dean...I know, sensing a pattern here right? Where do you two post? I write on penname FaithSummers.
一年多以前 Tantoun said…
I love my chris pine and blake lively crossover !! its the first ever :D I'v made 3 crossover videos and some photo manipulations :D would love it if you guys check out my fan club :D